How To Turn Your Car Into An Eco-Friendly Vehicle? [Infographic]

When it comes to the biggest worldwide concern of this age, no political dispute, diplomatic relations, economical standing, and hierarchy, or terrorism and strife could ever hold a candle to the rapidly-rising danger presented by Climate Change and Global Warming. This is a widespread phenomenon that does not discriminate in its victims — every country, every nation, and every living being in all walks of life are all at risk as it continues its warpath. Climate Change is the sign of the destruction of nature, and at large, the very planet we live in.

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As such, nations from all over the world have treated the signs of the worsening climate change condition as one of the threats worth its highest alerts. Nationwide efforts have continuously been implemented to change the aspects of lifestyles that are gravely contributing to the problem at hand. Small activities such as planting trees in neighborhoods or effective household waste management to a total ban on plastic usage and legal consequences on committing activities that add to the overall problem have all been put into effect to mitigate the symptoms of climate change.

Multiple studies conducted to investigate which human activities cause the most damage to the rapidly-worsening conditions of the environment found that carbon emissions from cars and other vehicles are one of the biggest contributing factors to this problem. Because of this, car manufacturers have long searched for the best solution without compromising what cars are already doing good.

In comes the birth of hybrid and electric cars. According to, “a vehicle is a hybrid if it utilizes more than one form of onboard energy to achieve propulsion.” Meanwhile, an electric car, as defined by, is “powered by an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine.” Additionally, “[t]he electric motor gets energy from a controller, which regulated the amount of power — based on the driver’s use of an accelerator pedal.”

A hybrid car can be powered, then, by gasoline but uses a battery and motor to improve its efficiency, while an electric car is powered exclusively by electricity. These two types of cars are now starting what the industry reporters call as “the Carpocalypse”, which signifies that these types of vehicles will soon replace normal gasoline-powered ones in the market. More and more environmentalists and car enthusiasts are advocating for hybrid and electric cars, as they are essentially of the same quality and functions like a normal vehicle, only they run on a different power source.

While it’s agreeable that they are the best solution to counteract carbon emissions without completely ruling our car usage in society, not everyone is suited to the kind of demand that hybrid/electric cars have. A hybrid or electric car is more expensive than their standard counterpart due to the different technology involved in making its engine, plus it can also cost a lot in terms of maintenance and general upkeep. Not every auto shop out there has the equipment and technology needed to properly look after and repair these kinds of vehicles when they come knocking. That’s why they still remain as a “luxury among luxuries” — a privilege even above the ownership of a car.

If saving the environment (or helping with efforts to) is still your priority but switching to a hybrid or electric car is definitely out of your reach, don’t worry — there are still plenty of options for you to turn your normal vehicle into something that helps you out rather than drive into your conscience further!

Here are the ways you can turn your car into an eco-friendly vehicle, even if it isn’t an electric or hybrid, as seen in this infographic by Global Tint UK.

Eco-Friendly Vehicle IG