iOS 12 Beta 2 Release Date: What To Expect

iOS 12 Beta 2 Release Date: What To Expect
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While we’re still likely a good ways off from the final release of iOS 12, the first beta has already released and testers are eagerly looking forward to the second. But what can we expect from iOS 12 beta 2?

iOS 12 beta 1 has a huge amount of features, with many fixed and improvements under the hood that weren’t as widely advertised. From Siri improvements and Memojis to improved parental controls and better Do Not Disturb features, there are a bevy of improvements and tweaks that should make iOS 12 an excellent operating system overall.

With the release of iOS 12 beta 2, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the introduction of many new features that we haven’t already seen in iOS 12 beta 1. As with most beta testing, it’s pretty clear that iOS 12 beta 2 and successive betas will be minor improvements and bug fixes rather than introducing radical new features. In fact, iOS 12 is more about improvements than it is about brand new options – a development that falls in line with Apple’s new approach to updates.

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For quite some time, Apple was primarily focused on rolling out features as quickly as possible, but that breakneck speed came at a price. Over the course of the iOS 11 lifetime, Apple had to roll out several emergency patches to fix major issues such as security problems and other flaws. With an approach that is now focused on quality over quantity, it’s clear that the company is more focused on stable releases than they are on providing the most features possible in every update.

With that said, iOS 12 beta 2 should still be a fully-featured testing environment – expanding on the functionality of some of the improvements and tweaks we’ve seen in iOS 12 beta 1. We’ve compiled a list of 100 different fixes in order to gi