Facebook F8: An Opportunity For Facebook To Show It Cares

Facebook F8: An Opportunity For Facebook To Show It Cares
geralt / Pixabay

Facebook will host its ninth developer conference today. However, this year’s Facebook F8 will be a lot different from last year, considering the situation that the social networking giant currently is in. Not to mention, CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s two-day Congressional testimony.

Over the past year or so, Facebook has been embroiled in scandals. The most recent one was the Cambridge Analytica controversy, which raised questions over the way Facebook manages data privacy. It was the Cambridge Analytica controversy that lead to Zuckerberg’s two-day Congressional testimony.

So, now all attention is on what Facebook is doing. Thus, Facebook F8 will serve as a perfect platform for Facebook and the rest (public, regulators, experts and more) to know exactly what the social networking giant is doing in the aftermath of one of the biggest scandals that it has been involved in. For Facebook, the developer conference will be an opportunity to do some damage control, and also show the world that it cares for user privacy, something that is needed on an urgent basis.

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