The Long And Strange Career Of Jacob Wohl

The Long And Strange Career Of Jacob Wohl
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When we first started covering the story of Jacob Wohl, we never expected him to become an international troll celebrity, but so it is. Furthermore, Wohl is not on the board of another “hedge fund” run by a teenager. In the interests of the public, we have decided to compile the list of our entire coverage of this fascinating character. When we started ValueWalkPremium these articles were automatically added to a paywall, so we have disabled that so that all can read (some posts may require email to read). A tremendous amount of people have expressed interest otherwise we would not have spent so much time on this story or even compiling this post.

See below for the 19 article timeline of Jacob Wohl, the most famous (once) teen in “hedge fund” history.

  1. High School Jock Turned “Hedge Fund Trader” – Is Regulatory Trouble Ahead? March 2015
  2. Hedge Fund Guru  Wohl, 18, Switches Strategy To Managed Futures March 2016
  3.  Moving From Milk To Tequila — And Eating The Worm For Protein March 2016
  4. Wohl Who Claimed Sharpe Ratio Of 7.87 Apparently On Regulator Radar April 2016
  5. Jacob Leaves Twitter, Citing “Teenage Gossip”; Actress Disputes Work Relationship April 2016
  6. Wohl Of Wall Street Adds Strategy As Legal Threats Don’t Scare Witness May 2016
  7. Subject Of Regulatory Complaint, David Wohl Allegedly Tells NFA “Stay Away Or Else” August 2016
  8. Wohl Heading To Las Vegas With Instagram Models, Won’t Meet With Regulators October 2016
  9. Go East, Young Man: “Hedge Fund Guru” Wohl Wants Chinese Investors February 2017
  10. As Wohl Files Response, A Different “Twitter Trader” Is Busted By FBI March 2017
  11. Arizona Files Cease and Desist Order AgainstWohl, Alleges Multiple Counts Of Fraud March 2017
  12. Jacob Wohl  gets NFA lifetime bank March 2017
  13. Wohl, Facing August 7 Regulatory Hearing, Touts Trump Tweets  July 2017
  14. Arizona Securities Regulators Clamp Down On Wohl – The End Of An Era? October 2017
  15. AZ Regulators Seek Settlement With Wohl, Admission Of “Misrepresenting” October 2017
  16. Wohl Notches Up Another Award December 2017
  17.  Jacob Finds Religion In Maryland Strip Mall, Goes To Dark Side of Unregistered Cryptocurrency Craze January 2018
  18. Wohl, In Limelight, Seeks To Replace Jamie Dimon on Presidential Council
  19. What will the future headlines of Jacob Wohl be? You fill it in with your prediction!

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