#1 Ranked Hedge Fund Sees Huge Pricing Power At This Company

#1 Ranked Hedge Fund Sees Huge Pricing Power At This Company

With less than $20 million in assets under management, the Left Brain Capital Appreciation Fund flies under the radar of most investors.

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But firm’s low profile has not held it back. It was featured as one of Prequin’s ‘Top Performing Hedge Funds’ for 2017 and was shortlisted at the US Hedge Fund Performance Awards as the ‘Best Newcomer’ for the same year.

Since inception, the fund has returned 290%, compared to the S&P 500’s gain of 32% over the same period thanks to some well-timed credit investments and value plays.

Left Brain is just one of the three funds profiled in the bumper summer issue of Hidden Value Stocks. In the issue, the fund’s Chief Investment Office, Noland Langford discusses two of his favorite tech plays one of which he believes could add as much as $300 billion in market value over the next few years:

“XXX is our largest equity position at the moment. It’s been a favorite of the market for quite some time – we like it for a lot of different reasons. The potential for revenue growth is high: XXX has 120 million subscribers...The pricing power is underappreciated. We think they could raise prices 10 times (i.e., 10 one-time increases of $1) before they see significant churn. For every $1 that XXX increases its subscription price, that’s $1.5 billion that’s added to the bottom line annually (120 million x $1 x 12 months). If you put a conservative 20 P/E ratio on those earnings, you get $30 billion in increased market value with every $1 increase.”

To find out more about this opportunity, as well as the six other six ideas profiled in the summer issue of Hidden Value Stocks, click here.

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