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Jim Chanos on Tesla: Musk Will Leave

Jim Chanos on Tesla Inc TSLA future from today – see the video and an informal transcript below

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So they are dependent despite what the CEO says they're dependent on the Capital Markets stay open and then make a very big they get a lot of faith in Elon Musk when a lot of this is about the mystique of the one must you think that that's misplacement what's to stop someone from if they are having their struggles can't tap the capital markets come in and say you know what I'm going to buy it just because I want to get my hands on the line. Well I think you'd probably have to ask you must that because he's spending more and more of his time in his other ventures and I think that's one of the concerns is that I think he's actually going to probably move on at some point. His latest compensation package actually specifically says he keeps his compensation if he leaves to another company. The CEO and stays as non-executive chairman. So my suspicion is is he's going to be working on his Mars project sooner rather than later. It's a little bit sexier than making cars. But the problem is the liability is a market cap. This is a 60 70 billion dollar company. This is not just some small I'm going to buy Elon Musk acquisition. You're paying big big money to lose money. And I don't know that that almost any company wants to run that risk.


So the people that punt their money down a few years ago are hoping to get a car below thirty thousand dollars are now finding a car closer to 60000 dollars just because their financial troubles are serious enough that they could go bankrupt or they lose a billion dollars roughly a quarter in cash. And the actual operating losses some of them are slightly less than that. They've got 20 plus billion in liabilities. And so those are troubled those are troublesome numbers Yeah.

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