Houdini iOS 11.3.1 Semi-Jailbreak Is Now Available

Houdini iOS 11.3.1 Semi-Jailbreak 1Image source: iabem97.github

The Houdini iOS 11.3.1 semi-jailbreak is here. Abraham Masri is the first individual to dare to create a jailbreak since the latest Ian Beer exploit came out. Masri released his Houdini semi-jailbreak beta 3, which is now available for download and comes with firmware support available for up to iOS 11.3.1.

Nevertheless, Houdini is not a new addition to the world of jail-breaking. While it isn’t a full version, it does offer a semi-jailbreak experience, which can enable some additional features and functionality that Apple’s original firmware restricts. Unlike Electra, Houdini won’t entirely allow the installation of Cydia and other packages which need Substrate or Substitute in order to be installed on an iPhone. Nevertheless, the Houdini iOS 11.3.1 semi-jailbreak still offers great capabilities and advantages.

The Houdini iOS 11.3.1 semi-jailbreak supports the Home and Lockscreen widgets that have been added. The jailbreak also re-enables  themes for this version. However, they were added as part of the developer’s own contributions, which means they don’t work fully.

The jailbreak also allows users to have full customization control of the iOS 11 Control Center and disable system updates if they wish to do so. There is a full Houdini semi-jailbreak change-log on the website, which we copied here:

  • Support for iOS 11.2 to 11.3.1 (thanks to Ian Beer)
  • Home and lock screen widgets (temporarily disabled)
  • Added Passcode customization in iOS 11 (with new features included)
  • Re-enabled themes in iOS 11 (partially works)
  • Added customizable icons
  • Customize iOS 11 Control Center
  • Option to disable system updates
  • Option to remove Houdini (stock iOS)
  • Faster startup time
  • UI Changes and bug fixes
  • Cleaner code base

The capabilities of Houdini may not impress those who want full jailbreak control, which can be achieved through Cydia. Nevertheless, the exploit is available now, and an here and grab beta version 3 right away.

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