More Than 100 Best / Hidden iOS 12 Features For iPhone, iPad [LIST]

More Than 100 Best / Hidden iOS 12 Features For iPhone, iPad [LIST]
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While many weren’t expecting iOS 12 to be as monumental as previous updates, there were some significant changes under the hood. Here are some hidden iOS 12 features that you may not have noticed when you made the jump to the iOS 12 Beta.

Hidden iOS 12 Features

Siri can now answer questions related to celebrity facts, food photo memories, motorsports, passwords, and a number of other topics:

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The Apple News app was tweaked

Animation tweaks system-wide

Siri can translated in over 40 languages

Portrait Segmentation API

The operating system will suggest you make a stronger password

Share passwords with nearby Apple products

Critical alerts can now bypass Do Not Disturb

iOS will remind you of the importance of using unique passwords if you use a password that you’ve utilized for a previous service account.

Autofill for two-factor SMS codes

Better Portrait Lighting

USB restricted Mode

Camera app now highlights QR codes

Quit apps with single swipe up on iPhone X multitasking interface

Multi-user FaceID

RAW format supported in Photos app

Better support for third-party password managers.

Automatic software updates

Widget for Screen Time

Grouping of notifications

Message Shortcuts

A new iPad menu bar

Ability to scan QR code in the control center

New wallpapers

Better Siri functionality

New Lock screen options such as the ability to:

Disable access to Wallet

Disable USB Accessories

iCloud support for Voice Memos

Choose audio compression quality for Voice Memos

New colors for Markup

Set a Voice Memo recording name

Favicons for SafariTabs

Expanded WebKit features

More Apple Books customization options

Adjust duration of “Forward” and “Back” options in podcasts

Choose opacity and thickness Of Markup tools

Battery usage chart receives updated features

Manage notification settings on your Lock Screen

Expanded Parental Controls with ability to set App Limits

Music widge on the Lock Screen will now match your wallpaper

Integration with FaceTime in the Messages App

Swipe Up to redo FaceID

Hearing widget in Control Center allows you to use AirPods as a pseudo-hearing aid

Press space to select text in non-3 Touch devices

Improved notification capabilities for app developers

Different notification colors in Do Not Disturb mode

Siri is now able to turn on the flashlight.

Apple Pay notification gives more details

Apple Music Artist page will allow play button to shuffle their songs

Email preview expanded in notifications

Better UI for FaceID Scan

Dictation support on third-party keyboards

Connect to WiFi networks independently on Watch

Hidden iOS 12 features on iOS 12 allows iPad to use a webpage built in video player when watching in full screen

Screen Downtime disables apps during the scheduled off period.

Brightens settings added to display section

Separate Control Center from Multitasking UI on the iPad

Pallet of colors in tools bar in the Notes App

Air quality indicators added to the weather app

Stocks app adds 5Y, 10Y, and features All options on graphs.

Swipe up arrow added to Reachability Mode

You can now scroll in Reachability mode

Haptic feedback added to camera on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Level screen has been removed from Compass and moved to Measure

3D Touch options added to the Conrol Center

Increased duration for Animoji videos

Carrier name is removed on low-res devices such as the iPhone 5S and SE

Tabs on Safari are now rounded on four inch phones

Support for Photos app in Messages

UI tweaks in Messages

Irish and South African accents for Siri

UI tweaks in Photos app

Removed tint on wallpaper in iOS 12

Support for Airport Express in Home app

Maps navigation adjustable on Apple Watch

New Animoji characters

New Autofill password options

Better UI for editing photos that were taken from the Camera in Messages

A new FaceID appearance for when you’re lying on your side in be

Different haptic feedback when charging iPhone

Stocks app data is now uploaded to iCloud

Tint opacity in screenshot/Markup UI is adjusted

the Stocks widget is both bigger and with added charts

FaceID will now work if your mouth is open

A screen recording notification will now allow deleting

Siri is now available in low power mode

Performance Enhancements

AR Enhancements

Improved Photo Search

Ability scan QR code now added as a 3D Touch action in Camera app icon

Awards page added to Activity app

Camera in Messages will now open directly

Tweaks to Smart invert

Call Classification And Reporting further refined

Synonyms and related concepts supported with English Thesaurus.

Improved Privacy controls

AirPlay music is no longer interrupted when audio from other videos starts

Landscape video of multi-page folders

New language dictionaries added including support for an Arabic and English bilingual dictionary, a Hindi and English bilingual dictionary, and a Hebrew dictionary.

As you can see, there are a huge amount of hidden iOS 12 features. While Apple has announced a refined approach to software development with a focus on quality over quantity, there doesn’t exactly seem to be a shortage of changes with iOS 12 either. While the major upgrades might not be as readily apparent as with previous updates, the sheer number of hidden iOS 12 features goes to show how much Apple is really improving with this new system.

Some of the most exciting changes we’re seeing with the hidden iOS 12 features include support for grouped notifications as well as some performance improvements that will make the already-speedy iPhone even more efficient.

Overall, it’s seeming as if these hidden iOS 12 features will make the operating system even more robust than we’ve seen thus far – moving Apple one step closer to the perfect software.

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