Warren Buffett Thanks Bruce Greenwald

In this short video Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett thanks Bruce Greenwald.

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Hi Bruce. Ben Graham I started the path to value investing back in the 19 20s that can’t be follow through with the epic book in the early 1930s. But you never dreamt that you would come along. Many years later and teach thousands of young men and women to be terrific value analysts. I have run into literally dozens of people who attribute their success in investing to the class they took with you the fact that you know one of the two investment managers I’ve chosen a Berkshire got a huge impetus to their education. When I took your class Todd Combs and I just I just met dozens and dozens and dozens of people who said it was the best class they ever took and I know I had a chance to participate in a few times and it was wonderful to look out of the faces of young people who were getting a chance to learn more about investing and personally taking place at any other educational institution in the world. So congratulations for all you’ve done and wish you the very best in your retirement.