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iOS 11.4 Black Screen Issue In Camera App Now Frustrating Users

Apple iOS 11.4 users are complaining about an annoying bug that shows a black screen when launching the camera app. The users are unable to see the preview of what they are trying to shoot. The timing for the iOS 11.4 black screen issue is troublesome. Apple has already released the beta version of the iOS 12, but it seems like the earlier version is still not perfect.

iOS 11.4 black screen issue affecting most iPhone models

According to the users, the iOS 11.4 black screen issue is occurring irrespective of the iPhone model. Users so far have reported the iOS 11.4 black screen issue on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7.

“Black screen on apple iphone 6, 6s and 7! I have encountered many times with a blackscreen when I wanted to use my camera. and then I have to reboot the phone to be able to use the camera again,” read a tweet from a user with account Wizard Design. A follow-up tweet noted that the problem had been there ever since they updated to the latest iOS.


It’s not just the blackout problem that is bugging the camera in the iOS 11.4. Users are also complaining about being unable to switch between landscape and portrait orientation on the smartphone. One user stated that the only way to get through the problem is to reboot the phone. But, even restarting the phone is not necessarily solving the problem.

In addition to the camera problems, some users have also complained about the flash function of the camera. In a reply to one of the tweets, Apple’s official support account on Twitter said, “Thanks for reaching out to us about the camera. That’s not normal behavior, so you are right to be concerned. We’re ready to team up and solve this together.” The support team asked the users to follow the steps and let them know the result.

In the same tweet, the support team also included a link to a help page for the iPad, iPod and iPhone touch camera, wherein the users would find tips on how to clean the camera lens. A Twitter user with handle @JustineSamntha said the solution worked for her.

Other issues with iOS 11.4

Apart from the issues with the camera, there are various other issues that the users are complaining about after upgrading to the iOS 11.4. One such issue is the heavy battery drain while iPhones are idle. In a thread on Apple’s website, one user said that he has no idea on why or how to fix the new issue with the battery drain after updating to the iOS 11.4. Further, the user said that after updating to the iOS 11.4, the battery drainage increased by as much as three times.

It seems that almost all the iOS devices that updated to the iOS 11.4 are facing the same issues. Some say that switching off the Wi-Fi worked for them. For others, connecting to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network helped in saving the battery. A third group of users stated that downgrading to the iOS 11.3.1 is the best option until Apple comes up with a fix.

Apple recently came under the radar for deliberately slowing the performance of the iPhones to boost the battery life. So, with the iOS 11.3, the company came up with new features to show the battery health of the iOS device and if the battery needs to be serviced. However, with more and more users complaining about the battery drain with iOS 11.4, Apple needs to work harder on the battery issues.

The iOS 11.4 was released globally on May 29. The updated OS came with several bug fixes along with new features such as the ability to save iMessage text messages in iCloud and stereo audio playback for the HomePod owners.

Continues work on upcoming iOS versions

Amid all the complaints from the users about the iOS 11.4, the third beta of an upcoming iOS 11.4.1 was opened for the developers earlier this week. The third beta came just a week after seeding the second beta and three weeks after releasing the iOS 11.4. Registered developers are allowed to download the new iOS 11.4.1 beta from Apple’s developer center. Developers can also get the update over-the-air after properly configuring the profile. The public beta of iOS 11.4.1 is also available.

Recently, Apple also released the iOS 12 beta version for iPhone and iPad users. The company claims that after the upgrade, users would be able to experience quicker app launch times and more responsive typing. Further, the camera app has been claimed to open 70% faster while the keyboard would respond 50% faster than before. Additionally, the entire operating system would run smoother. The iOS 12 would support iPhone 5S and above.