Mike Maloney: Registered Gold At COMEX Has Practically Vanished

While researching the current state of the gold market for an upcoming presentation, Mike Maloney came across some fascinating data – the ‘Registered’ gold stored in COMEX vaults has practically vanished. Mike’s new presentation will be available in the coming weeks, stay tuned for details. If you enjoyed watching this video, be sure to pick up a free copy of Mike’s bestselling book, Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver.

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Hi this is Mike Maloney and I ran across this chart when I was doing some research for a much larger presentation that I'm going to be giving shortly we're putting together something that's going to be very very comprehensive on the state current state of the economy and the different markets out there. But when I ran across this chart this is from Nick Laird of gold charter US and Nick does a great job with this you should visit his Web site. But this is Comex gold. And so this is the gold that's on the exchanges where all the futures contracts are traded and it's broken down into two categories.

There's registered and eligible and eligible.

The shaded bars here is not available for delivery into a futures contract. The yellow bars this this gold is available for delivery into a futures contract. And what I find just absolutely fascinating is that the amount of gold that's available for delivery has practically vanished. You're talking about less than nine tons out of about 20 out of about two hundred and ninety four tons rounded. So less than nine against two hundred ninety four. And so what that's saying is all of these people are saying they're just happy sitting on their gold and paying storage fees. This is not for sale at current prices.

It will .be Some of it will become for sale at much higher prices but these people know that that gold is currently undervalued right now and they're not willing to sell at this price.

So I just thought you might find this information interesting if you got anything from this video please like it and share it and we'll see it next time. Thanks.