New Concept Video Shows Off Beautiful Samsung Galaxy X Design

New Concept Video Shows Off Beautiful Samsung Galaxy X Design
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

While Samsung has been criticized recently for their iterative phones that don’t bring much new to the table, the Samsung Galaxy X has remained a mysterious reminder that the Korean smartphone manufacturer still has some tricks up their sleeves. We’ve seen various demonstrations of their foldable screen technology, but how exactly that was going to be incorporated into the final device is unclear – save for a few discovered Samsung Galaxy X patents.

Even those parents don’t give us a good idea of how the phone will be constructed, however, as they only serve as a legal means to protect research rather than a guarantee that we’ll see this tech included in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X. The YouTube channel Science and Knowledge has just released a concept video that shows what the upcoming phone may feature.

It’s important to reiterate that this is a third-party concept rather than any official material from the company itself, as we still likely have a while to wait until we get official specifications for the actual phone. Still, this Samsung Galaxy X concept, designed by Adrien Etalx, is a cool exercise in creativity that has us pondering the limitless potential of the world’s first foldable smartphone.

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