Can Sleep Hypnosis Cure Insomnia?

Can Sleep Hypnosis Cure Insomnia?

Did you know that only 65% of adults are getting the recommended seven hours of sleep a night? Our lifestyles are busier than ever between working full time or more and raising kids and making sure those kids get to do all of their activities. Worst of all, those little cat naps you are taking in the car at t-ball practice aren’t helping matters. What’s more, all the time you are spending staring at a screen all day is wreaking havoc with your brain and keeping you up all night. But before you reach for the sleeping pills take a look at some lifestyle adjustments you can make to help yourself fall asleep.

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First and foremost, keep the same schedule during the week and on the weekend. Everyone loves the feeling of sleeping in on Saturday morning, but in reality it takes your body until about Thursday to adjust back to your work week schedule. Stop confusing your body by changing things up all the time. It also makes a lot of sense to turn off your screens an hour before you go to bed.

Almost a third of adults in America experience some form of insomnia. Work stress, family stress, and other issues can build up really quickly and take over your life, leaving you tossing and turning and counting how many hours of sleep you could get if you fell asleep right now. Forms of insomnia include:

  • Acute - brief and isolated
  • Chronic - lasts at least 3 months
  • Comorbid - linked to other health problems
  • Onset - trouble falling asleep
  • Maintenance - trouble staying asleep

After you have taken steps to change all the lifestyle things that could be contributing to your insomnia, the next step is to look for alternative treatments that might help. One of those alternative treatments is hypnosis, and it’s nothing at all like the Las Vegas sideshow you are thinking about.

Studies have shown that hypnosis is effective in treating insomnia over 58% of the time. In controlled settings hypnosis can increase deep sleep by 81%. Only about 17% of people are completely unresponsive to hypnosis, and the rest vary in degree of suggestibility. If you are having problems sleeping, it might be worth a shot to try hypnosis.

Learn more about common causes of insomnia and how to get a better night’s sleep from this infographic. You might discover that sleep hypnosis is worth a shot!

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