New iPhone In 2019 To Sport USB-C Port

New iPhone In 2019 To Sport USB-C Port
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It’s never certainly known what Apple plans to do with their new iPhone model until it actually comes out. However, a new rumor suggests that the new iPhone will adopt a USB-C port. The tech giant is likely to ship a Lighting USB-C cable with a new 18W charger. That will push users of new iPhones to buy a USB-C for charging with a cable. Furthermore, iPhone users will now be able to enjoy the fast charging of Type-C without having to buy more tools to enable it.

According to the Digitimes report, Apple is planning to add a USB-C port to the iPhone in the next year. This is a major change because that would mean that Apple is finally starting to make a change from its well-known Lighting connectors.

Back in 2007, when the iPhone came out, it took over iPod’s 30-pin dock connector, with Apple keeping it up through 2012. When the iPhone 5 came out in 2012, Apple decided to start using the Lighting connector that is present on all newer iPhone models today. When this idea first came out, it was highly controversial, given that the company built a large ecosystem of docks as well as other accessories that would now be incompatible with the newer iOS devices. If Apple really switches to a USB-C port for the new iPhone in 2019, that would mean the end of the seven-year life span of Lighting connectors.

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When Apple added the Lighting connector for its iPhones, it started a lot of talk about how Apple needs a dongle for literally everything, with the Apple 30-pin to Lighting dongle being sold separately for $30. When the Lighting connector gets replaced with the USB-C there will be less of such practice. A lot of Apple accessories are dependent on the Lighting port, although that number is much smaller compared to how many people used the 30 pin back in the day, since the industry has adopted different technologies like Bluetooth. That being said, as USB-C is a large part of the industry, there will be a good variety of cables and accessories already available.

new iPhone 11 usb c port

The iPhone models that debuted last year also sport a standard wireless charging, which contributes to an even smaller dependence on the physical connector. That said, Apple is going to sell its own wireless charging pads as soon as AirPower sees the light of day.

When it comes to Mac computers, Apple has gone quite far with the USB-C ports. That means that it’s even more likely that Apple will let the Lighting port go in favor of USB-C. If Apple gets the iPhone to move to the USB-C, there’s no reason why the iPad wouldn’t also, and become a full-time PC replacement.

Still, it’s not certain whether the claims made are accurate or not. However, it’d make sense that Apple slowly moves away from the Lighting by revealing USB-C chargers in 2018 before building a hardware change for the next generation. While iPhone 8 and iPhone X sport Type-C fast charging through the lighting port, they don’t come with the essential charging bricks to fully transit to the USB-C.

With all the 2018 iPhone rumors, it wouldn’t surprise us if Apple introduces the USB-C port. It is expected that the company will reveal three new iPhone models that will all look similar to the iPhone X in their appearance, with little to no bezels and a notch area which is equipped with Face ID sensors and the front camera. All three rumored 2018 models will be shipped with an 18W USB-C charger so that the iPhone customers will be able to charge their smartphones at the highest speed without having to buy additional accessories. Additionally, the new 18W charger will be bundled with the upcoming iPad hardware refresh.

What do you think? Is Apple finally sick of memes and has decided to let the Lighting port go for the new iPhone? Or does it only want to be at the top of the competition? Let us know in the comments!

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