Scientists Hint At Life In The Atmosphere Of Venus

Scientists Hint At Life In The Atmosphere Of Venus
WikiImages / Pixabay

Discovery of extraterrestrial life in any form, even in microbial life, could change a lot for the researchers that search for it. The most recent paper sheds light on microbial extraterrestrial life which could be deep within the atmosphere of Venus.

Although the paper is new, the theory of extraterrestrial life hiding in the atmosphere of Venus is decades old. Originally, the theory was proposed by biophysicist Harold Morowitz and astronomer Carl Sagan. The paper that was published in the journal Astrobiology was proposed by Grzegorz Slowik of the University of Zielona Góra in Poland.

He came upon this idea at a meeting with study researcher Sanjay Limaye, who is a planetary scientist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Slowik talked about bacteria on planet Earth, explaining its properties that allow it to absorb light. He stated that there are also unidentified particles with similar properties that create dark patches in the atmosphere of Venus. Moreover, the particles come with around the same dimensions as bacteria on Earth.

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