Fortnite Players Are Seeing Comet, Have Wild Theories About It

Fortnite Players Are Seeing Comet, Have Wild Theories About It
Image source: Epic Games/ChlorophyteFTW (screenshot)

Fortnite Battle Royale has a strange object in the sky that has left players wondering about its significance. Several players have witnessed a shiny object with a celestial tail resembling a comet. The object looks like having a specialized animation giving the expression of a comet moving in the sky.

More astonishing is the fact that players can see the comet getting bigger, or at least it appears so, according to Kotaku. Also, players confirm bizarre controller rumblings in the game as the comet appears in the sky.

Players are posting their own theories about the shiny object. Some believe that the comet might destroy the map or at least alter it. However, given the fact that developer Epic Games has recently added new areas to the island, it would be too soon to abandon all those changes for the new ones.

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At the start of this month, a Redditor posted a map idea where Tilted Towers changes into a crater. Some players now believe that this could be happening now. General belief around the event is that Tilted Towers can get nuked and flattened. Epic takes pleasure in incorporating the idea of the Redditors in the game, but nuking the Tilted Towers could be way too intrepid.

There is yet another theory suggesting that the comet could end the current season to incorporate some space themed event. Players, who read into Season Three’s unlockable cosmetics, predict that dinosaur skulls and mushroom clouds could be an indication that Fortnite Battle Royale is ascending towards extinction level event, notes Polygon.

Fortnite’s official Twitter account has termed the rumbling patters as a bug. But, someone applied them to Morse code and developed the message SOS D 5 418. While the SOS part is easy to understand, 418 is expected to be April 2018. D5 could be about the part of the map where Tilted Tower is located, notes Polygon.

The mystery, however, still continues and will continue so unless we hear something officially. Meanwhile, Fortnite Battle Royale continues to ride high on the success, and thus, brands are looking to associate with the game. Big names like Drake appearing in Ninja’s Fortnite Twitch stream is an indication of the same. But now, the game is getting bigger by days with biggest sports network ESPN craving for its attention and the fan base.

After Villanova bettered Kansas in Men’s Final Four Match-up, ESPN tweeted a not so refined animated video in which the letters K and U explode, leaving only V. The structure seems to build inside the world of Fortnite. The tweet read, “Villanova rained 3s like they were supply drops.” Supply drops are not uncommon in the Fortnite, notes a separate report from Polygon.

Despite Fortnite’s massive popularity, the game is not addictive, claim researcher Andrew Reid from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland. Though few parents have expressed concern that their kids are spending more time playing the game, Reid believes that Fortnite is not addictive. Also, the researcher advice people to be cautious before they use the word “addictive” when talking about the video games as it could potentially stigmatize gamers.

“To do otherwise would be to stigmatise the medium as an evil to our society, despite a growing portfolio of video games and research that reinforce the positive characteristics of play and interactivity,” Reid suggested, according to Gamerant.

The popularity of Fortnite hinges largely on its low barrier entry and the free-to-play version available on the PC, Xbox One, PS4 and now on mobile devices. Other than playing, the game is also fun to watch. In February, the game had a fan base of over 3.4 million concurrent players. The game has gained massive popularity among the pro athletes. Red Sox Star – Xander Bogaerts, borrowed “Take the L” celebration dance.

In addition, Lakers guard Josh Hart recently revealed that he played Fortnite for 10 hours straight, and that winning the game was as good as winning a national championship with Villanova, notes USA Today.

To further up the popularity of the game, Fortnite developer – Epic Games, recently rolled an update. The update re-introduces Sniper Shootout, a new guided rocket along with various treasures and challenges. The update also fixes bugs and brings improvements to the mobile version of Fortnite Battle Royale. The biggest visual improvement to Fortnite on iOS is 4x MSAA antialiasing, giving sharper visuals to the mobile devices. Epic Games also detailed the devices compatible with the game, and also the devices that are not supported, such as jailbroken devices.

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