Father’s Day Google Search Trends

Father’s Day Google Search Trends

Everyone claims that Dad gets as much attention as Mom for at least one day a year. But is that really true? Some people and states as it turns out spend much more time and effort than planning for a special father’s day than others. With Father’s Day approaching this Sunday July 17th 2018, the team at Up4 Probiotics decided to examine search volume trends data directly from Google to see not only the most popular terms people used to search for father’s day gifts, but also to see which states are actively searching the most for gifts for Dad this father’s day.

Rankings were based on search volume per capita of the following search terms:

  • Father’s day ideas
  • Father’s day gifts
  • Father’s day gift ideas
  • Best father’s day gifts
  • What to get for father’s day
  • What to buy for father’s day
  • Best father’s day gift ideas

These 8 terms were the terms that had the highest search volume according to Google trends data for father’s day related keywords.

See where each state ranks below:

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  1. Texas
  2. Georgia
  3. New Jersey
  4. North Dakota
  5. Maryland
  6. Virginia
  7. Utah
  8. Florida
  9. North Carolina
  10. Colorado
  11. California
  12. Massachusetts
  13. Arizona
  14. Rhode Island
  15. Louisiana
  16. Delaware
  17. Connecticut
  18. Nevada
  19. Alabama
  20. Washington
  21. Illinois
  22. Missouri
  23. Pennsylvania
  24. Nebraska
  25. Kansas
  26. Michigan
  27. Ohio
  28. New Hampshire
  29. Minnesota
  30. Wyoming
  31. Hawaii
  32. Tennessee
  33. Indiana
  34. Kentucky
  35. Iowa
  36. Mississippi
  37. Idaho
  38. New Mexico
  39. Wisconsin
  40. Oklahoma
  41. Oregon
  42. Maine
  43. Arkansas
  44. South Dakota
  45. Alaska
  46. West Virginia
  47. Montana
  48. Vermont
  49. New York
  50. South Carolina

Do the rankings surprise you or is there where you thought your state would be? Hopefully this is a remember to show your Dad some love, not only on Father’s day, but throughout the entire year.

Comment below to tell us where you live? Anyone from South Carolina or Texas in the house?!

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