Hiroshima Bombing Radiation Was Far More Dangerous Than We Thought

hiroshima bombingImage source: YouTube Video Screenshot

The Hiroshima bombing was an effective yet absolutely devastating end to Japanese involvement in World War II, and recent research shows just how much radiation victims of this “cruel bomb” were exposed to.

The research regarding the radiation effects of the Hiroshima bombing is a long time coming, with the project first started back in the 1970s. According to Sergio Mascarenhas from the University of Sao Paulo, the X-ray and gamma radiation of the Hiroshima bombing caused bones to become “weakly magnetic” – a phenomenon named paramagnetism.

Back in the 1970s, Mascarenhas obtained a jaw bone from a Hiroshima bombing victim and attempted to figure out how much radiation the bones had absorbed. This most recent study also took samples from the same jaw, but our research methods have come a long way since the 70s – with tools like electronic spin resonance spectroscopy giving us clearer insight into the effects of radiation on these unfortunate victims. In order to get a sense of the magnitude of the damage, the samples were irradiated back to the original level of radiation the bone would have experienced with the dropping of the atomic bomb.

Oswaldo Baffa, the study’s co-author and a professor at the University of Sao Paulo, stated that “we then constructed a curve and extrapolated from that the initial dose, when the signal was presumably zero. This calibration method enabled us to measure different samples, as each bone and each part of the same bone has a different sensitivity to radiation, depending on its composition.”

The effects of the Hiroshima bombing were devastating, but we didn’t have any idea just how devastating until this recent study, which found that the human jaw bone had experienced 9.46 grays worth of radiation. Considering it only takes 5 grays to kill a human, it’s clear that the damage of the Hiroshima bombing extended far beyond the initial explosion – killing many people through radiation poisoning in the days and weeks that followed.

“We used a technique known as electron spin resonance spectroscopy to perform retrospective dosimetry. Currently, there’s renewed interest in this kind of methodology due to the risk of terrorist attacks in countries like the United States…Imagine someone in New York planting an ordinary bomb with a small amount of radioactive material stuck to the explosive. Techniques like this can help identify who has been exposed to radioactive fallout and needs treatment,” Baffa said.

With tools like electron spin resonance spectroscopy, law enforcement officials and medical professionals alike may be better equipped to respond to terrorist attacks and save lives – perhaps reducing the impact of a radioactive attack by taking quick action to address those who are affected before it’s too late. While the likelihood of people experiencing the same sort of devastating attack like we saw with the Hiroshima bombing is pretty low, the application of this technology to the bombing victim’s bones is reassuring in that it gives us tools to address similar situations in the future. While many people were incinerated in the initial blast of the Hiroshima bombing, there were many more that passed away shortly thereafter from the sickening effects of radiation. The fact that the radiation levels were nearly twice what is required to kill a person really drives home the incredible damage that an atomic bomb is capable of.

The results of this study are titled “Electron spin resonance (ESR) dose measurement in the bone of Hiroshima A-bomb victim” and were first published in the journal PLOS One.

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  1. disqus_EEK5k7CXNi | Jan 2, 2019, 6:19 pm at 6:19 pm |

    disqus_GvLLGKY054 yes but

  2. Incarcerated in America ….!!!!!!!! American citizens !!!!!!!

  3. And lastly……The Japs are people of color………Germans are anglo ……………’Lets be friends ” after the war happened faster for germans than Japs …….. Japs were incarcerated during war…….Germans were not . Little known fact ….Italians were incarcerated also .

  4. After the war was over …….there were more Germans working in America than you could imagine…………Not so with the Japs ………… The “Bomb” never was needed in ending war with Germany . Developed before defeat of Germany yes ……

  5. Yes Germany was working on the “bomb ” ……..So we had to beat them to the punch……..But Germany would have listened to surrender demands …..The Japanese would not have.

  6. Germans surrender ……..Japanese do not ,

  7. We must agree to disagree ,…………………………………………..

  8. Germans surrender…………………………….The japanese never would have surrendered ….In fact well after the war was over pockets of Japanese still were unaware that the war was over and were hiding from the enemy .

  9. WE MUST AGREE TO DISAGREE ……………………………………..

  10. IQhigherThan100 | Aug 30, 2018, 1:43 am at 1:43 am |

    The A-bomb was built to be used in Europe before the Germans got there’s working. The European war ended before it was deployed so it was shipped to the Pacific instead. I’m quite sure Roosevelt or Truman would have used it to end the way in Europe.

  11. You can try to rewrite history… good luck with that.

  12. So u agree that when people talk about how dirty anothers country history is and how inhumane people in power treat other members in there own county is wrong to do? Especially when your country has done the same thing but worse?

  13. OptimusPrimeTime | May 14, 2018, 6:48 pm at 6:48 pm |

    So you agree it is out of place to mention it or use it as a comparison?

  14. Apparently u didn’t because my post was a reaction to another person’s post when they brought up Japan’s history. Re read the posts clearly and slowly maybe then u will understand.

  15. OptimusPrimeTime | May 11, 2018, 5:11 pm at 5:11 pm |

    I’ve read all of these posts, and am still wondering why US Slavery was mentioned at all?

  16. If u take the time to read the posts then u will understand why we were discussing US slavery

  17. OptimusPrimeTime | May 10, 2018, 4:33 pm at 4:33 pm |

    Why are we discussing US slavery when discussing Japanese imperial world domination?? Apples to oranges?

  18. OptimusPrimeTime | May 10, 2018, 4:31 pm at 4:31 pm |

    I am blocking you and reporting you

  19. OptimusPrimeTime | May 10, 2018, 4:30 pm at 4:30 pm |

    You are a damn liar. Those factories, had Korean slaves!!! You should check out Gunkajima island, which is still a very sore subject for the Korean people. The Japanese kept them in slavery conditions to mine coal, for the war factory and war machines you are denying,

    That coal mine still exists today and you can take tours to it from Nagasaki bay like I did. You are a liar, and Mitsubishi was producing ships when it was bombed.


  20. OptimusPrimeTime | May 10, 2018, 4:25 pm at 4:25 pm |

    USA won the war and will continue to do so. Have a nice day.

  21. OptimusPrimeTime | May 10, 2018, 4:24 pm at 4:24 pm |

    That’s not what my grandfather told me, and he walked the beach there, and was on the USS Polywon. You better be careful who you call a liar. Those Japanese would slit your throat.

  22. You’re the one who said it was a fact that the Japs offered to surrender under the exact terms before the bomb as they ultimately did surrender. That is false, not a fact. You need to provide factual proof of what you say is a fact, because I’m not taking your word for it. If it’s actually a fact, you should have a source at your finger tips, I would think. Maybe not.

  23. LOL! You first.

  24. Provide some facts then, something more meaty than “It’s a fact.”

  25. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    Is English your 2nd language?

  26. Peter, you sound borderline retarded.

    I could make a career out of debunking your nonsensical commentary.

  27. USA did them thing idiot? Mr. Peter are you high on drugs? you must be heavily on drugs because only a crazy internet troll would write that USA wanted Hitler to win.

  28. Mr. Peter is a Troll.

  29. Mr. Peter your a Troll.

  30. USA bragged in the news how Hitler is great? Mr. Peter your a Troll.

  31. Mr. Peter is a troll.

  32. Peter, YOUR A TROLL. Your writing the exact opposite of what Google and Wikipedia have on the bombings. The next thing you will write is how Wikipedia and Google are wrong and how they are an american propaganda machine. you are a troll. Nagasaki was a major shipbuilding city and a large military port. Hirosima guess what was also a Major Military instillation. Some of us were there? what? your a 95 year old war vet trolling on the internet? Japan’s army was running the country at the time and they refused the peace offerings from the Allies, japan was not ready to surrender at all so your wrong AGAIN. Actually it’s funny how wrong mr. Peter is, because all the Allies and their leaders knew about the bombings and knew about the citys that were chosen. the Allies gave their blessing.

  33. ahh they removed the top ground in both cities so they could be rebuilt… the radiation is still same today and the problems related to it spreading still going on and NONE of the radio active material was ever safe or dealt with properly.

  34. I have never seen anyone hunt down Americans for any of the war crimes done by the USA ever! USA is guilty of 12 to 15 million dead before it even joined the war by cowardly letting the war grow and hoping Hitler wins because his trade policies more like Americans and he was also WHITE! yes they loved Hitler because he was WHITE and he thought like Americans in business… USA wanted Hitler to win and be chums as nations. In war the USA did same kind of acts as the Germans did and lied they did not but still wee see carpet bombed civillians usa just said OOPS and kept on doing it!

  35. THE USA LET germany cause 12 to 15 million dead and still did not join the war… that in itself is a major war crime by doing NOTHING! the USA even cheered Hitler at times and told allies that the 12 million dead were lies full knowing it was not!

  36. liar it saved not 1 single life… war was over in advance and japan could NOT make weapons! the usa nuked AFTER the cities were not war targets anymore due to no ability to make anything for the war effort. So please stop lying… USA is guilty of 12 to 15 MILLION dying even before it joinned the war… it let them die so it not be part of the war and the millions AFTER aso USA fault for entering the war LAST and killing mostly civilians as it carpet bombed the germans it kills just as many civilians and is why many countries do not respect the USQA even to this day… we could not tell Hitler from the USA by actions… death and eath = death…letting oven work was guilt as much as running them!

  37. LIAR
    no they did not make bullets they had no metals left to make 1 bullet!
    Both cities were listed as NOW CIVILLIAN CITIES because they has zero war ability just piles of people going there to get away from the firebombs the allies were using to rally them to be nuked! english note to japanese people is saying NOTHING TO THEM!
    causing people to run to ground zero to just nuke them for fun was and still is the greatest of all war crimes ever… after letting 12 to 15 million people die the USA chose to murder civillians and lie the cities were needed to be hit when all said just near any city be sufficient to scare them to sign the papers the EMPEROR was ready and full willing to sign with some small conditions asked… USA response was to murder all in 2 cities that were not war targets for 18 months due to the constant reduction of ability to make anything… no materials stopped them dead… Japan was broken and could no longer make war and the whole world knew this and it was in all the papers japan was BROKEN and peace was any day now with japan… so the nukes were done as experiment on humans ONLY just like they said they wanted in the meetings!

  38. exactly… why send english notes and japanese ones to all cities round it if you are not trying to kill more by making them got to ground zero? The USA acted as bad as possible and is not better than the germans in any way shape or form… to let the oven run and the camps and the cities emptied to kill the people and take all recources = just as guilty… so the USA SHARED the death of millions on millions with the germans THEN faked being heroes and brave as the world called them cowards and guilty and last as cowards to join a planet at war as if it was not part of the planet!

  39. You might actually want to invest in history book that wasn’t written by a bunch of revisionist. Let’s start the fact that Japan started the war with United States on a sneak attack against both military and civilian targets. From there you can continue to the Japanese history of atrocities throughout Asia and everywhere they were battling and their treatment of prisoners of War so you might want to get off your moral high horse and take a look at that. The United States ended up having to drop two bombs before the Japanese surrendered they had ample opportunity to do so after the first one but they chose not to. It was only after the second bombing that they realize they had to surrender. Dropping the bombs probably resulted in Saving more lives than they cost because an invasion would have been horrific for both sides the Japanese were taking civilians women and young children and teaching them how to defend themselves with very basic makeshift weapons. How do you think they would have fared against the modern military like the United States?

  40. USA is a criminal nation of slaved people by debt and used to pay the rich tributes via interest payments that are never ever ever going to go down as traitors for it up to pay the crime lords and not reduce the debt…trump took the debt money and gave it to the rich and himself and the debt grows and the interest grows and the poverty grows and the USA people too slaved too dumb and too weak to fight back let slavery rule them as and as any time in past history. had trump put the whole thing on the debt the USA would be richer less in debt and paying less interest… traitors come in all forms!

  41. that is plain idiot talk… usa is guilty of letting 12 to 15 million people die and not care… deal with it! USA bombed 2 civilian no longer war target cities and made people go to them to be killed and not from them to be safe… history marks USA as bad as Germany. watched 12 million people die as if it was a tv show makes the USA scum still today and a slaver nation still today using debt as way to slave the people.

  42. Like I said, batshit crazy

  43. but they are the ones that surrendered and got nuked anyways/ learn your history correct… usa nuked a civilian city that it tossed notes in ENGLISH so no one can read them and did use Japanese in other cities to make them go to the ones they wanted to kill as many as possible in… USA did all it could to add more people to them cities not empty them! USA was dead last to join the war and pro Hitler in that time in the news.
    Only when the allies start4ed to call the USA cowards and instigators and willing to watch 12 to 15 million people die horribly and not lift a finger did SOME of the usa react and not till attacked direct did it do anything and off the bat it killed civilians and solders as ONE and shocked the world it was as bad as Hitler was! only after more extreme shaming did the USA even try to not kill all at once… but in the end it did anyways killing all them people for no reason at all but hate racist revenge even as all the moral standing people rejected hitting a city direct any city direct and never one not listed anymore as war target!
    yes both cities were listed as war target NO LONGER due to inability to make war made them revert to civilian cities!
    the bomb fell 1 single day before the emperor offered surrender and wanted conditions… so Guilty of the majority of death and horror and how civilians were murdered all USA all the way… so when you blame also blame USA for not fighting and letting people die in the millions before finding courage to not be an arm chair cheer leader for hitler’s armies
    even today the USA is a slaved nation using DEBT to exploit the people and slave other nations and when a profit comes it goes to the rich and stolen from the poor because Hitler mindset is ruling the USA!

  44. USA did them thing idiot!
    they were NOT offered a chance to surrender! OTHER cities were so people ran to that one to be nuked was the plan and it worked to make more victims in a city unable to make war and considered for 18 months to be civillian not military target it no longer was able to be… USA murdered them all for hate and racist and against all the experts and scientist and was considered in advance to be a war crime!

    USA caused 12 to 15 million to die by NOT doing a thing… watched them die and wanted hitler to win till shamed to fight like the cowards the USA always have been///carpet bombed people as if solders also was very popular with the US… kill them all and let god sort it out logic… word saw the USA as coward that let 12 to 15 million people die needlessly before it even twitched a finger to help and by then it was a giant world war caused by the USA cowardliness to help prevent it and in fact promoted it till attacked and then kill millions with the Germans as if anyone was a target. to this very day the USA kills people with no regard to civilians or not even with drones and precise targeting… still civilians get kill with the bad guys as same!
    USA is active AGAINST peace and always has… USA wants constant war for profit as it sell war for profit.
    with trump you have a 50 50 chance you get a draft card soon.

  45. not true and trump in fact has next to nothing to do with any of it other than 2 times he moved the doomsday clock forward out of pure Hitler like ignorance. History is recording Trump as the man that almost ruined the whole planet! N korea destroyed the nuclear testing site with bigger nuke tests and now can make MINI NUKES! and so the USA still has ZERO and never in a billion years is trump even remotely linked to peace prize ability.. he almost caused world war 2 times in one year and the official reason is TRUMP not N korea!

    Trump is like Hitler and millions died to stop hitler! So the world see and knows trump is a mad man Hitler exact type and peace never ever was his plan… off the bat he made nukes for no reason them murdered all the hostages women and children with MOAB and then near blined a whole village and gave six more village serious health problems then has people LIE the people seen the day before had gone and very few were killed and not the children never seen again and the women aever to be found and the hostages also vaporized were said to be moved but are all dead today and not one was ever found… 270 people MINIMUM died and the USA said only bad guys dies as all the villages say the opposite. they are HAPPY the cave is gone but angry the USA murdered everyone as a solution tho!

  46. LIAR
    the USA is responsible for them death! the USA played coward and refused to help prevent the war from spreading and millions dying so the USA LET and wanted millions to die and refused to help as a whole world screamed it was a crime to not do so and still the USA bragged in news how Hitler was great and like the USA and when the war was over trade with Hitler would make the usa prosper… as 3 more million died in that exact time…USA is worse than Germany and when it did join it carpet bombed civilians along with anyone else in the way… it was murder 1 civilian for each 3 Germans!
    in world war II the USA is guilty of the greater majority of all death bu COWARDICE and greed!

  47. that makes no sense at all… trump is 100% listed in history for almost making world war happen 2 times in 1 year! We moved the doomsday clock forwards 30 seconds 2 times directly by trump existing as president and putting millions on end of lives at risk for his HITLER WAYS!
    did you know he took OUT the bible from his bed side table and placed Hitlers book there… right now Hitlers book is his reading material and he claims to be christian as real Christians call him SATANIST by his hate his racist w3ays and lies just like Hitler… in fact 1000 doctors agree he has the exact same conditions as Hitler as worst traits any human could have. trump could watch 1 million people go to ovens and smile eat and play as if it was perfectly normal… like Hitler!

  48. remember that!
    the true wicked bad of this planet is as you say…not about truth it is bout not using truth to lie way to get what is wanted…slavery people to slave others… the USA is a slaved nation used by NOT paying the debt down and bribing the rich and steal from the poor and forcing the world to deal with a crook con nation refusing to pay debt and using it as a tool to slave others….USA brought the whole planet closer to doomsday 2 times in past year because it is what it is.

  49. You sir are completely batshit crazy.

  50. LIAR
    the japanese had no more war ability no planes no ships no factories were getting supplies… japan was done! USA murdered them for fun and play and test on how the bomb worked on Humans as they spoke of a LOT choosing what city to murder that could not fight back and have most deaths… even made people go to them cities from others by dropping notes to scam people to be nuked full knowing they had not dropped notes on the city to be nuked to keep as many victims there as possible… how dare you even think the coward USA LAST to join the war and caused the death of most of the war victims by doing so and even supported Hitler’s ways more than allies at times! protecting murderers makes YOU also part of them

  51. The USA dropped english notes no one could read DELIBERATELY and japan was in the surrender talks before the notes that came 1 day before and was done to have zero effect so the USA could murder as many as possible deliberately by keeping them there with the con job notes no one could read!

    IN PROVEN FACT the USA sent notes and about firebombings not nukes and so people RAN TO THE CITIESLATER NUKED so the USA got people to run to the ground zero not from it and DID NOT send notes to at least one of the two cities murdered and AFTER sent notes that made no sense because the emperor of japan was ready to surrender BEFORE any nukes were used… USA used the nukes 100% not for war reason but evil ones based in pure hatred and racism…USA did not want surrender it wanted death and destruction on humans as a test! and it all passed as if it was a test after to prove the USA did it as test on humans ONLY

  52. nether city was a military target liar! Both cities were UNABLE TO PRODUCE WAR DEVICES and japan was broken broke and out of resources! them cities WERE war target years before but not when hit they were civilian cities then! No factories working no guns made and rurrender talks on the way even the leader of Japan was ready to offer peace and surrendfer BEFORE the usa nuked and murdred them all…USA chose to hit surrendering broken cities in a country 24 hours away from surrendering!
    so stop your bull… some of us were there! you follow lies! you mixed war and no war as if same…both cities were NOT war targets and had not for 18 months!
    USA chose them because of how many people they could kill at once ONLY!

  53. kind of simple… experts teach no humans need to die… told the experts to f off and murdered them all for revenge hate and racism… same sort of thing we see the USA is today and still doing that kind of murder innocent people and lie they never were there stuff still going on.

  54. The USA was coward that let Germany kill millions and even told the world it was more for Hitler than them! Only when shamed and forced did ther USA act and by then the USA had let 10 million people or more die for no reason other than it liked how Hitler did business and was also WHITE!
    had the USA not been a country of cowards and bad people the war not be so bad and germany would of been stopped fast but the USA even helped Germany and then had to reverse its position when the whole world saw them as scum bags monsters that just watched millions die and still refused to join the war! SO your false thinking about the USA is dead bad and wrong…USA betray humanity even h=now by refusing to pay down the USA debt and effectively betraying the planet… usa never was a team player! it thinks it can take over the world one way or the other via slavery and debt even now! USA let over 12 MILLION people die before it even thought to join the war it was for Germany and neutral with allies crying it was too poor to help the WORLD ALLIES!
    so the USA was cowarddly all the time and still today… it lets others be in danger then it shows up after and kills same as before from long distance and always with civilians in side effects… USA kills for fun not for making peace happen…USA is against peace and for weapons war and division… that is HOW trump got into the president seat…called out to the worst humans on the planet in the USA and they voted for him showing just how many bad and ignorant people the USA has… hates the poor loves to bribe the rich in greed,,,USA has not changed in 100 years!

  55. correct!
    the japan war machine was defeated and the USA murdered them by fun games over war logic…the crime was planned and rejected but still took place because bad American chose to murder in vast numbers for spite racist hate and pure satanism the USA is know to be mostly composed of as 80% of the USA even today is satanist fool lying about myths as if real. USA just did what Hitler did after it let hitler kill millions so the USA is responsible for most of the victims of the 1st and 2nd world war by cowardliness and pure war crimes.

  56. you do know the boams were not to ask peace but to murder as many as possible RIGHT? You do know people fought tooth and nail to prevent the needless mass murder war crime to prove the bomb worked and make instant peace… japan was broken and out of resources and unable to mount any war effort… they were out of it! the USA murdered them for pearl harbor 100% war crime act and chose and counted the dead it wanted in advance and chose to refuse to bomb where it can be seen or felt to end war and used 2 times regardless of any response… USA did not ask for peace it asked them to die ONLY!
    even if they would of tried to surrender the 2nd bomb still would of fell by the wicked war crime plan chosen… so do not think the USA good guy when mass murder and cowardly dead last to join the allies caused MILLIONS to die by the cowardliness of the USA for many years before it was SHAMED to join the war.

  57. so murser and slavery is better than peace and brotherhood…. pig
    humans do not think or act thaty way…USA was dead last to join and so caused millions to die by refusing to join the war and even boast Hitlers ways were compatible with USA! USA acted in evil wicked ways always and still does! it slaves and abuses slaves to slave others and is in deep debt it refused to even try to pay because it too is a slave thing stealing from the people of the USA as if Hitler won and feeding his goons via the USA slavery to pay interest never ending… you pay the bad people yours died to stop and never want your debt to do down because slaves are happy ruin the world with slavery and debt tools…USA may as well say it is it is till a puppet to Satanism against mankind.

  58. why started? USA murdered ALL them people 100% and did not have to kill 1 single person to stop the war when Japan was broken in advance and days away from surrender… it was pure and simple kill and murder them after they lost to mock them and the world as bad USA people do bad things for no reason making thre USA lower than japan… a simple 100 miles difference would of not killed anyone but would of ended the war same exact way… all 100% of everything the bombs did were deliberate and extra…the war was won and sign the papers were all that was left…so the USA nuked after broken people unable to make war machines guns or anything.. they ran out!
    USA nukes were 100% war crime acts and still are seen that way today and will forever because the USA killed for fun not for war and was begged to not do this and did…the USA has the shame of eternity in that 100% worst of all war crimes ever recorded…go look at history… bad guys are the USA not the allies or the germans but the USA that cowardlly showed up after millions had been put to death in camps and like 15 million dies in the war the USA could of stopped at any time if it was not a coward!

  59. they had barely a clue and all they knew really was to use it on the ground was far worse and the maximum effect was an air blast. ether way the USA rejected correct legitimate targets for civilians to be as wicked as possible or satanic as possible to make a non needed point to end the war..none of them needed to die to prove the bomb worked and the war was over..not 1 single human had to die..it was all MURDER THEM EXTRA because the USA had the morals of Hitler then and still now. US preferred if Hitler won the war because trade and color of race…yes the USA is extremely racist and worse in the past! Loved Hitler till the allies SHAMED the US to join them and so the USA was always seen as the cowards the LAST to join and pro Hitler openly in the news.

    when it comes to wars the USA has a long long list of cowardliness and abuse and wicked actions of low morals and it continues even today when the world watches and trump near nukes in overkill and harms hundreds of villagers to kill 40 hostages and women and children then lie up none of them existed and only a few bad guys were there…but vaporized was hundreds of people that were there the day before…so murder for fun is what goes on in the USA power level. most village round there now have many near blind and sick people as side effect did more harm then the bomb itself! History of the future has USA down as a shame country of slavery used to slave other countries and no real moral standings above that.

  60. creator???? lies do not make truth ether.. when you speak of creator you are saying SATANIST opposing truth since god is a lie so all all the myth teachings linked to lies and to worship it is to spend life in satanism and not getting that to be the lie is to be satanism and no such thing as good and thinking god is real same time. So drop the satanist thing and I agree with you…adding a false myth god is not needed. and the lie we given them authority does not pass… we do not give them the right or power..they tell us what they do and we can’t stop them… or most war not happen as most wars have the people against it and government for it. 2 completely different powers and the people are the weak power rejected for will of the greedy and wicked ALWAYS

  61. that is plain not true and racist

  62. correct… fools today have no clue what is what

  63. japan did not murder 6 million BUT the USA was dead last to join the war and was actually FOR HITLER till SHAMED into going to war… USA has nothing to be proud about at all as cowards cons and low life that LET millions die and refused to prevent it by helping the Allies and only when no choice was left and the USA took out civilians galore basically a war crime deliberately done. Military and civilians are 2 different thing the USA did NOT respect. Correct targets were refused for criminal ones out of pure wickedness or evil for satanist that claim theist is other than satanism.

  64. I know, it would make your patriotic little heart explode to face up to the facts.
    I understand.

  65. There is no gray area here, this has nothing to do with you being a Vet. Thank you for your services. This is about you spreading Fake news wrong information. Both those city’s WERE military targets with Army bases and factory’s that fueled the Japanese War machine. Both the Allies and the Axis powers would Bomb the city’s that contributed to each others war effort and bomb the capital city’s of those said country’s. It was war, it was common practice. Only thing different here was 1 bomb with after radiation effects. But more civilians died in Europe then Hiroshima or Nagasaki combined. The Nazi’s committed horrible atrocities against civilian populations in Europe, more so then ANY bombings in Japan. No civilians deserved any of it, but for the Allies it was a calculated loss to try and achieve a stop to the fighting and the willingness of the German and Japanese people to fight by limiting the power and resources of the Axis governments and county’s. The Axis powers refused to negotiate a stop to the fighting, Germany never came to the table and Japan only did after the second bomb.

  66. Yeah, why doesn’t somebody invent a nice bomb or a caring bomb? It would still kill you but you would enjoy it.

  67. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 5:06 pm at 5:06 pm |

    LOL. I dont know if you’re trolling or not, but the Japanese already crucified all the Dutch christians before 1700s

  68. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 5:04 pm at 5:04 pm |

    When my grandfather walked the shores of Nagasaki after the atomic bomb, he said he saw women and children in pain. He said he wanted to help them, but remembered that they would kill him if given the chance. He said he had no sympathy for them, even though he normally should.

  69. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 5:03 pm at 5:03 pm |

    All the civilians in Hiroshima worked for the government. So what the hell are you saying?

  70. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 5:02 pm at 5:02 pm |

    SCUM. I bet you rape Chinese too.

  71. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 5:00 pm at 5:00 pm |

    You simply do not understand the Japanese and their emperor and their blind faith in him. You know what kamikazes were, right? You realize that all women, men and children were ready to fight to the death, right?

  72. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 4:57 pm at 4:57 pm |

    Because the civilians were also the military! The women and children were armed to the teeth! They worked in factories making bullets for the USA servicemen. When my grandfathered walked the shores at Nagasaki after the bomb, he said he wanted to feel sorry for those poor children, but couldn’t , because he knew if given the opportunity, they would kill him. These people believe in their emperor far more than they believed in helping you or I.

    You really need to do some research because you sound super uneducated about this subject.

  73. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 4:53 pm at 4:53 pm |

    Japanese Devils (or Riben Guizi 日本鬼子) is a Japanese documentary about the war crimes committed by the Imperial Japanese Army between 1931 and 1945.[1] The documentary is a series of interviews with 14 Japanese veterans of the Second Sino-Japanese War who recount rape, massacres, bio-experiments, and cannibalism.

  74. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 4:52 pm at 4:52 pm |

    Yes and anyone that wants to be reminding of what dogs the Japanese truly were, go to Youtube and search “Japanese Devils” or “Riben Guizi”, there is a documentary there that will shed light into the atrocities and why the Japanese should never be forgiven.

  75. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 4:51 pm at 4:51 pm |

    The Japanese joined WW2. They were already dominating China and Asia. They got greedy. You should read a book.

  76. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 4:50 pm at 4:50 pm |

    I see you conveniently forget to mention the wars Japan had with China, prior to any world wars. You are trolling hard.

  77. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 4:48 pm at 4:48 pm |

    Japs? You should stick to reading and not posting.

  78. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 4:47 pm at 4:47 pm |

    Trust me, the Japanese have not forgotten. In fact, the opposite, they are quite aware of it.

  79. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 4:43 pm at 4:43 pm |

    They targeted Nagasaki bay because of the Mitsubishi factories that still exist there today. You’ve obviously never been to Nagasaki bay but I have. Did you know that the logo for Mistubishi is the KAMIKAZE propeller??? Man you sound ignorant (and anti-American).

    Originally Kyoto was to be bombed. But it was avoided because someone highly ranked had honeymooned there and spared it because it had all the smart people (artists, scientists, teachers, professors, etc). it was spared because the USA leaders felt that the Japanese people of Kyoto were smart enough to learn and repair Japan, from atomic war. If the USA truly wanted to destroy Japan, it would have killed everyone in Kyoto, but it did not. Kyoto has been preserved and has many historical artifacts that still reside there, unharmed.

    Hiroshima is an industrial center for the government. Hiroshima employs more government workers than any city in Japan. Hiroshima actually had USA prisoners of war, that died in our bombings there.It was a tough decision but it was a strategic decision and the people were warned to evacuate. They were given plenty of warning.

    If you really want to push your anti-USA agenda, Blake, you should go to youtube and watch “Japanese Devils” (Riben Guizi) so you can see how stupid you sound.

    The Japanese government and the Japanese people supported genocide and brutally murdered and raped millions of people. How dare you stand up for them! You should be ashamed, as the Japanese should be ashamed. What the USA did during WW2 was the greatest thing mankind ever accomplished. If we didn’t bomb the Japanese, you would be saluting a Japanese flag today.

  80. OptimusPrimeTime | May 1, 2018, 4:36 pm at 4:36 pm |

    You do realize that the atomic bombs didn’t even account for the majority of the causalities, right? You realize that the fire bombs on Tokyo killed more people, right? What the hell is your point?

    You sound anti-American. The Japanese were trying to take over the world. Stop spreading your fake news and lies.

  81. We’re not talking about laser/GPS/infrared guided tactical nuclear weapons here. We’re talking about a time in technology where jet engines hadn’t even been perfected to the point of standard military use, ballistic missiles were dreams, and bombs were dropped using analog instruments. As far as military targets, name one that was in the mountains of Japan, in Hokkaido, or on a remote island in the Ryukyu’s. If you even know anything about Japan, all of it’s manufacturing was done on the alluvial flood plains – the same exact place that the vast majority of the people lived. There were no mountain factories, no remote island shipbuilding, no semi-arctic armament factories. I don’t need to know “war tactics”, because the best military tacticians of WWII planned both bombings, not me. And they planned them with the materials they had at hand – not 21st century technology (that still fails today). Here’s a tactic – they were trying to make Japan surrender to prevent even more loss of life on both sides. And that tactic worked.

  82. A technically incomprehensible report: Which type of radiation was added? How do the results compare with the analyses done by the occupying force in 1945? How far from ground zero was this sample? Three digits of accuracy are quoted, but no uncertainty estimate is provided; can the measurement really be good to a part in one thousand?

  83. I suffered through this piece looking for the answer to the question (not clearly posed) “how much radiation were people exposed to by the Hiroshima bomb?” About twice as much as previously thought? Zachary you need to read your writing out-loud as part of the editing process. Get rid of the adjectives and adverbs. They are useless in a science piece. “Twice as much radiation,” needs no modifier. Find a friend you trust, preferably not a STEM major, to check for readability. This article is a big fail for the editor of ValueWalk, whatever that is. The work is interesting. I’d like to see a final draft when its ready.

  84. Ok SB. I’m certainly not trying to be a troll. I’m a patriot. I’m a vet. But I can’t stand unilateral thinking. It’s just wrong. Any issue of historical significance is an array of grey areas. I can cede to the wisdom of using a nuclear weapon on the Japanese. I certainly have sympathy for any person(s) affected by the ravages of war, be they German or Russian or Japanese or whatever. Having conducted war myself, I take it very seriously. I don’t have the perspective that Truman and his advisors had when they dropped the bomb, so my criticism is based entirely on hindsight and without the pressures of office. My opinion, as worthless as it may be, is simply that military targets other than Hiroshima, one that contained fewer civilians, could have been used instead.

    Where I feel offended, where I get all fussed up, is when people start saying the Japanese civilians deserved it or that their lives shouldn’t matter because their government wages war.

  85. LOL. Fair enough. Japanese.

  86. Well ok, no. But you know what I mean! Why did they engage it?

  87. I am not in a position of power to make large diplomatic changes that affects the world. the thing that i do is lift up my voice and make sure the past and current injustices that happen to African Americans and others are exposed like in my previous post. my question to u is what are you doing to correct the wrongs of this country and abroad?

  88. Thanks for wishing me well. I too wish you well.Dirty and motivated imaginations whether borrowed from felons and living Lucifer’s or your own manufactured in a lie factory and masked as “facts” & “truth” must be called out for what they are with cost to such felons – and you did exactly that – short-circuited facts. So you had to be called out in the language that’s understood and it was.

  89. I love how everybody here believes the lie that the dropping of the atomic bomb was a strategic move to save lives, this is laughable. The Japanese, no matter how they tried could not open a direct channel with the US, so in desperation they informed Russia of their willingness to surrender, and asked them to inform the US, president Truman didn’t so much as give one attempt at peace talks, which would have been the number one most effective way to save innocent human life given the circumstance. So please shut your mouths about things you do not understand, and some how thinking that if some nation or group of peoples commits a ruthless savage act that we should stoop to their level and become what we think about in disgust. It blows my mind how middle aged men in America and basically it’s complete population are so filled with propaganda written by victors, and are unable to dig for the truth or acknowledge it because we’ve all been told we’re the best in world, and that we’re the entire planets knights in shinning armor. Get real. We are vultures. All we care about is our resources and quality of life, and we will squash anyone to get it and we have, if anybody cared enough to look around and see what we’ve done over seas. But no, we are content on our little island of greatness and pleasure, that was made that way because of the slaughter and the robbing of others. Which by all of your words, that means that somebody should come slaughter us right? Someone should come blow us up by the millions, by the millions of innocents in or cities, for the crimes of our military agency’s and our covert operations agency’s who have committed and enabled genocide, us the American people should be killed, for supporting our military, for being lied to by our covert agency’s, or for simply not know because we were not told of our heinous,savage actions as a nation, we should be killed. You are all childish and small. You are the people that have this world, and you are the people who make it the way it is. So stupid, arrogant, and ignorant.

  90. A rant on historical slavery of the United States.. of course it was the only place and very passionate which is good.. but one question.. Have you lifted a finger to help stop the current slavery in Africa and the rest of the world? I would think a passionate of abolitionist would be more concerned with the current stage of the unfortunate.. which is undoubtedly wrong and despicable.

  91. No, not fact. BS is more like it.

  92. Of course. Didn’t you know that Tom? Plus, never mind the Christians, what about all the fetuses that died? That’s the real crime.


  93. No, they OFFERED surrender, the US refused their terms until after the bombing when they accepted the Japanese terms as they were originally offered.

  94. You seem to be more than 1000 years old and still living to have witnessed the” massacre” of” 300 ” million Hindus when the population of the entire world was less than that. That’s not history but imagination of bstds like you. Recorded history is the murder of entire native American nation and its people, theiving lands from the natives. Murdering all adult men in south America by Catholic Christian whites to sleep with their women. There are no felons like them on earth banding all together as lucifers to get rid off.
    Coming to your next point when the white Christian bstd invade Muslim lands and still do just to kill millions – such bstds cannot be loved. Every Muslim would like to take revenge on every bstds like you.

  95. Oliver St.John-Mollusc | May 1, 2018, 2:16 am at 2:16 am |

    you mean Japan refused unconditional surrender 3 times – factz, my boy, factz

  96. Oliver St.John-Mollusc | May 1, 2018, 2:13 am at 2:13 am |

    They won’t be naughty again will they?

  97. The 4th Geneva conventions did not exist so it was not a war crime. Even if it did it would probably not be a war crime.

  98. If governments had ethics, such things would never happen. Once governments aquire ethics, such weapons will be abolished. Unfortunately Uncle Sam appears to have become a pedophile so….

  99. No they weren’t, the Japanese had already offered surrender including unconditional 3 times before the US dropped the nukes.
    They were dropped for two reasons:
    1) To scare Russia, who was making great gains in northern China.
    2) To get live test subjects for analysis.
    Ending the war had nothing to do with it.

  100. it was crime against humanity to nuke a city full of people… there is no “good reason” that “justifies” this..

  101. And yet no Japanese present in the 50+ cities and towns these leaflets were supposedly dropped ever remember seeing a single leaflet.
    Does it make sense to give the enemy prior warning, not to mention giving away the potential targets for an attack.
    Does it also make sense that they would send bombers over very hostile territory, with operational AA batteries and potentially home defence zeros stationed, to warn of the attack?
    Those leaflets have never been verified by anybody except the US Government

  102. The japanese started WW2?

  103. Where’s the punishment for the Christian west’s savagery? 100 Hiroshima Nagasaki bombs will not be sufficient as a revenge for the White Christians savagery even if dropped on the US and their cohorts

  104. Did the US take care of slavery? What about what happened after slavery? The carpet baggers we’re worse than the plantation owners. Civil freed slaves of the chain but if u know your history Jim crow laws and whole list of unjust laws kept the slaves bound.

  105. I heard that the US had a civil war and took care of the slavery issues.

  106. I don’t think you actually understand how radiation works.

  107. Teopa Sano-Reve | Apr 30, 2018, 7:05 pm at 7:05 pm |

    and of course many instances of the
    il-treatment of native peoples.

  108. Blake, stop the Fake news. Your being an Internet troll. The Japanese ignored the Allies surrender offering, that’s why the second bomb was dropped, and it was on a military target. both were Industrial city’s that had army bases and facilities to fuel the Japanese war machine. You have not mentioned or seem to be shedding any tears for the German or Russian civilians that were killed in the war, otherwise you would have wrote about them right away. your a troll.

  109. Bravo! Saved me a lot of typing. Well written.

  110. Professional Health Physicist | Apr 30, 2018, 6:35 pm at 6:35 pm |

    Ok buddy. Im sure you must have an advanced degree in health physics like I do.

    Do you live in the same city as a hospital? Well you better quit drinking the groundwater because if you’re worried about what is coming out of fukushima you would s your pants if you knew what goes down the drain at hospitals.

  111. Actually Nagasaki had a Naval Base which was past of the decision.

  112. Yup, Kurtis Lemay and the B-29s.

  113. At first the Japanese population were not sure if this (A-bombs) was just another firebombing since the result was virtually identical.

  114. The “Japs” didnt start WWII….. Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany because they invaded Poland!

  115. firebombs were as bad as the nukes. does this make you happy?

  116. You don’t deserve to be on this planet.

  117. agent orange?

  118. Yes lets never do science that costs money

  119. Why does every other asian country hate the japanese? Read up on some history and learn why.

  120. Because Christian lives matter more than other lives?

  121. They were dropped to end the war. Stalin could not be scared, because it was not him who was going to die but rather his Russian crash test dummy population.

  122. “Japs”? It’s 2018 Yankee Imperialist.

  123. have we forgot about the 400 years of slavery of innocent africans? have we forgot about slave bucking, and rape of african women? have we forgot the pedophiles who raped girls and boys during slavery.? have we forgot about the Tuskegee experiment on african americans? have we forgot about the killing of black wall street? the list of inhumane acts that the US has done domestically and internationally is great. so please if we talk about another countries inhumane acts lest not forget what we have done.

  124. The USA firebombed 60 Japanese cities incinerating women and children. Some 250,000 died. Our hands are not clean either. Cruelty begets cruelty and who started it does not wash away the sin of those who responded to the original cruelty. Shogun culture was one origin. God Bless your uncle.

  125. So where did the s um in charge come from? A UFO? Sc m in charge comes from sc m below.
    With what the feral dogs did in southeast asia the entire pile of excrement needed burned from mankinds future.

  126. Yes, we all learned about The Rape of Nanking, thus we are a little short of sympathy in our regards to the poor little Emperor.

  127. You appear to have all of your history mixmastered into a big pile of goo.
    Try reading it all again….. and pay attention this time.

    Start with when the USA became a country…. then perhaps you wouldn’t come off as a deranged ignoramus.

  128. Read up on the japanese offensive in throughout southeast asia… After you read what the feral monkeys did you would regret that all of their feral cities weren’t burned to the ground as deserved.

  129. That is not only lies…. but so amazingly ignorant you should get a prize.
    Here is your prize…. dunce of the world.

  130. The only pity was they stopped at two…. the entire feral country should have been reduced to component atoms.

  131. You only have to look at the scum at the top and extrapolate.

  132. We gave them 3 days. That was plenty of time for an eyewitness account to make it up to the top. Have you seen the pictures? How much more assessment would you need?

    And don’t compare Imperial Japan to the dysfunction we have gotten used to in our own government.

  133. you took the words out of my mouth . i was just about to post your same words.”WHY DID THE JAPS START WW2?

  134. could those targets be avoided ??? please dont tell me it coudnt. if you believe those targets couldnt be avoided then im going to say you must do not really understand war tactics.

  135. FYI, “cruel bomb” is a direct quote from the Emperor of Japan’s surrender speech.

    Has no one commenting here studied history at all?

  136. blake , i totally agree with you. there is never a reason to justify killing innocent people.

  137. Let’s take a quick stroll thru history shall we…

    Why did the US nuke Japan?

    – Because the Japs were committed to victory at all costs and the US was committed to a decisive victory

    Why did the Japs start WWII?

    – To maintain their colonial power in Manchuria and Korea and access to resources such as coal and iron (and rubber in the South Pacific)

    Why did the Japs switch from an isolationist country to a colonial imperialist?

    – Because the US threatened them in 1853 with “gunboat diplomacy” e.g. “trade with us or else!”

    So in retrospect, had the US simply left the Japanese alone in 1850s, perhaps Japan never would have embarked on colonial imperialism and never entered into WWII ?

  138. I think you miss the point. By delivering the level of radiation almost twice as deadly as needed, the radiation continued to kill for a period longer than anticipated. While you can’t kill a person twice, the evidence is the killing simply did not stop soon after the detonation. Knowing the amount of radiation delivered and the decay rate (not provided) that killing period is now known.

  139. …and millions of Japanese, who their military wanted them to fight Russia and the US with sticks and stones.

  140. Then they went to heaven. What’s your point? Or were those the kind of “christians” who really don’t believe in God, or Jesus, or everlasting life?

  141. I had an uncle who died at Pearl. The genocide in China, the Rape of Nanking, the Bataan Death March are absolutely indicative of the savagery and inhumanity of mid-20th Century Japanese people. They were human excrement and the bombing was too kind a way for them to die. When discussing the bomb, always remember we were killing those who delighted in torture, mayhem and unimaginable cruelty.

  142. He never would have used it , if ready ,on Anglo Saxons or WASPs . And my friend that’s NO bull s it.

  143. Bamboo Bob Sartini | Apr 30, 2018, 5:48 pm at 5:48 pm |

    Yet Japan would not surrender util the nuclear bombs were dropped.

  144. There is no such thing as a military target that does not risk civilians, especially with a nuclear weapon.

  145. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both military targets (Nagasaki being a “secondary” since the primary was clouded over) and both had heavy industry providing munitions, aircraft and shipbuilding. Even in the US and Western countries, we have military targets directly in residential areas, urban and rural alike. The problem with Japan was that the military and politicians were hell bent on fighting down to every last civilian, even after Hiroshima was leveled. The bombing of Nagasaki saved more Japanese lives from starvation and imminent deadly invasion by Russia and the US than it took it an instant. At the time, I think it was good decision. Now that we have thousands of MIRV’s pointed all over the world, with yields in megatons rather than kilotons, it’s a completely different story.

  146. Professional Health Physicist | Apr 30, 2018, 5:36 pm at 5:36 pm |

    No, fukushima is actually not the problem you have been led to believe.

    There’s no worldwide coverage, because all experts agree that there is nothing to cover.

  147. Thanks for the answer, I knew it was different, but not the name, Thanks again.

  148. Exactly. What people fail to remember is that the US (and Russia) was actively preparing for an invasion, which would have left millions dead. Japan’s military (at that time) would have forced civilians to fight with rocks and sticks. That would have caused a wave of Japanese death from Kyushu all the way to Hokkaido, not dissimilar to the way the Japanese people starved throughout the war.

  149. Blake, go read survivors’ stories of the Death March of Baatan and then get back to me.

  150. Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the two largest collections of Christians in Japan. Targeting those cities was plainly stupid and was primarily to scare the Russians.

  151. “Liberalism denied the State in the interests of the particular individual; Fascism reaffirms the State as the true reality of the individual” – A direct quote from “Doctrine of Fascism” by Benito Mussolini, the creator of the Fascism.


    n. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

    n. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.

    Words, they actually have meaning.

  152. Gee thanks Captain Obvious…. how much money was wasted on this study that could have been used elsewhere with more benefit? Nice glamorization to the author as well… “cruel bomb?” Yeah it was a cruel weapon used to stop a cruel Imperial Army that murdered hundreds of thousands of people, often using them as study subjects for chemical weapons etc.

  153. Why is the absorbed dose so low at 9.46 gy?

    I would expect much higher dose at such a close proximity.

  154. Nobody deserves to be nuked. But the Japs could have surrendered any time prior to being nuked. Nuking two cities probably saved many more Japs than were lost to the nukes. Blame it on their leaders.

  155. Half a dozen Google searches could not find the original study, citation needed.

  156. Isn’t this story pretty much the same as saying someone died from being shot twice instead of dying from being shot once? Besides, the process for determining the dose is complicated and computational so it would not surprise me to find out they dropped a decimal point or flubbed a constant. Dead is dead whether one times the lethal dose or a hundred times the lethal dose.

  157. No one has access to the original study. They are going on what is stated in this article.

    Cite a link to the original study.

  158. 9.46gy is not a very high radiation level for being so close to ground zero.

  159. Please cite a link to that study.

    I do not find you credible.

  160. You don’t get it do you?

    Radiation levels accumulate and it doesn’t matter if it was from initial blast or later on.

    The 9.46gy is the bone reading from all sources. They did not break it down into specific isotopes and particles.

  161. A “cruel bomb”, was this bomb more cruel than 100,000 burned alive and 1 million made homeless in one fire raid on Tokyo? If it wasn’t for the atomic bombs, as many as one million US casualties were expected in the invasion of Japan and millions of Japanese would have died. The atomic bombs were necessary and justified. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Downfall

  162. Thanks. I would have expected the article to mention a fact that the victim was killed in the initial blast rather than leave it to assumption. Although at that range (1250-1500 meters), we are in the range where X-RAYS can be fatal. I believe that intensity falls as the 5th power of distance due to air opacity.

  163. R o̶̧͝ b͝҉̀ oZ͜ | Apr 30, 2018, 3:47 pm at 3:47 pm |

    vaporization is another word for aerosolized. . . it does not mean fissile material disappears into the “ether” or another dimension…. it’s all in our environment for quite some time.

  164. Children, adults, and elder people, both women and men, were killed indistinctly by the bombs. But, were they all as “inocent” as you may think? In fact, the whole Japanese population was working in order to keep a strong army. Children at school were brain washed, and sung each day military songs; women were working hard in factories, producing all kinds of equipments for the military.
    To say that Japan was a Huge Machine of War, is not an exageration, because all the population was involved; and because it was a “Holy War”, because the Showa emperor, Hirohito, was considered a Divinity, by all Japanese. And the Emperor had agreed to this war.
    So, every head in Japan bowed towards the Emperor, and obeyed the order, to become all warriors, from the youngest to the oldest.
    There was NO OTHER WAY to stop the war with the Japanese. An American invasion in Japan would have inflicted more dead people, both Japanese and Americans than the Atomic bombs.

  165. I’m sure that seventy -odd years later after that event won the war for them they’d be asking: “That was horrible. Should we really have done that?”

  166. Nonsense, stop the fake news.

  167. “Unimaginably horrific” apparently means “in the same range as the firebombings we’d been doing for months.” Tokyo: 81,000 dead. Hiroshima: 90,000-146,000. Nagasaki: 39,000-80,000. But you need to consider these things in the proper scale for WWII, where overall 50-55 million CIVILIANS died.

  168. @Rob Can you read? Or is your comprehension just abysmal?

  169. Please cite the name of those military targets that would not risk civilian lives and wheather those targets would be riskier to US forces or hamper their mission.

    I’m waiting.

  170. R o̶̧͝ b͝҉̀ oZ͜ | Apr 30, 2018, 3:36 pm at 3:36 pm |

    ….it’s actually more than 15%. early fission bombs were only 6% efficient.. say 22.5 lbs of bomb core, so ~18 lbs did not contribute to the “energy release”… later fission enhancements in the above ground Nevada tests were at best ~20% efficient … on a side note, 1/4 of USA received the “unexploded fissile material”, ~ weeks after a test, via the jet stream, well into the ’60’s till underground testing… ( strontium-90 baby tooth study ) ( same phenomenon occurred with Russia’s tests as well )

  171. That’s just this article. The actual paper correctly says “weakly”.

  172. No, we already knew prompt radiation from nuclear blasts could kill. But with anything except neutron bombs, the fatal range of the blast/heat effects is significantly greater.

  173. I’ve been politically aware since the Ford administration, and hardly a year has gone by that someone hasn’t been compared to Hitler, Stalin or some other bogey-man from our recent past. Your observations aren’t without merit but they are a little off-topic. As for believing Trump would nuke someone? Lord I hope not, but I never thought he’d become president so that shows what I know.

  174. The paper clearly lays out the answers to all your questions. Just Google the title. Incidentally, “This mandible sample was collected at Hirose and Nakahiro-machi, which is located between 1250 and 1500 meters away from the atomic bomb hypocenter.” At that range, he died from the blast/heat effects.

    The history of the victim from blast to death was rather too short to document. :)

  175. No, a neutron bomb is just a very small H-bomb modified to create less blast and more fast neutrons and gamma rays. They were intended as battlefield weapons and had significantly LESS fatal range than our other H-bombs. The difference was fast neutrons go right through Soviet tank armor to kill the crew inside, while tanks were an excellent defense against blast and heat from a normal nuke.

  176. Liberals are about as fascist as it gets.

  177. I agree… I do feel that its just a ploy to get western forces out of the peninsula but hes gotten farther than many yes… I was using sarcasm in the earlier comment above

  178. Half a dozen Google searches found ZERO support for your claim. CITATION NEEDED!

  179. Please cite where this study claims they new the exact location of this jaw bone at the time of the initial blast and how long it was exposed and to what types of isotopes.

    I’m waiting.

    ( jaw bone in living human)

  180. As Fukushima counties to spew radiation into the ocean and atmosphere everyday…
    With no coverage world wide…
    Media black out???

  181. Actually the US dropped fliers warning Japan that they were going to be bombed. The Japanese government was given chances to unconditionally surrender before the first bomb dropped but refused. They were given a second chance but refused. The US then dropped fliers over Tokyo which prompted the emperor to overrule his war council (which wanted to keep fighting) and accept an unconditional surrender.

    The casualties were pretty minuscule compared to what was projected since they were given time to evacuate. Anyone who CHOSE to stay knew what was coming and thought they’d endure. The firebombing of Tokyo in 1942 proved that we were serious with our threats. The Japanese integrated their military infrastructure with civilian infrastructure to camouflage themselves and move virtually unhindered since it wasn’t really “western” policy to bomb civilian populations hence the reason we gave forewarn. It would’ve been a waste of time to bomb far away outposts that can’t be seen or regularly checked on by upper brass. By the time we dropped the first bomb the closest (operating) air force base was in Otaru, Hokkaido which is on the other side of the country.

    Please get an understanding of war before trying to post an argument that lost over 80 years ago.

  182. You mean like Republicans today.

  183. Yes. But there were numerous other military targets that did not risk the lives of civilians, which would have demonstrated the power of the Bomb with equal measure.

  184. Everything you just said is completely wrong. You keep on showing off your ignorance while pretending to be an expert. Maybe next time try reading the paper?

  185. It’s all in the paper, lazy person.

  186. If you’d bothered to actually read the paper, which damned few commenters here did, you’d know not one word of what you said in your comment was at all valid in this case.

  187. The Japanese and Germans were working on the atomic bomb also and the means to deliver it (ME-264). Better them than us.

  188. I appreciate and share your willingness to protect your family at all costs Steve. But the same losses could have been avoided by:
    1. selecting military targets with fewer civilians (e.g. naval bases)
    2. allowing more time after the first bomb for the Japanese to assess the damage

    As for protecting your children, there are other, more subtle, threats to our democracy than a foreign invader. If we do not vigorously defend the values that support it, our children are in danger of inheriting a nation no different than any other in history, with no greater vision than its own survival. America stands for something bigger than itself. Its stands as a beacon of hope for all nations. We must never forget that.

  189. My understanding is that among historians the question of number of future deaths and possibility of surrender is still contested. As is the question of what constitutes an atrocity. If nerve gas and biological agents qualify, why not nukes?

  190. “This study, as far as I know, does not calculate how close the victim was to the blast or how long they were exposed to the radiation source.”

    As far as you know…from not reading the paper? Then you don’t know very much, do you? All those details are covered in the paper.

  191. Nope, not a war crime yet.

  192. It was not a war crime as the 4th Geneva conventions did not exist.

  193. I already mentioned that but people these days don’t care about facts, they believe anything on the net, even tried to post a link to the actual paper but this site blocked it.

  194. The commenters here are SO LAZY! It’s a short and easily-read paper, and every single point you make was addressed in it.

  195. OptimusPrimeTime | Apr 30, 2018, 3:10 pm at 3:10 pm |

    So what are you gonna do about it? We’re listening.

  196. How about you quote us the totally-unacceptable conditions Japan was insisting on in those earlier surrender offers. Revisionist history, my ass. They’re documented in the Emperor’s own papers!

    The specific items you quote are technically correct, but create a distorted view that was intended to save face for public distribution. But we don’t need Hirohito interrogated by MacArthur to answer your questions. The original notes taken during Hirohito and Tojo’s meetings are freely available today, and present a very different and less-flattering picture.

    My favorite part is where the physicists Hirohito summoned estimated there’s no way the Americans could have enough enriched uranium for more than a few such bombs, and Hirohito initially considered that to be acceptable losses. The physicists were right about the enriched uranium, incidentally, but didn’t suspect the existence of plutonium implosion bombs, which by then we could produce at the rate of around one a month.

  197. Again, we CANNOT justify barbarism with the barbarism of other nations. We must stand by our values as Americans in the belief that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    All men. Not some men. Not just Americans. All men. Period.

    The US is unlike any other country in the world (save possibly France) in that we hold value for all human life. And yes, our government is trusted to protect its people and that is a good thing. We the people authorize our gov to wage war upon those that would threaten the security of its citizens. We do not intentionally kill innocent people. Where it’s the case that we have, we must take responsibility.

  198. Are you a physicist?

  199. And what the Japanese did was even more heinous and despicable. Blake you take the US actions out of context. It was not the US that refused to surrender, refused to give up world domination or made the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. I have children and I will tell you given the same choice and under the same circumstances I would not want my children to invade a country like Japan. Over 700,000 causalities were predicted had we invaded, these were avoided, this was war and it was either them or us, they made it that way, not us. So stop your hand wringing and understand that many more of our men came home from war because this happened.

  200. This study shows that this person received an absorbed dose of 9.46gy in the jaw from all sources, that all it does.

  201. The bomb saved lives and the 4th Geneva conventions had not yet been adopted.

  202. Politics aside…This article completely mis-represents the science reported in the actual publication. The following statement is untrue:

    “The effects of the Hiroshima bombing were devastating, but we didn’t have any idea just how devastating until this recent study, which found that the human jaw bone had experienced 9.46 grays worth of radiation.”

    The TECHNIQUE used to measure radiation exposure was different, but the results (i.e., the amount of radiation exposure measured) compared well with previously-used techniques. Learn how to read a scientific article, folks.

    -An Actual Scientist

  203. The Japanese murdered millions in China and the Philippines.

  204. flieslikeabeagle | Apr 30, 2018, 3:00 pm at 3:00 pm |

    ‘Pitcher’ ? Like one in which I serve sangria? Trump came in my pitcher? No, but he did in lots porn stars and escorts. Or did you mean ‘picture’? No GED program at your trailer park?

  205. Hiroshima was a real military target. There were factories and other facilities there.

  206. The 1951 bomb was a hydrogen bomb. It uses an atomic bomb as a trigger.

  207. I’m aware of the military value that Hiroshima and Nagasaki had in the war. More so, being a graduate of the US Air Force’s School of Nuclear Weapons Strategy and Planning, I understand the historical context, the geographical factors of the targeted cities, and the justification of the bombs’ use. Nukes were my business for eight years of service. I get it.

    I’m not comparing, or even referencing, the use of fire bombs in Europe. That’s a separate argument. My point is that there were other targets available at the time that would’ve been just as poignant in terms of results without killing as many civilians.

    The moment that we fail to prioritize the well-being of “enemy” non-combatants in the execution of war, we abandon our most cherished American values. We cannot ever use the actions of other brutal adversaries to justify brutality of equal measure. That’s NOT who we are.

  208. I would be more inclined to say it is what the Japanese politicians, military leaders and emporer deserved, not the people…

  209. Yes the estimated American troop deaths that Truman increased every time he spoke openly about why he had to use bomb. Simply Inventing statistics and estimates to make himself look like a hero.

  210. Spoken by someone with little knowledge of history….

  211. “Mentioned to Stalin” the Russian government attempted more than once to facilitate peace talks between Japan and the United States. All of those attempts were ignored. Not so much as an attempt was made at a peaceful resolution, instead it was already decided to use the bomb from the jump. And the certain condition was that the emporer be left alone.

  212. Seriously? You believe that?

    Wow, you’re as bad as the idiot you are replaying to.

  213. No, North Korea came to the negotiating table because of Trump. I cannot stand the guy, but his bluffing worked and even South Korea gives him credit. Hell the South Korean President says he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. I agree only *IF* the north gets rid of their nuclear weapons. Obama did squat and even the Nobel committee is on the record regretting their decision to give it to him.

  214. The study was designed to calculate radiation absorption, nothing else. The dose received was also a lethal dose. Black rain is radioactive and carries with it many different isotopes. Those isotopes can lead to radiation poisoning from the inside out when ingested or inhaled. Black rain can also contributes to total radiation exposure. Even after you die black rain continues to emit radioactive particles.

    The data is not pointless, it just needs to be organized and used correctly.

  215. No combatants just the Asian Holocaust..

  216. We should never forget the incredible destruction and human misery made possible by nuclear weapons, lest we think to use them again.

  217. No you don’t, you have an opinion coloured by what you think you know about Americans, who I am, and are obviously biased in both. I’ve found biased people are the one with limitations. You’re a fool.

  218. By dawn, more than 100,000 people were dead, a million were homeless, and 40 square kilometers of Tokyo were burned to the ground. More people were killed in the Tokyo firebombing of March 9-10 than in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki five months later.

  219. Geez, dude. Everything you’re objecting to was clearly addressed in the paper. For example, “This mandible sample was collected at Hirose and Nakahiro-machi, which is located between 1250 and 1500 meters away from the atomic bomb hypocenter.”

  220. If you see no difference, you are an idiot.

  221. JJSheer commented, “If the US had not used the atomic bombs to force Japan’s surrender, hundreds of thousands of US soldiers would have died in the invasion of Japan.”

    Yes, that’s the story we’ve all been told but it’s not the truth. There have been several recently declassified releases which had tell a different story. Feel free to read the report titled “Unconditional Surrender Demobilization Atomic Bomb” by Pearlman for a serious historical perspective of the time. The report is available from a number of sites of you can use the one provided below.

    The truth is, we didn’t need to use the bomb and that while estimates were thrown around as to what our casualties might have been, that really wan’t our motivation for dropping the two bombs.


    Yes, our government lies to us as well – but I’m sure it’s for our own good.

  222. Where did the people that were conscripted come from? Where did they get all the weapons, tanks, planes to fight? Im sure they had no clue what was going on and if they didnt know then this conversation should be about how their leadership put them in this position. They held individuals accountable for thier actions after the war as well just as we should now.

  223. Incorrect. The military leadership rejected surrender on acceptable terms. I’m sorry, but when you are getting your a$s kicked you don’t make conditions if you want the a$s to stop hurting. We did them a favor because and invasion would have been more costly to the Japanese and to Americans. The US President only needs to consider US interests – that is what he is elected to do. He isn’t President of the world.

  224. Agreed. And I did. :)

  225. fatalreview2017 | Apr 30, 2018, 2:49 pm at 2:49 pm |

    worse than we were lead to believe? -is what you mean?-no one who ever took a class on nuclear energy or physics even would have thought the damage accounts were accurate hell RJ Reynolds is STILL lying on their cigarette packages-no accountability -Americans wake up-your over-confident, arrogant stupidity is not working-we have committed the largest genocide in the modern age-90 million North and South Americans between 1500 and 1850-and we dared to use the most evil bomb created and throw conniptions now about no one else EVER using it-and we haven’t even started on the CIA world events -WE are the aggressors and the manipulators of worlds for the profit of a select few-International Fruit, Dole, Monsanto, all of Big OIl-just to name a few

  226. Those six million were US combatants not civilians. Important distinction. Combatants are a threat, civilians are not.

  227. The U.S.A. still has the distinction of being the only country to drop Nuclear bombs (plural) on other countries. So why are they so paranoid? Don’t they realize we come in peace?

  228. I don’t think it was conspiracy theories that got most 9/11 truth seekers into this but rather the omissions of events during 9/11 by our mainstream media. what happened to our free press??

    See “9/11 UA Flight 93 Banned Newscast” on Youtube.

    See “CNN Pentagon 9/11 coverage aired once and never again” on Youtube.

    See “Same Crisis Actor Interviewed at LAX Shooting and 9/11 Twin Towers” on Youtube.

    And lastly the World Trade Center 7 collapse which was apparently off limits to show on our mainstream media for an obvious reason.

  229. You should learn more about Hiroshima and Nagasaki to understand the military implications and why they were targeted. Furthermore, the use of the nuclear bomb arguably lessened the number of casualties that would have occurred with a full scale invasion and fire bombing campaigns. Finally, fire bombings Europe inflicted equal harm on civilian populations. Unfortunately, they did not have laser guided munitions for precision explosions minimizing casualties. You are measuring historical actions with modern standards which is ridiculous. If we had the technology back then, I’m certain we would not have nuked them. Also, the President is sworn to protect and defend the constitution and US citizens, not citizens elsewhere. That is why war is nasty and should be avoided. However, in war, that is what I want the President to do – put his citizens first.

  230. We traded the atomic bombs for the 6 million Japan murdered so its even.

  231. “Cruel Bomb”? Could Steve Martin write a bit about that.. Like “Cruel Shoes”?

    “Ive tried every bomb in the arsenal and nothing seems to work”

    “Well, we still have.. The Cruel Bomb!”

  232. Japanese military was conscripted. Moreover most of the citizens who died in agony had nothing to do with the military

  233. Average American | Apr 30, 2018, 2:44 pm at 2:44 pm |

    Complete bs, but we’ll said and to the point.

  234. [Insert eyeroll here]

  235. It makes plenty of sense as the first two bombs were no way as Destructive as the Bikini Atoll Nuclear bomb
    dropped in 1951. There is so much radiation there at Bikini Atoll , that humans can’t still can’t go back.

  236. 9/11 was a False Flag operation perpetrated by a criminal element within the US Government and they displaced the blame on Muslims to get US involved in the ME conflict!

  237. Average American | Apr 30, 2018, 2:41 pm at 2:41 pm |

    They tried to surrender, huh? After the atrocities they committed, an unconditional surrender was what we required. They would not relent until after the second bomb was dropped. Revisionist history 70 years after the fact?

  238. The US is the only country that has ever used nuclear weapons on innocent civilians. I use the term “innocent” intentionally here because that’s exactly what they were, innocent. They were non-combatants with no direct evidence of individually supporting the war effort. While there may be justification for using a nuclear weapon to end the war decisively, the decision to use it on a civilian population vs a military base remains unjustified. And the fact that two were used successively without allowing sufficient time for the Japanese Authorities time to fully assess the damage is unconscionable. We must not sugar coat or white wash the horrors of history here. What the US did was heinous and despicable, which is not to say that what the Japanese military command had done prior was less so. But the citizens of Hiroshima, and even more so Nagasaki, did not deserve to be nuked.

  239. The study was designed to calculate radiation absorption, nothing else. The dose received was also a lethal dose. Black rain is radioactive and carries with it many different isotopes. Those isotopes lead to radiation poisoning from the inside out.

  240. Strawman. Funny, the last time I checked, US “imperialist adventures” ended in 1848 with the Mexican Cession. As far a “regime manipulation”, that is called statecraft, other countries play their games, the US plays theirs. As to my philosophy, I’m very glad the US dropped those two bombs, one, they helped bring an end to the war, and two, they demonstrated the terrible devastation of nuclear weapons. It is my belief that had it not been used then, it would of been used later, if not by the US, then by the Soviet Union or some other nation, the loss of life would of been much higher due to the increased technological “improvement”.

  241. “CRUEL BOMB” as if the bomb they dropped first were friendly fun bombs. “worse than we thought” no we knew that the radiation was horrible and wide spread even back then. Click bait and I clicked.

  242. How do the conclusions of this article support the title? There is no real news here that the radiation from the Hiroshima bomb was any more devastating than we already know it was. And kudos for the author for inserting the little “cruel bomb” editorial. Every war wrongly started is cruel.

  243. Average American | Apr 30, 2018, 2:36 pm at 2:36 pm |

    Speak to a veteran of the war. It was not a “handful” of people. Further, no one has suggested every person killed by the bomb deserved it. Unfortunately, war (which they started) carries with it the high risk of civilian deaths. We didn’t start WW2. We didn’t want to fight WW2. While I hope the use of nuclear weapons is never called on again, ending that horrible war was a necessity. Fighting house to house with civilians across Japan, after we carpet bombed the entire country, would have led to more deaths — on a geometric scale.

  244. The source was a nuclear weapon.

    The intensity of the radiation is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

  245. dropping the bomb was an act of necessary evil, glad the US did it, and now japan is the US b!tch, puppet. they are forever banned from having an armed force, and the US will forever have a military base in Japan. hope that fact will shame the japs for the rest of man kind.

  246. If the US had not used the atomic bombs to force Japan’s surrender, hundreds of thousands of US soldiers would have died in the invasion of Japan. Thank God Truman dropped the bombs.

  247. That’s incorrect. The Japanese made diplomatic overtures to a conditional surrender prior to the first bomb and signaled an unconditional surrender afterwards, prior to the second bomb.

  248. I guess terrorists had the same mentality with 9/11: “America started it”.

  249. “cruel bomb” like their is a nice bomb, seriously people.

  250. If you were taught history you might know that the Japanese people idolized their leader. They made him almost god like. That makes them just as guilty as they did nothing to stop him. You need to take the tin cap off your stupid head.

  251. Your obsession with Trump has crossed into the irrational and psychotic. That must suck.

  252. These people are trolls. No one’s that stupid. Ignore them

  253. Edith Alderette | Apr 30, 2018, 2:28 pm at 2:28 pm |

    Copy editors are cool.

  254. Average American | Apr 30, 2018, 2:27 pm at 2:27 pm |

    Trump is an idiot, but you really see no difference between he and those monsters? You lead a privileged life. Read up on the mass genocide both Hitler and Hirohito carried out.

    Feel free to share your disgust with our President. I think it’s well deserved. But comparing him to those monsters is f-Ing ridiculous. And it’s a disgrace to all the people that suffered and died at their hands.

  255. If you see no difference, you don’t understand history.

  256. It didn’t make sense because you didn’t factor in that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were both airbursts. The Hiroshima bomb detonated at roughly 2,000 ft, and its fireball had a 600 ft radius, so never got within 1,000 ft of the ground. That leftover fissile material gets vaporized within the fireball, then rises with the mushroom cloud because it’s so hot. Incidentally, that 10%-15% waste figure is for implosion bombs. The gun-type Hiroshima bomb was far, far less efficient. Under 1kg of the 64kg of fissile material underwent fission. The rest was vaporized. That’s why we never built another of that type.

    The Hiroshima fallout returned to Earth well out at sea.Do the same sort of research on airbursts you did to find the amount of residual fissile material, and you’ll find it’s equally well documented that nuclear airbursts don’t cause lasting radioactivity at ground zero, only far downwind.

    The bone sample they used wasn’t from someone who died from radiation, but who died instantly from the initial blast/heat. According to their paper, which I just read in full, the victim was outside, directly exposed to the detonation, and under a mile from ground zero. Therefore the radiation dose he absorbed came from the initial “prompt radiation”; gamma rays and fast neutrons created during the first microsecond of the detonation. In normal fission and fusion weapons the blast & heat are fatal at significantly greater distances than the prompt radiation, and I’m unaware of any cases from the WWII attacks where prompt radiation was the actual cause of death.

    For the leftover fissile material to cause radiation inside a person, that person has to live long enough to either ingest or be in direct contact with fallout. Or, in specific cases like strontium-90, you can get it indirectly through multiple steps. Strontium fools animal biology by acting very like calcium, so cows grazing in fallout zones concentrate the stuff in their milk, then when we drink the milk our bodies build it into our bones, typically resulting in leukemia years later.

    Note 1: Changing that blast-to-prompt-radiation ratio is how neutron bombs work. It’s a regular nuke, modified to produce less blast and much more prompt radiation. In those, the lethal dose of prompt radiation would extend several times farther than the comparably small fireball and blast/heat effects.

    Note 2: None of what I’ve said applies to ground bursts, as would be used against hardened military targets. Those produce enormous amounts of fallout, and plenty of it in pieces heavy enough they’ll fall back to the ground quickly, contaminating the target site.

    I hope this was helpful.

  257. Well if Korea is the example then hes close

  258. You really believe what you wrote? Paranoid much?

  259. Agreed.

  260. The people of a country make the military.. sure the govt officials approved of the atrocities but the military committed the acts and we’re still hunting them down.

  261. Much of the residual radioactive material is carried away by weather related factors (e.g. wind and rain).

  262. Actually it is the left wing that uses hatred, division and intolerance every single day. Just read the media my little snowflake, Free speech is acceptable if you agree with the liberal dogma. Anything else is racist, homophobic and misogynistic.

  263. Average American | Apr 30, 2018, 2:22 pm at 2:22 pm |

    Because they would not surrender after the first bomb. You know they weren’t dropped at the same time, right?

  264. Gilariverrat Eden | Apr 30, 2018, 2:21 pm at 2:21 pm |

    Wake up and smell the roses. The only hate speech I hear is from the Democratizes. They Jump at such language. We are defiantly a divided nation and it is not Donald Trump that caused it. It was there before he came into the pitcher.

  265. The government officials that perpetrated the atrocities that you named were NOT AFFECTED BY THE BOMB! It was civilians that paid the price for their horrible decisions. Is that fair? Why not drop the bomb on the Japanese military command instead?

  266. Atrocities were carried out by a handful of govt officials and prison guards. To suggest the Japanese people deserved this most horrific of all weapons would be monstrous. 1 American life worth thousands of Japanese? Must be sarcasm. You had me for a moment! :)

  267. Im not sure how any of that applies to the ending of World War 2….

  268. Sure. I’ll cede to your points for the first bomb. But two? And both on civilian populations? Why not a naval base that could demonstrate the power of the weapon without all of the civilian causalities? And why a second bomb at all? We could have easily demonstrated our ability to produce multiple weapons in ways much less devastating to civilians.

    My guess is that it had everything to do with General Lamay’s psychotic influence.

  269. Trump will prevent another Hitler or Hirohito. It’s racist, liberal, socialist, snowflake, people like you that allow History to repeat itself.

  270. America has killed over 8 million since WW2. 3.5 million in Vietnam, 600,000 in Cambodia, 500,000 in Laos to name a few Japan has been stopped but America just keeps on killing

  271. Go away Liberal Loon… This article has nothing to do with Trump.

  272. Are you serious? Hitler and Togo committed mass genocide to the tune of 12 million… Your statement is completely assinine.. Sure the Don isnt the best but hes not even close to committing mass murder lol

  273. How many innocent Chinese, Indonesians, Koreans, Filipinos, and Indochinese did the Japanese murder during World War 2? 6 Million documented. 10 million estimated…Sorry I hate what happened but American lives didnt start it and American lives were saved. As stated it was an “effective solution” for the evil atrocities committed. Play stupid games win stupid prises

  274. I have a very good idea what kind of a student of history you are by your lack of real information in your posts

  275. fk scams

  276. What Japan did during the 2nd World justified the use of this bomb. Ask the Chinese about how they were treated when Japan invaded that country. Ask our POW how they were treated in captivity and the abuses they suffered at the hand of the Japanese. The Japanese government prior to the dropping of the bomb were teaching the general population on how to combat Allied Forces that were going to invade Japan. With that in mind the general population of Japan became combatants and were fair game. It is estimated that the dropping of the Bomb saved almost 1,000,000 lives on both sides. We as a country did the right thing by dropping the bomb and rebuilding Japan

  277. excellent point.

  278. Bubba Nicholson | Apr 30, 2018, 2:05 pm at 2:05 pm |

    B.S. It was a major part of our war economy, of course he would have used it.

  279. I see no difference today between Hitler & Hirohito and donald trump. Look at how he used hate & division, and a little treason, to steal a USA election. Nothing mattered, not morality, not the law, nothing matters to him except his getting what he wants. Look how he continues to hold crowd rallies using hate filled, racist filled, bigot filled speeches to blame woes on others and flame hatred and violence. Instead of doing the work of the people, all the people, expected of him like an elected official. Do you believe, for one second, that trump wouldn’t nuke any country that crosses him if he could get away with it? Even his own people? Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

  280. “You people”????? You’re the one with the “horrible” noodles. LOL
    The guy was wrong in his suppositions. There was going to be no invasion of Japan. That had been demobbed before the first a-bomb was dropped. The “point” was that there would have been no third bomb. As the “summer without rice” ended, LeMay would have burned everything that could be burned and the country would have starved or surrendered unconditionally. There was never a need for a third bomb or an invasion, The Japanese had no food.

  281. really? Because I see no difference today with Hitler & Hirohito and donald trump. Look at how he used hate & division to steal a USA election. Look how he continues to hold crowd rallies using hate filled, racist filled, bigot filled speeches. Instead of doing the work of the people, all the people, expected of him. Do you believe, for one second, that trump wouldn’t nuke anyone? Even his own people? Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

  282. Donald Schoengold | Apr 30, 2018, 1:59 pm at 1:59 pm |

    Japan started it. They had no scruples about doing medical experiments on prisoners, mistreating prisoners, torturing people, etc.. They were offered the chance to surrender but they didn’t. If dropping every weapon that we had on them would save 1 American life, it’s what the Japanese people deserved.

  283. If you are the type to believe everything the government tells you then yes, it makes no sense. Its nonsense. Being nonsense it cannot be true.

  284. Good thing too, unless you consider Stalin, the only real reason for the Cold War, a beneficent dictator.

  285. “Japan tried to surrender to America countless times” That made me laugh out loud, that has to be some of that new revisionist history. A Japanese diplomat hinted to Stalin that Japan may be open to “an early peace” under certain conditions. Even at that point there were major antagonistic factions within Japan’s ruling elite. You’re quite mistaken if you think believe that America was going to accept anything less than an unconditional surrender at that time.

    We may never know the actual thinking of Hirohito when he decided to surrender. General MacArthur would not allow him to be questioned. But Koichi Kido, Hirohito’s closest adviser, gave extensive depositions to the interrogators of the International Prosecution Section of GHQ, which wrote the scenario for the Tokyo Tribunal in accordance with Truman administration policy. In those depositions he said the emperor surrendered in order to bring the war to an end and save human lives. He and the other top leaders figured that the new U.S. weapon of mass destruction, the atomic bomb, had given them a face-saving excuse — a way to accept defeat that would enable them to lead the nation through the immediate post-surrender situation.

  286. The tens of thousands of innocent men some and children of Hiroshima and Nagasaaki who were scorched to death got off very lightly for the crimes of the emperor?

    By that logic, Vietnam, Iraq, Congo, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Iran would be justified in nuking your hometown for the millions who died in those places due to American imperialist adventures and regime manipulation. Killing innocents to punish a regime is called terrorism.

    You appear to have the same philosophy as the Japanese soldiers you rightly criticize.

  287. Here’s an observation.

    All research indicates that 10 to 15% of the energy of an atomic bomb remains in the environment as residual radioactive material. Fallout and un-burnt or not fully degraded radioactive material. Never does a bomb destroy 100% of the fissile material, despite best efforts and engineering. This would certainly be true in 1945.

    But the US armed forces were on the ground in Hiroshima and Nagasaki within a couple of weeks after the bombings….. and no or negligible amounts of residual radioactivity was found on the ground at or near both ground zeroes.

    That makes no sense.

  288. Sure after the US signalled he could keep his position as Emporor, which they could have done before the bombing. the US only chose to do so to keep the Russians away from the negotiating table

  289. That’s a very revisionist view of what happened. Our leaders were well aware of the horror they were unleashing and it weighed heavily in their decision of whether or not to use this weapon. I share your disgust with what humans are capable of doing to each other, but you owe it to yourself to read the accounts of those times from as many sources and points of view as you can find. WWII was hell on earth and you have to look through a different lens to understand what was in the hearts those men at the time.

  290. Japan didn’t signal anything until after Nagasaki. Look at when Hirohito broadcast Japan’s official surrender over the radio to the Japanese.

  291. The firebombing was not legit. It to was a war crime. And it killed 25000 to 35000. I agree war should be outlawed. Where are the diplomats hiding anyway

  292. no you are dead wrong… the majority that died were from drinking the black rain as NONE of them survived and most died very quickly after drinking it and the whole place was made radioactive and like 3 feet of top ground had to be removed before the city could be built up again.

  293. “What a Marine on Okinawa knew would have been extremely limited.”

    What difference does that make? What a particular marine knew was not the point. Do you people all have 3rd grade comprehension levels????

  294. 100% agree with you… most of the needed data is missing and not even any effort to know anything about the bones.

  295. yep some people are plain not even able to tell an A BOMB from an H bomb or even grasp much more dangerous ones exist like neutron bomb that needs an H bomb to trigger it to wipe out a lot more then the average human thinks.

  296. “Read some actual history rather than headlines, soundbites, click bait and video clips…”

    You have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to what I know and what kind of student of history I am. You just invalidated anything you have to say about the subject as far as I’m concerned.

  297. LIAR
    feet of soil had to be removed and the city was deadly full of radiation… you plain lied!

  298. This article isn’t the scientific paper, read the paper then make a comment because this article doesn’t reflect the actual paper.

  299. the work done on this jaw is insulting low effort to be professional… most of all the needed data is missing and 1 jaw does not equal all the other bones! for all we know this person died with a mouth full of black rain making the data pointless… but they never even grasp that and kept on going in ignorance of the data to come up with more probably false data.

  300. The number of people who would have died in an all-out invasion far exceeds the number killed from the atomic bombs dropped. There were six planned waves of American invasions scheduled if the bombs had failed to end the war. It was believed the first two or thee waves of American soldiers would have been wiped out. Tens of thousands of dead Americans and likely many times that number of Dead civilians and Japanese soldiers.

  301. ya who is WE and where is the other 90% of the data needed? indoors or outside? far or close male or female facing the blast or protected dies on thye spot or weeks later… without such data it is just insulting.

  302. but the bone used a jaw has zero data and so worthless as a item to study… male female? close or far from ground zero? race? indoors or outdoors… the lack of data = bad science = worthless work and a shame to date publish in such a weak missing most of the data form.

  303. It would be nice if all the experts on here commenting actually spent the time to read the Scientific Paper like a true expert would then you would have grounds to make comments about something you know about, I tried to post a link to the actual article but ValueWalk won’t allow links to facts.

  304. Most of this work is not very good science…a jaw bone with no data about it = false off the bat and location and person would also have to be known to have any worth at all. the radiation levels were known then on the spot so it is not new data at all in fact nothing about this so called research data a speck of data. Was this jaw in a living human at the time? we do not know! how close to ground zero we do not know how much radiation it took is same as known so nothing there ether male or female? ALl that is needed about the bone =zero so the data from the bone = zero too… for all we know the bone could of gotten more radiation since as no data about the bone exist or is being told making the whole work worthless. We know many died days after the drop and weeks after and all that drank the black rain died with no exceptions. so we know they all got over 500…making this whole so called research kind of pointless.

  305. Reirradiate is a faulty methodology

  306. And the fire bombing of Dresden was perfectly legit, although it cost more than 100,000 civilian lives? If the killing in war is objectionable, than war needs to be outlawed not just certain weapons Monday Living Room quarterbacked!

  307. You made all that up. Emperor Hirohito admitted that Japan started the war and the atomic bomb ended it: “…Indeed, we declared war on America and Britain out of our sincere desire to insure
    Japan’s self-preservation and the stabilization of East Asia, it being far from our
    thought either to infringe upon the sovereignty of other nations or to embark upon
    territorial aggrandizement.

    But now the war has lasted for nearly four years. Despite the best that has been
    done by everyone–the gallant fighting of our military and naval forces, the diligence and
    assiduity of out servants of the State and the devoted service of our 100,000,000
    people–the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan’s advantage, while the
    general trends of the world have all turned against her interest.

    Moreover, the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb, the power of which
    to do damage is, indeed, incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives.
    Should we continue to fight, it would not only result in an ultimate collapse and
    obliteration of the Japanese nation, but also it would lead to the total extinction of
    human civilization.

    Such being the case, how are we to save the millions of our subjects, nor to atone
    ourselves before the hallowed spirits of our imperial ancestors? This is the reason
    why we have ordered the acceptance of the provisions of the joint declaration of the

  308. Well said and to the point

  309. Americans have to be the worst informed people in the world. Read some
    actual history rather than headlines, soundbites, click bait and video

  310. Here is the scientific article for all the experts here to peruse so they can have an actual informed opinion.


  311. Americans have to be the poorest informed people in the world. Read some actual history rather than headlines, soundbites, click bait and video clips

  312. The dropping of those bombs is our biggest Embarrassment and truly disgusting acts as human beings and ultimately one of the worst things America has ever done. It was a decision made out of ego and intimidation. There was no need to drop any bombs on Japan, in fact Japan had tried to surrender to America countless times in the weeks before the bombing, despite what some people believe and are saying in the comments sections below, realizing that with the Russians at their back door they stood no chance of winning. Truman being arrogant and American politics being obsessed with domination and superiority, dropped those bombs simply to flex our strength on Russia, to restrain them from becoming a more influential and powerful nation, to ensure America would have no competition in the post war years. So if saving American lives was the true goal of dropping atomic bombs on Japan, the president of the United States would have instead negotiated a peaceful surrender and disarmament of Japan. Instead we committed genocide and boasted about it and even lied about it to our children and our nation as a whole. No amount of apologies or regret would ever be enough to take back this act. And FYI the cities that we bombed with simple artillery and nukes were populated with citizens heavily out weighing soldiers that had no knowledge or involvement with the atrocities comitted by their nation.

  313. “Considering it only takes 5 gray to kill a human.”

    Would it sound more dangerous if we converted gray to rads and in this case 5 gray equils 500 rads.

    Btw, 5 gy/ 500 rads is the LD50.

  314. Would have, could have, should have, stick to facts and information rather than conjecture..

  315. The Truman line that 500,000 American lives were saved is nothing more than a propaganda line that Americans want to believe rather than that America punished a country on it`s knees and looking for a way to surrender, Japan, hoping that the Russians would intervene. they did not, they entered the war in Japan when they said they would on the side of the Allies. When they were ready to invade Hokaiddo Japan signalled they were ready to surrender as long as they kept their Emporer. America insisted unconditional only, extending the war. After fire bombing Tokyo previously (81,000 dead) Truman decided to use the bombs. He wanted to impress Stalin and also keep the Russians away from the negotiating table and also because he just wanted to and to test the results , radiation, etc. After the bombing the results being unimaginably horrific with a resulting condemnation from politicians and scientists alike Truman used the excuse of saving US lives which Americans mostly bought rather than believing that it was a war criminal which it was. For anymore actual facts read some history rather than propaganda and Hollywood films.

  316. This study does not show the lethality of radiation. Previous studies contradict these claims.

  317. Wow. talk about extreme extrapolation from one data point! If I read this article correctly, this study was on one jaw bone. No idea where this person was when the bomb fell or afterwards. Immediate and later exposure from fallout can vary by orders of magnitude over a short distance. It can literally be relatively safe to sit in one back yard and deadly in the next.
    Based on that, this so-called study seems to be a good example of garbage in /garbage out

  318. There are a lots of old ghost that a wars cast.The first nuclear bomb explode on Hiroshima act of wars advance less to gain of such a vast idea leading to more nuclear threat in the world too come.Barrier no barrier no where in sight for looming expanding act science for more and more in unexplained eager science of new avenue little famed to no the parent end to gastronomical science t i s t lock of knowledge lead to power not at know risk to open ‘y on ‘s!

  319. Harry Truman made absolutely the correct decision in dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    The Manhattan project managed to produce sufficient fissile material for three bombs. Trinity, the first A bomb ever, was exploded in New Mexico on July 16th 1945, to test the feasibility of the weapons.Two more bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man were also produced.
    The united States made films of the successful explosion of Trinity on July 16th 1945, and copies of the film along with testimonials from scientists were shared with Japan through the Swiss embassy, along with a request that Japan surrender and bring the war to an end. Japan’s military establishment dismissed the films as Hollywood concoctions, and refused to surrender.
    On August 6th, Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima with the horrendous consequences we are all familiar with. Again Japan was asked to surrender, or see all Japanese cities obliterated one by one, just like Hiroshima, and the Emperor and the generals again refused. On August 9th, Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki (Japan did not know we had no more bombs) , and Japan finally realized that their cities would be destroyed one by one, and accepted an unconditional surrender.
    Truman sacrificed between 200 and 300 thousand Japanese, but by so doing, he saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers, and likely millions of Japanese soldiers and civilians. Because of Truman’s decisions, many soldiers survived to raise families, descendants of whom now misguidedly bItch and moan about how mean that act was. Japan’ military establishment forced the United States into war by a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, and would not give up even after seeing the horror of a nuclear explosion on their people. Keep it real folks. You reap what you sow.

  320. Thank you !

  321. This study only calculates the absorbed dose. This study, as far as I know, does not calculate how close the victim was to the blast or how long they were exposed to the radiation source. Am I surprised this poor soul received a dose of 9.46 gray? No

    Please tell me how this study can claim that it shows that “radiation was far more dangerous than we thought.”

    Btw, the LD50 for radiation is 4.5-5 gray.

  322. One need only look at the civilian response to the Okinawa invasion to predict how the civilian population of Japan would have reacted. In Okinawa, thousands of women and children committed suicide or leaped to their deaths rather than surrender to the GIs.

  323. If you are from Japan, you can THANK the USA for the use of nuclear weapons for being here, alive, now, to post what you did.
    At that time there were only two options left: Blockade or Invasion.
    Blockade would have meant the starvation of most all women and children,
    would have meant the killing of most all women for at the time, still
    living and believing in Emperor worship, women would have taken up arms
    against soldiers or committed suicide, along with their children,
    rather than to fall to the “white devils”.
    Dropping those bombs SAVED Japan….

  324. If you are from Japan, you can THANK the USA for the use of nuclear weapons for being here, alive, now, to post what you did.
    At that time there were only two options left: Blockade or Invasion.
    Blockade would have meant the starvation of most all women and children,
    Invasion would have meant the killing of most all women for at the time, still living and believing in Emperor worship, women would have taken up arms against soldiers and committed suicide, along with their children, rather than to fall to the “white devils”.
    Dropping those bombs SAVED Japan….

  325. Like the dem party…

  326. He said “gay satanic cabal”…… HAHAHAHAHAHA

  327. Japan got off very lightly for the millions they killed in the Asian Holocaust. Imperial Japanese officers and soldiers made ISIS look like Sunday school teachers, the Nanking Massacre was just one stop as they butchered their way Eastern China in their “Three Alls” policy, “kill all, loot all, burn all”.

  328. It was largely gamma irradiation. There was little fallout from these blast at they were detonated at altitude. Dosage varied according to the distance from the epicentre of the blast. Those closest to the target point died as a result of the intense heat and the shock wave itself. Those further away, suffered burns and gamma irradiation which contributed to a slower, painful death. It should be noted that in 2011, more than 40% of those who survived the attack were still alive.

  329. NO KIDDING, Sherlock! I guess nobody counted the dying people weeks and months after the blasts….

    “…it’s clear that the damage of the Hiroshima bombing extended far beyond
    the initial explosion – killing many people through radiation poisoning
    in the days and weeks that followed.”
    Useless article.

  330. Both were air blast at altitude to maximize damage on the ground. As a result there was little nuclear fallout. The radionuclides creates by the blast had very short half-lifes – a few minutes at most. The cities were safe to occupy within a few weeks of the attacks. Simplistic and uninformed comments do little to advance the discussion.

  331. I once worked with LtCol Kermit Behan, the Nagasaki bombardier. He felt just the opposite. He knew that a third bomb would not be available for at least six months. But he believed, as did virtually all in the AAC that the fire-bombing would be much more effective, immediate, and far less expensive. A WP bomblet cost less than $3 apiece and could be dropped by the millions from untouchable B-29’s for far less cost than a single a-bomb. LeMay’s play was to basically burn the entire country — cities, towns, villages, fields, forests, etc to a cinder. By the time the a-bombs had been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Pentagon planners had already abandoned the idea of an invasion after the bitter experience of Okinawa. It isn’t so much “revisionist history” but that much of the detail was highly classified until about 20 years ago. What a Marine on Okinawa knew would have been extremely limited.

  332. Well it’s good to know that the victims of Hiroshima weren’t lightly killed. War, yeah! What is it good for…?

  333. The underlying paper says “We obtained a reconstructed dose of 9.46 ± 3.4 Gy from the jawbone, which was compatible with the dose distribution in different locations as measured in non-biological materials such as wall bricks and roof tiles.” How is this consistent with your headline saying ‘far more dangerous than we thought’?


  334. Human Being News | Apr 30, 2018, 12:00 pm at 12:00 pm |

    We, the human being.

  335. “Radiation Was Far More Dangerous Than We Thought”

    Who is we?

  336. Interesting What if definitely

  337. I wondered if that was a typo, and they meant “Weakly magnetic”.

  338. H-Bomb? We never dropped an H-Bomb… it was an A-Bomb.

  339. Nathan Bedford Gump | Apr 30, 2018, 11:52 am at 11:52 am |

    Yeah only slightly killed

  340. Fall out mostly, the people flashed in the initial event would have died relatively soon.

  341. Yet people have been living in both cities for 70 years with no 8th eyeball, 5th leg, or 2nd head.

  342. Of course it was worse then “they” told us, just like “they” told us we need to use the a-bomb. Not just one but two.I don’t want to hear that “how many American life’s” crap either. We were killing far more people with regular bombs.Maybe if we just keep bombing them with regular bombs they wouldn’t have mutated into an economic Godzilla and taken our jobs. The japs were ready to collapse like a piece of week old sushi. No need other than a gay satanic cabal ruins the world..They live you sleep 1988.

  343. We will never know if F.D.R. would have used the weapon .

  344. i would like to know the source of the radiation exposure. Was it the immediate blast radiation, (which it would have to be if the victim died in the blast. However, if it was later exposure then the variables of contamination increase greatly. Many who survived the initial blast died when they drank the black rain, (suffering burn & blast damage but still somewhat ambulatory, but unable to find water). Without an intimate knowledge of the history of the victim from blast to death, these studies are basically meaningless.

  345. So you’re saying the war would have ended w/o an invasion of the Japanese home islands? Weren’t the GIs in ships and on Okinawa staging the invasion? (Oh, I know they were because my grandfather and about 300,000 of his fellow soldiers were assembled on what later became Kadena air base getting ready for it. They slapped each other on the back and went home in relief after Nagasaki and the surrender of the Japanese Imperial Forces. So go f*ck yourself.)

  346. “Radiation Was Far More Dangerous Than We Thought”? Does that mean the victims were somewhat LESS DEAD?

  347. Im sure the people of Nanjing didnt mind and I would consider that more of a heinous act than dropping the atomic bombs.. It kept my grandpa out of Japan after Iwo Jima which is how Im here today. We asked them numerous times to surrender and they refused. They forced Americans to carry the dead Americans which they beheaded during the Bataan Death March the Japanese committed so many war crimes during World War 2 so something dramatic had to be done. No one wants innocent people to suffer but Im sure the poor guys that were forced to fight through the draft were innocent as well but didnt support an evil regime.

  348. The firebombing of Tokyo and other cities killed more than either bomb. In a single day.

  349. “Weekly magnetic”. Really? Sure it wasn’t “daily”, “monthly” or “yearly”?

  350. War is war. When we dropped those two devices, we had to look at either A; invading mainland Japan and loosing hundreds of thousands of troops from both sides or B; Drop those two and end that sht. We went with B and it worked. The Japanese surrendered very quickly. Now, the fire bombings that burned down most major cities in Japan and some in Germany, those were the war crimes but, alls fair in love and war. You do what you have to do to when.

  351. Easy for you to say 73 years later. For the Marines, soldiers, and sailors preparing for the invasion of Japan, where the U.S. was anticipating 1 million casualties, it was a god send. I know, because my father was sitting there on Okinawa preparing for the invasion of the Japanese homeland, and he said he, and all his fellow Marines whooped for joy when they heard the news of the A-Bombs. Revisionist history should also be a crime. Stop practicing it, and consult some first-hand sources sometime.

  352. Except millions more would have died in the invasion of Japan.

  353. Geoffrey A. Landis | Apr 30, 2018, 11:26 am at 11:26 am |

    The headline here is puzzling and misleading. You’re saying that, in measuring the radiation dose of somebody that was killed by the blast, we find that they received enough radiation to kill them.
    But that radiation doesn’t make them any more dead– if they were killed by the bomb blast, it didn’t really matter how little or how much radiation they received: they’re just as dead either way.

  354. The first and second strikes of nuclear weapons need never have happened as history has shown. It WAS a war crime of horrendous proportion for which no one was held accountable. That too was a crime.

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