Has Apple Forgotten To Tell That Face ID Now Supports Two Faces?

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Apple – at the WWDC – revealed all the important features coming to the iOS 12. However, as per a report from 9to5Mac, the company may have skipped one important feature – iOS 12 two Face ID Support. Yes, the report claims that the company might allow two different people to register their face with the Face ID.

According to the report, the recently launched iOS 12 beta allows the iPhone X users to set an “Alternative Appearance” in the Face ID settings. “In addition to continuously learning how you look, Face ID can recognize an alternative appearance,” read Apple’s note on the iOS 12 two Face ID Support feature.

The iOS 12 comes with a new option under the Face ID & Passcode: “Set Up an Alternate Appearance.” It is possible that the iOS 12 two Face ID support feature is meant for storing a different appearance of the same person (like with a hat). Testers, however, have found that it works for an altogether different face as well.

According to AppleInsider, it was easily able to set up Face ID with two different users – a woman and a man. Now, both the users have the ability to unlock the iPhone X using Face ID.

9to5Mac says that the feature may have been added for a future iPad with support for the Face ID. However, the new feature is currently working on the iPhone X as well. Further, the tech site notes that the settings do not allow users to reset a single Face ID face, suggesting a user will need to clear both the faces first. So, if you chose to reset, the information stored on your first appearance so far will also get removed.

The iOS 12 two Face ID support should be seen as a fix for the users who were having issues with the Face ID, such as the use of prescription lenses that distorts the laser dot pattern, and could result in a failed authentication. So, allowing users to set an “alternate look” might be a fix from Apple to ensure that all users get a uniform performance.

Apple’s Face ID is undoubtedly a wonderful feature, it’s fast and secure as well. Also, it is a big improvement over the Touch ID feature, but it lacked on one front. The Touch ID, which was used on the earlier iPhones, supported multiple fingerprints, a feature that came in handy while sharing the device with family members.

The Face ID, however, has been limited to a single user. It appears, Apple now wants to take that limitation away as well with the introduction of the iOS 12 two Face ID support. However, nothing is confirmed so far, as Apple didn’t talk about it at the WWDC. Also, it is unclear if the feature is really meant for two separate faces, or for an alternative look.

One more thing that is not confirmed is if this feature is actually meant for the iPhone. 9to5Mac states the new feature could be for the iPad with Face ID. There have been reports of Apple working on a new iPad with Face ID and no home button. Though an extra face for Face ID will be a useful addition to the new iPad, the feature holds promise for the iPhone users as well.  The suspense over the new Face ID will possibly remain for now until Apple releases the public beta sometime later this month.

Separately, there are a few more features that Apple didn’t mention at the WWDC. This is understandable, as the time limitation does not allow the company to talk about each and every change. Nevertheless, Apple did a great a job of covering most of the features, but what it did miss on-stage was talking about smoother animations.

Though Apple talked about the camera and apps opening quicker with the new OS, it failed to mention that iOS 12 has speedier animations. “When you do things like bring up Control Center, swipe while multitasking, or scroll in apps, it’s more fluid and responsive,” the company said in a blog post talking about the new features coming with the iOS 12.

Another feature that missed on-stage mention was the addition of the iPhone X-like swipe gestures to the iPad. Such a move will help in creating a more consistent performance across devices. “iOS 12 for iPad includes updated gestures that make it easier to navigate,” Apple says.

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