Anthony Scaramucci With Whitney Tilson And Glenn Tongue

Anthony Scaramucci With Whitney Tilson And Glenn Tongue
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Anthony Scaramucci’s interview with Whitney Tilson.

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Anthony Scaramucci With Whitney Tilson And Glenn Tongue


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I don't watch late night TV but I'm debating might not be stormy again on this show. So I got there four o'clock I heard it and I'm here to make this. They are here tonight. Almighty God is a must watch TV. It's like the hey you know and so obviously my bottom line is it out. But all of that quarter of my life is as improbable as any part of my life life to live with this ridiculously improbable life. Because I grew up in a sand miners. You've got very strange and all mine. My parents are originally from a whole mining town in northeast Pennsylvania and that's because my father saw a ad for mine sand out of a mile and still got geology much of that show showed this is science convalesced using the glacier in left Manhattan Island Staten Island wall island like island where Cape Cod also up a deep love for Washington a Long Island was the highest level most for flying the highest density around in the sand all over America. And so Italian Welsh and Irish immigrants at sea and for 95 years. My dad worked at that company for 42 of those five years he ran ahead Crane and came over in that area. Now he's got a horse. Sixty five percent of the concrete and we built this building frankly came from my hometown. What happened was he trying to come over go. Yet the bridge was built in 1929.

Trubridge is actually the George Washington of the modern skyscraper because once you could try for the concrete over the garden and grabbed you're standing on you could shoot you shoot skyscrapers in the sky. My father a small part of that 42 year same company was a laborer. But he grew up in a very aspirational working class family we had high wages back then. That said the political struggle now of families like the one I grew up in were real wages are down about 30 percent. So you took my dad's 1975 wages and you price that in 25 years later he doesn't have the purchasing power that that family of pretty girls are paying. And that's really the struggle of our time and that's why you're seeing such political discourse right now. So sitting at that table as a kid my pops you say to me study do you work. You get either that middle class upper class and some may be finished. But what he explains you really understand is that the best path to financial independence and hassle hassling the best way for yourself.

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