This Code May Point To An Exclusive Google Pixel 3 Feature

This Code May Point To An Exclusive Google Pixel 3 Feature
Image source: Google Shop

It looks like there could end up being at least one exclusive Google Pixel 3 feature that’s not available on previous Pixel models. The exact nature of the feature is rather unclear, but those who spotted the code pointing to it do have some ideas. It’s also important to preface this article by making it clear that these are just speculations about the next-generation Pixel, as it’s still far too early to know anything concrete.

Is this an exclusive Google Pixel 3 feature?

XDA Developers spotted a line of code in the Android Open Source Project while examining the code for the operating system. They saw a commit that’s called “Cherrypick ‘Add device config to decide which Auto Selection Network UI to use.” To almost anyone else, that might not seem like a big deal, but the description of that commit seems to suggest that there will be some kind of exclusive Google Pixel 3 feature. The description states, “because the HAL V_1_2 only supports Pixel 3…”

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