Teacher Pension Crisis Overwhelms California And Kentucky

Teacher Pension Crisis Overwhelms California And Kentucky
geralt / Pixabay

The pension crisis that’s been sweeping through the U.S. is certainly no secret, but many aren’t aware of just how bad things have gotten. States are struggling to come up with solutions to the budget gaps that exist in their public pension funds, including those affecting their education systems. States that are attempting fixes can’t find agreement on the best way to handle the teacher pension crisis.

California is currently dealing with unfunded liabilities in its education systems, which are sinking fast under rapidly rising pension costs Meanwhile, Kentucky lawmakers attempted to deal with their state’s future unfunded liabilities by sneaking a major change to teacher pension funds into an unrelated bill, but all they managed to do was spark a strike among educators in the state. Just about the only thing they do agree on is that there isn’t enough money to go around.

California: a case study in the teacher pension crisis

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