ITC To Consider Banning Nintendo Switch Sales In The US

ITC To Consider Banning Nintendo Switch Sales In The US
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Nintendo Switch sales have topped 4.8 million units in the US since the console’s launch in March last year. The gaming industry has praised the Switch for its modern and unique hybrid design. However, a gaming accessory maker called Gamevice has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Nintendo console violates its patents. At the heart of the lawsuit are Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers.

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) said in a statement that it had launched an investigation into Nintendo Switch to find out whether it indeed infringes upon Gamevice’s patents. In the worst case, the Nintendo Switch sales could be banned in the US. The ITC lists Nintendo as the respondent, but it doesn’t refer directly to the Switch console. Instead, the ITC says it would investigate into “certain portable gaming console systems with attachable handheld controllers and components thereof.” We know what device it is talking about.

Gamevice has sought a “limited exclusion order and a cease and desist,” which would prevent the import and sale of Nintendo Switch in the US. The ITC noted that though it had launched an investigation, it is yet to rule on the merits of the complaint. Gamevice is the maker of Wikipad, which hasn’t been produced for years. The company makes detachable controllers that you can attach to smartphones and tablets for gaming.

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