Google Pixel 2 Warranty May Not Be International After All

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The Google Pixel 2 Warranty is confusing a lot of users, and the company seems to be saying things that are contradictory to the documentation on their official pages.

The Google Pixel 2 is an excellent phone, but it has its fair share of issues. As Google’s sophomore effort when it comes to high-end phones, the Pixel 2 is a big improvement over the original Pixel, but there are still some bugs and issues that need to be ironed out – not all of which can be fixed with a simple software update. Many people have tried to take advantage of the Google Pixel 2 warranty in order to address issues with their phones, but the documentation online is a little confusing as to what the warranty covers as well as how to take advantage of the coverage.

The Limited Warranty section of the company’s official Google Pixel 2 warranty site it states that “This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable in locations the Phone is sold and will apply only if you purchased your Phone from Google or its authorized resellers.”

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It would make sense, then, that the Google Pixel 2 warranty could be claimed in any country around the world in which Google or an authorized retailer is selling the phone.

After statements from a top Google executive that suggested that “We’re very confident that the Pixel 2 delivers an exceptional smartphone experience, and to give users peace of mind, every Pixel and Pixel 2 XL will now come with a 2-year warranty worldwide,” users were understandably left with the idea that the phone would be covered around the world.

A query on the Google forums regarding the Google Pixel 2 warranty got a response from Google employee Orrin, who stated the following a few weeks later.

“The warranty is for devices purchased directly from Google (or from authorized resellers), and the warranty is only valid in the country of sale. So in this case, the US warranty is not valid in India. I don’t know all the fine details around this, but I’m guessing it partially has to do with the fact there are many country-specific regulations and policies when it comes to warranties.”

Considering that the Google Pixel 2 warranty page suggests that it is valid “in locations the Phone is sold,” this statement seems to be completely contradictory. Piunikaweb did a little more digging and took a look at the Google Pixel 2 warranty in regions like Australia, EEA, and Switzerland, and found much more precise language that makes it clear that the warranty can only be claimed in the country of purchase. Why exactly the Google Pixel 2 warranty in the United States contradicts what actually seems to be the case is unclear, and why a company as large as Google can’t come up with a straight answer to inquiries is certainly bizarre.

This Google Pixel 2 warranty information is something to keep in mind moving forward if you find yourself traveling internationally relatively frequently, as it doesn’t seem like the “worldwide” warranty is actually worldwide after all.

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