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Falke Is Coming To Street Fighter 5 This Month

Street Fighter 5 fans can mark April 24 on their calendars because that’s when the next new character joins the roster. Falke will be landing in the game with the next set of downloadable content, Capcom announced today.

Image source: Street Fighter (screen shot from YouTube video)

Falke set to debut in Street Fighter 5

Capcom released a Street Fighter 5 trailer featuring Falke and her “Psycho Power” moves on YouTube, which is embedded below. The game maker designed her to be “an alternative clone for M. Bison,” and her story is threaded into the franchise’s story even though she is a brand-new character. She is the third new character for the third season of Street Fighter 5.

According to Capcom, Shadaloo experimented on her and forced her to train all the time. Through all that training, she developed the ability to “infuse Psycho Power into objects and release it through them,” usually using her powerful staff, which she calls Harmony. As the years went by and the difficult training continued, she began to despair, but finally, Ed, who was new in Street Fighter 4, rescued her and helped her get away from Shadaloo. The game maker describes the two characters as sharing “a sibling-like bond” and always looking for others who also need help.

Falke infuses “Psycho Power”

The key to Falke’s power in Street Fighter 5 is her staff, which players must charge up by holding down one of the punch buttons. The character stores her Psycho Power until the player releases the punch button, when she releases her power in one of three ways.

The first method is called “Psycho Kugel,” or “Standing,” and it sends the power shooting out of the staff in a shotgun-like fashion. The second is “Psycho Feder,” or “Air, in which Falke fires diagonally downward from up in the air. The third method is “Psycho Kanonen,” or “Crouching,” in which she lies on the ground and shoots something at her opponent’s feet. While in this position, she’s able to dodge projectiles that are aimed at her.

Capcom designed this new Street Fighter 5 character to be similar in some ways to Ed, as some of her special moves are easily executed without special inputs, instead using two kick or two punch buttons. Pressing a punch button twice will execute “Psycho Schneide,” which is essentially an uppercut move. Pressing a kick button twice performs “Katapult,” in which she pole-vaults while kicking her opponent. Her move “Psycho Trombe” involves spinning her staff out in front to hold her opponent back or deflect projectiles.¬†She can also throw her opponents in the air using her staff after it’s charged up.

Fans can purchase the new Street Fighter 5 character separately for either 100,000 units of Fight Money or $5.99 in real-world cash. She can also be purchased as part of the Season Three Character Pass, which is priced at $29.99. In addition to Falke, the pass also includes Sakura, Blanka, Cody, Sagat and G. Players who shell out real cash for Falke or who buy the season pass will also get additional colors in her battle and story costumes.