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Better Way To Celebrate Father’s Day: Your Dad Doesn’t Want Tools

Fathers often discover that parenting is so much more than they imagined. From teaching us to play sports to showing us how to treat a lady, Dads deserve acknowledgment, appreciation and a heartfelt thank you on their special day.  This Father’s Day, don’t think about the most expensive gifts to say thank you that will bust your budget.  With so much that Dads give us, what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than giving him all his favorite things? TopCashback.com, the USA’s most generous cashback rebates and coupon site located in Montclair, NJ, found gift card is the most simple yet popular gift for Dad.

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The survey polled a cross section of 1,480 adults, aged 18 and over, on their purchasing habits for June 17. Below, please find some additional insight from the survey below:
What Dad Really Wants on His Special Day:
  • Gift card (46%)
  • Spending quality time with the kids (29%)
  • Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (26%)
  • Electronics (25%)
  • Participating in a family activity (19%)
Least Favorite Gifts, Voted by Dad:
  • Jewelry (2%)
  • Appliances (4%)
  • Music (5%)
  • Movies (6%)
  • Books (7%)
Americans Plan to Gift Dad:
  • Breakfast, lunch and/or dinner (33%)
  • Gift card (30%)
  • Greeting card (27%)
  • Spending quality time with Dad (26%)
  • Clothing (22%)
TopCashback.com also found 64% of Americans will purchase Dad's gift at an online retailer such as Amazon or Jet.com.
Top 2 Ways To Avoid Financial Frustration on Father's Day:
  • Shop via a cashback site (67%)
  • Shop sales and deals (67%) 


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