Thousands Of Users Report Instagram App Crashing On Android Phones

Thousands Of Users Report Instagram App Crashing On Android Phones
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A large number of people are reporting the Instagram app crashing on Android phones. There does, however, appear to be a workaround.

The issue with Instagram crashing on Android phones seems to be happening regardless of manufacturer, with users of brands from the Google Pixel to Samsung, Hussein’s, and OnePlus all reporting problems.

That means that it’s either a problem on Google’s end with Android or a problem with the application itself.

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A user on reddit reached out to Google and got this response from customer support:

It’s a known issue with the Instagram app and they are getting a lot of requests about the error. We have escalated the issue to our specialists and hopefully the app developer will resolve soon

Some users are, however, reporting a workaround. It appears that the Instagram app crashing issues on Android phones can be resolved by re-installing the app from the Play Store. Another solution that seems to have fixed the issue for a number of users is through force stopping the app and clearing the app cache. If you’re having trouble with the Instagram app crashing, try those two fixes and see if it works.

As mentioned above, the Instagram app crashing on Android phones is a widespread issue, and users are taking to Twitter to bemoan the fact that their favorite app is no longer functioning correctly.

There are multiple threads with hundreds of reports of the problem, so it’s clear that Google and Instagram are hard at work in order to fix the issue.

You should try the fixes above if you’re having issues with the Instagram app crashing, but if that doesn’t work you might be left waiting until an update fixes the issue. It’s an unfortunate issue, but in the meantime you may be able to access your instagram feed through the website. It isn’t as clean or as fully-featured as using the app, but it may tide you over until the issues are ironed out and you can once again get your social media fix.

Instagram remains one of the most popular apps in the world, and the user base continues to grow as people migrate away from Facebook and seek out other options. The app is especially popular with young people, who rely on Instagram and Snapchat as their primary way of staying connected with friends. The fact that the app is crashing on Android phones is a major problem, as a significant portion of the instagram user base uses Android devices.

We anticipate that the fix should come out in days rather than weeks, considering that it’s affecting a huge amount of users and is a pretty serious problem. Hopefully the development team can get to work sooner rather than later and release a fix that stops the Instagram app crashing issue and brings things back to as they were before.

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