Google Home Users Experiencing Issues With Philips Hue App

Google Home Users Experiencing Issues With Philips Hue App
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Google Home users have reported issues with the Philips Hue app that causes all lights to turn off rather than those of a specific room.

Google Home

Amazon was the first smash hit when it came to a smart home controller and an intelligent assistant, but Google was hot on their tail with the release of the Google Home.

Both Amazon and Google Home devices have evolved into some of the best smart home controllers on the market, and homeowners will find support for the majority of their devices regardless of their decision.

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However, these products are not without their issues, and it appears as if Google Home is having issues with the Philips Hue app – causing some smart home malfunctions which are definitely becoming frustrating.

Philips Hue App

People use the Google Home for a variety of tasks, but one of the most useful and exciting integrations is between the Home and the Philips Hue app.

With access to smart light bulbs, the Philips Hue App can turn lights on and off at will as well as provide access to a number of different settings that make taking full control of the lighting situation a breeze.

Normally, things work pretty well uninterrupted, but with a recent June 4th update to the Philips Hue App, there has been an issue of the Google Home turning lights on and off in the entire house rather than a specific room.

Listed below are some user complaints that highlight the issue, and it’s easy to see how frustrating the problem can become if you rely on the Home and Philips Hue app in order to control your lighting.

“ From yesterday when I say to Google Home “Turn on the light in Living Room” Google home turn on ALL the lights in ALL rooms. The same for turn off or other rooms… With Philips hue and Yee Lights.”

“I have the same problem; a few days (I noticed it after updating the hue to the latest version) when I ask to turn on or off the lights of a certain room, or change the color, performs the function on all the lights … this for me is a big problem because it turns on the lights even in the room of the sleeping girl ….”

“I’ve been having issues with Hue Lights since updating to version 3.0 of the software from Phillips on my phone. Lighting has been all over the place for me too.”

“When I turn on the lights in the bedroom, all the lights in the house light up. I use ikea lamps but on social media everyone has this problem.”

Fortunately, it seems like the problem has been relayed to Google and they are presumably working towards a fix for this annoying problem. A Top Contributor on the Google Home help forum stated that “[They have] escalated this thread up let [sic] the Google Home team know that you are having issues with the lights and rooms.

Users that have contacted Google Support have relayed that Google is aware of the bug and that there is not currently a way to address the issue with the Philips Hue app and Google Home integration.

Hopefully we see the problem resolved sooner rather than later, as losing the ability to adjust lights in one room versus all of them can definitely detract from the experience and convenience of a connected home.

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