Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Comparison of the smart speakers

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Comparison of the smart speakers

While most gadgets see an update in one way or another over time, the Amazon Echo land Google Home have both received more upgrades in the past 12 months than most any other product. Both devices perform admirably, but when comparing the Google Home vs Amazon Echo, which smart speaker comes out on top?

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Alex and Google Assistant

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Perhaps the most noteworthy portion of any smart speaker is what actually makes it smart. When comparing the Google Home vs Amazon Echo, you’re really comparing two different artificial intelligences: Alexa and Google Assistant.

Alexa has the advantage in that it interfaces well with slightly more smart home devices, making it a clear winner if you already have an interconnected home that won’t work with Google. However, Google Assistant responds better to natural syntax.

With Alexa, you generally have to use structured commands where as using different phrases is more likely to get an accurate response from the Google Home. Overall, the Google Home seems like it’s overall just a little bit smarter than Alexa.

Google also has an advantage in that it allows you to upload your own music to the cloud, allowing you to play your saved tunes whenever you please.

In that same vein, however, the 3.5 mm audio jack allows you to hook up any variety of third party speakers to the Echo while the Google Home is much more limited in that regard.

All in all, it’s a bit of a toss up when comparing the Google Home vs Amazon Echo in terms of smart assistants. The Google Home is definitely a little “smarter,” but the Echo certainly does have its advantages.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Design

The design when comparing the Google Home vs Amazon Echo also comes down to a bite of personal preference. With the Echo, you’ll enjoy a squat cylinder that is around six inches high with the ability to fit into a range of home designs. The Google Home, on the other hand, is available in white and has a design with an aesthetic that looks kind of like a candle or wine glass.

Overall, we feel that the Amazon Echo is a little more on trend right now in terms of design, so we’ll declare it the winner of the Google Home vs Amazon Echo design debate. However, the Google Home does have an excellent aesthetic that is preferred by many users.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Music

While many people enjoy the Amazon Echo and the Google Home for their smart capabilities, a lot of people use them first and foremost as a speaker – and the Google Home wins this section hands down.

While the Home doesn’t get as loud as the Echo, it does provide a richer and more well-rounded sound which we feel is ultimately more important. As mentioned above, Google also allows you to upload your own music library to its cloud, while Amazon has since gotten rid of that capability.

The Echo does allow you to hook up a speaker with a 3.5 mm jack which may be good for those with an existing sound system, but for the standalone devices the Google Home wins.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Smart Home and Ecosystem

When comparing the Google Home vs Amazon Echo in terms of the smart home and ecosystem, both devices have distinct advantages.

The Google Home interfaces seamlessly with pretty much any android phone, given that Google is also the developer responsible for that operating system. This is a huge advantage, given that Android phones are extremely popular and make up a majority of the phones shipped around the world. In terms of connectivity with smartphones, Google takes the cake as long as you’re not an Apple user.

The Amazon Echo, on the other hand, plays better with smart homes as mentioned above. While the functionality of the Google Home has expanded considerably in the past months, it still lags behind the Echo in terms of connectivity. As the Echo was established on the market before Google really got a strong foothold, they may hold this advantage for the foreseeable future.

It’s certainly possible to build a smart home entirely out of Google Home compatible products, but it’s certainly easier to do so with the Amazon echo.

All in all, if you’re big into the idea of a smart home, you may be better off with the Amazon Echo. Otherwise, the Google Home seems to have a little bit better connectivity by default.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Market Share and Verdict

It’s difficult to say which smart speaker comes out on top when comparing the Google Home vs Amazon Echo. The Echo had the clear lead in the beginning of these products’ lives, but the Google Home has quickly closed the gap.

For the first time, the Google Home has shipped more units in a quarter than the Amazon echo has, making it clear that the smart speaker is picking up speed in the eyes of the public. We’re inclined to agree with the public this time, as the Google Home is superior to the Amazon Echo at this point in time in our eyes – at least by a slim margin.

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