Harvard Scientists Predict The End Of The Universe

Harvard Scientists Predict The End Of The Universe
TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay

Theoretical physicists have come up with a date for the end of the universe in a new research study – and it’s still a ways out.

While it’s certainly a possibility that this prediction is incorrect, the scientists behind a study from researchers at Harvard University have determined that the end of the universe will be in around 10^139 years. At this point, the laws of physics may start to deteriorate, taking the universe with it.

That point is when the laws of the universe may start breaking down, but the scientists behind the study believe that the actual end of the universe may actually occur before that point – as soon as 10^58 years from now. That date is still a ways out when you consider the age of the Earth and of the universe at large. While we’ll all be gone by that point, it doesn’t leave much hope for the future of humanity – provided our species is around at that point and hasn’t succumbed to some sort of tragedy such as that from global warming or perhaps another war.

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