iPhone 11 Camera May Feature Triple-Lens Setup [REPORT]

iPhone 11 Camera May Feature Triple-Lens Setup [REPORT]
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The iPhone X has one of the best cameras on the market. While models like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 focus entirely on the photo experience and do a bang up job, the iPhone X continues to hold its own in a sea of high-end phones that are vying to do the same. It appears as if the iPhone 11 camera may actually feature a triple-lens rear camera, however, making it one of the first of its kind to feature this new technology.

While the iPhone 11 camera won’t be the first to feature a triple-lens camera, it will be one of the first and the largest company to implement the technology. Apple lags behind in several areas, but they have been responsible for a good amount of innovation in the smartphone industry – with the original iPhone kicking off the smartphone craze entirely and the iPhone X notch inspiring a number of Android spinoffs. It’s certainly possible that, if Apple sees success with the iPhone 11 camera, we could see a triple-lens camera come standard with the majority of high-end flagships moving forward.

The report regarding the iPhone 11 camera comes from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News – an outlet which claims that the three lens setup will include a 12-megapixel camera as the main unit with two other lenses to supplement it and increase the quality of the photos.

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The report also states that the iPhone 11 camera will feature a 6P lens design with a 5x zoom. It’s unclear at this point whether the zoom is optical or digital, but considering that the iPhone 8 with a single lens features a digital zoom and the more expensive dual-lens setup of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus have an optical as well as digital zoom, we feel it’s safe to say that the iPhone 11 camera will feature at least some sort of optical zoom.

As mentioned above, while Apple will be one of the first companies to give this a try, Huawei has already featured the technology in the P20 Pro. The difference with the Huawei camera, however, is that the specifications seem to completely outshine what it seems like we’d see from the iPhone 11 camera. With a massive 40-megapixel primary shooter, it seems like it would outclass the iPhone 11’s lens by a good margin. This likely won’t cause any significant competition for Apple considering how large and influential their company has become, but for those who want to push their cameras to the limits there will always be other options that can meet or succeed the performance of the iPhone 11 – even if the phone is to feature a triple-lens setup. Considering that the iPhone 11 is also expected to launch in 2019, it’s also possible that the iPhone 11 camera could be old news after we see a number of new launches in the more-than-a-year we have to wait.

The iPhone X has one of the best dual-camera systems on the market, but according to a new report, Apple is set to take things to another level as soon as next year, with a new triple-lens rear camera in the works.

With the Huawei model seeming to take better pictures than the Galaxy S9, Pixel 2, and iPhone X, it’s clear that a triple-lens setup is shaping up to be superior. As companies like Samsung work to better refine the software that their cameras use as we saw with the S9, it’s possible that they could become a major contender if and when they make the switch to a triple-lens camera. The iPhone 11 camera will likely be spectacular, but it’s likely to not be the top performer on the market – a potential problem for smartphone photographers that want the best device possible for capturing beautiful photos.

All in all, we have quite a while to wait until we see whether these iPhone 11 camera rumors are true, and there’s definitely a possibility that new information could come to light that refutes these claims made by the Economic Daily News. However, the outlet has proven reliable in the past so it’s certainly looking likely that we’ll see a triple-lens iPhone 11 camera. Whether the camera will be spectacular enough to impress users will depend on how many smartphone manufacturers give their own take on this new setup in between now and when we see the release date, but if any phones refine camera performance to the point that it meets or surpasses that of the Huawei P20 Pro, it’s possible that the iPhone 11 may pale in comparison – at least in terms of the camera features.

While Apple has been behind for a while when it comes to adoption of certain technologies such as the OLED screen, the introduction of a triple-lens camera means that they will be keeping up with the rest of the industry. We expect to see more innovation from Apple in the near future, with the success of the iPhone X giving ample evidence that uniqueness and forward thinking pays off.

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