The ‘Green Moon’ Hoax Is Back After Two Years

The ‘Green Moon’ Hoax Is Back After Two Years
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According to the green moon posts, today’s full moon will appear green in colour. This, allegedly, is set to occur on 4/20 (April 20) for the first time in 420 years. Is it true? No: It’s a scam that started in 2016.

How the Green Moon scam began

  • Possibly you saw the off-base day and date relationship in the first go when you saw the posts of a moon that’s green in colour, but that isn’t true
  • Everything began as a joke presented on a couple of Facebook pages by individuals in April 2016, when April 20 fell on a Wednesday
  • It at that point swelled into an all-out scam, shared crosswise with green moon references, pictures and hashtags over web-based Social networking by individuals who tried to look at even the most essential subtle elements of the moon
  • In the same year, another rendition of the scam moved the day of the lunar occurrence to Friday, May 29
  • Additionally, as in 2016, those online networking sharers have missed the way that the full moon this month is April 30, a Monday
  • The first portions of the scam two years ago utilized carefully tinted adaptations of a NASA photograph of an ordinary full moon in order to make it look green
  • One of the very first green moon hoaxers also gave a reference of an arrangement of the moon with Uranus making it get that colour

The Green Moon as a reference to cannabis

  • The hoaxers clearly ran with April 20, which may likewise be alluded to as 4-20, to incorporate a road reference code widely used by marijuana users for including Cannabis in their joke to describe its use, according to many space websites
  • The hoax plays on the lore that April 20 is “National Weed Day,” says also agrees that the green moon won’t happen:

“The message implores you to ‘share this event,'” it notes.

And sadly, many people have apparently been snookered into doing just that. It could very well be that whoever came up with the ‘green moon’ story chose the April 20 date and/or the 420-year period as a reference to National Weed Day, whose predominant colour is also green.

But, be assured, tonight’s moon being another colour is “nothing more than an urban legend,” the website insists.

This same hoax has played its cards in 2018 as well.

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