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Old School Value Nugget Fest (Apr 10th Edition)

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Old School Value Nugget Fest

What We're Reading in the Media

I analyzed the remaining products that China will retaliate on. There’s not much left

With all the tariff talks and potential trade war, here's a look at what somebody came up with after analyzing the potential category of products China could go after.

It could get much complicated than this, but it's an easy and quick look instead of having to do all the work yourself.

Though markets are generally rational, they occasionally do crazy things," says legendary investor Warren Buffett

We haven't had this much volatility for a while. Down 2% one day, up 2% another. But we are still pretty much where we started the year. The bulls still standing strong.

Buffett delivers some obvious advice. The market will do what it does and do crazy things. The best thing to do is ignore the day to day gyrations.

The Walter Schloss Archive


Bookmark this one as Elevation Capital took the time to dedicate a website to Walter Schloss. Has old articles and interviews of Schloss like this one which looks at analyzing liquidations.

Old School Value

How Reddit post got me thinking on speculative pricing of assets

A quick personal finance link. It is always an eye opener to see people with high incomes asking these types of personal finance questions and sharing their details.

What I've seen as a common denominator is that value investors tend to be much more savvy and aware of their finances.

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