Is An Apple Foldable Smartphone Truly Under Development?

Is An Apple Foldable Smartphone Truly Under Development?
Image Source: Patentlyapple

Flip phones were all the rage when they first hit the market, but we shuttered within a few years for the first generation of the modern smartphone. Companies like Samsung are already starting to experiment with a foldable phone, but there has been some rumors and leaks that suggest that we’ll see an Apple foldable smartphone as well.

The Samsung Galaxy X

Before diving into the Apple foldable smartphone and the evidence that it may be in development, it’s worth talking a bit about the company’s biggest competitor – Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy X is the company’s worst kept secret, and while we haven’t seen much official news from the company there have been a number of rumors and leaks from around the web that paint a pretty clear picture that the company is currently working on a foldable phone.

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