Bad News For Galaxy Note 9, Good News For Galaxy S10

Bad News For Galaxy Note 9, Good News For Galaxy S10
Image source: ChosunBiz

A recent Galaxy S10 leak suggests that the in-display fingerprint sensor we were looking forward to with the Galaxy Note 9 will be delayed until the S10.

According to Korean outlet ChosunBiz who cites industry sources that are close to Samsung, the in-display fingerprint scanner will be delayed. If the Galaxy S10 leak is to be believed, we could be set up for a rather disappointing launch with the Galaxy a Note 9 – especially considering the fat that we didn’t see much of an upgrade with the launch of the S9.

The Galaxy S10 leak suggests that the company originally planned to launch the in-display fingerprint scanner with the release of the Galaxy Note 9, but that the technology wasn’t quite to the point that it needed to be in order to see a launch later this year,

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While the Galaxy S10 leak is certainly disappointing for those looking forward to upgrading to the Galaxy Note 9, it’s also nice as a confirmation that the in-display fingerprint sensor will eventually be making an appearance. It’s little consolation for those who need to make the decision to update sooner than the release that the Galaxy S10 leak suggests.

While some were wondering whether the decision to delay the sensor was due to manufacturing issues, the sources from the Galaxy S10 leak assert that that the reason for the launch delay was due to the fact that the Chinese original equipment manufacturers Vivo and Huawei had already launched mobile readers that were performing better than their initial prototypes.

The fact that Samsung is delaying the scanner feature is definitely upsetting, but considering that the reason for the delay is to ensure that the technology is so,e of the best on the market it may very well be worth the wait for a more fully-featured release.

While the later release may actually be a good thing for customers, it could pose a problem for Samsung’s financial situation. With the release of the Galaxy S9, the Korean tech giant saw sales that were far lower than they expected, but critics were expecting lackluster numbers for one main reason: the lack of a reason to upgrade.

While the S9 provided a significant power upgrade and the Galaxy Note 9 will likely do the same, that is about the extent of the improvements that the phones offer over their predecessors. While we don’t have a full list of what is coming with the Note 9, the Galaxy S10 leak and previous information suggests that the release of the Galaxy Note 9 won’t exactly be a revolutionary affair.

When the in-display scanner does launch, however, we will likely see one of the best implementations on the market due to the ultrasonic technology that is more capable but not as straightforward to calibrate and mass-produce. It remains to be seen whether delaying the implementation and ending up late to the game can be justified by a more robust technology.

Many critics have pointed out that the initial launches of in-display fingerprint scanner are more convenient but still significantly less capable than a traditional reader, and the longer development time may very well give Samsung the time,e that they need in order to truly deliver a quality product.

The delay is likely justified, but it does spell trouble to Samsung. The Android market is more competitive today than it has ever been before, and the quality of high-end handsets across most manufacturers is quite comparable. If Samsung makes a habit of continually falling behind the curve in terms of features and technology, they may find their market dominance threatened.

The release of the iPhone X spelled trouble for Samsung and it’s looking like Huawei might beat Samsung in the race to bring a foldable smartphone to market. The Galaxy S10 leak and its news of a delayed scanner is just another instance in which Samsung seems to be struggling to keep up with the competition.

We will have to wait and see whether the information provided in this Galaxy S10 leak is accurate, but it appears as if it’s pretty reliable given as it lines up with other information we’ve been able to glean thus far. The Galaxy Note 9 May be a bit of a lackluster launch, unfortunately, but Samsung may be able to regain lost ground with the launch of the S10 and S10 Plus.

The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be announced in late August, while the Galaxy S10 Leak suggests that phone will launch in the first quarter of 2019. The Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are expected to be the company’s first 5G-compatible phones.

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