Skeptics Claim Moon Landing Is Fake After Analysis Of New Images

Moon Landing Is FakeImage source: YouTube Video Screenshot

Conspiracy theorists have long argued that the details surrounding the moon landing were obscured, and many have pointed to a recently analyzed photo as potential proof of that fact.

While there’s a mountain of evidence that confirms that we have, in fact, made forays into space and have walked on the moon, there’s a committed group of people who believe – for one reason or another – that we never walked on the lunar surface. Others believe that while we made it to the moon, the government took steps to cover up evidence of alien civilization.

Supposed un-doctored imagery from the Apollo 16 mission has been making the rounds online that many say is proof that there is truly either an alien population on the moon or that the whole thing was faked due to the existence of structures and “people” in the background of the image.

The video regarding the images was posted by the YouTube channel UFOmania and analyzes an image obtained from the NASA archives. We’ve included the video below so you can decide for yourself whether this evidence is enough to suggest that the moon landing never occurred or that details surrounding the moon landing were adjusted as to not inform the public of the existence of alien life.

The photos that people are discussing were taken on April 23, 1972 by Charles M. Duke. In the photos is Astronaut John W. Young who is collecting lunar samples using a rake and tongs. However, it’s the background of the image that has seemed to attract many people’s attention – with UFOmania claiming the blurry object is a “habitat building, spaceship, and extra personnel.”

Commenters on the video generally seemed convinced, offering suggestions such as how the moon landing might have been filmed in a remote location that was adjusted to look like the moon, and others more comically suggesting that the object could be Darth Vader’s house.

One theorist claimed that “The moon landings were a hoax, it’s laughable some people still believe in this fairytale.”

Others flat-out denied the fact that we had ever set foot in outer space at all, saying that “anyone who believes this crap has still got it in their head that we traveled 250k miles in the death vacuum of space…please space travel is ALL FAKE.”

However, in what many people consider a voice of reason, others called into question the validity of the image and the theories surrounding it, asking “Why distort the image to suit the narrative…Apollo 16 mission was film [sic] in glorious technicolor, what you see there is called a rock not a space habitat.”

It’s true that the image in the video looks an awful lot like a normal rock, but many people who deny that the moon landing ever occurred are looking for more evidence to back up their claims. There’s something to be said for seeing what you want to see, as many people have pointed out that the supposed alien structures are nothing but average terrain, but the images are certainly blurry enough to suggest that there could be something there.

Overall, there seems to be a mountain of evidence to support the fact that we have, indeed, launched into space and that the moon landing was real. The evidence for the contrary is thin at best, although many believe this video may be enough to confirm that the details surrounding the moon landing are shady – if not outright fake. It’s up to the viewer to decide whether these images are legitimate enough to take as evidence, or whether the blurry quality renders them basically unusable.

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34 Comments on "Skeptics Claim Moon Landing Is Fake After Analysis Of New Images"

  1. So, the dust should move and fall at the same speed as the astronauts (given the same trajectory)…right? Well, the astronauts *did not* fall directly back to the surface, but slowly like you do on the bottom of a pool…every try to walk on the bottom of a pool before? That is very like what the videos show the astronauts’ walking to be like.

  2. No, I’m say exactly the opposite. The dust will fall as fast as everything else dependent on how much force launched it into it’s trajectory. All the objects including the astronauts, the dust and whatever else the Moon dirt is made of will act on the Moons gravity which is 1/6 of the Earth’s. Hanging on wires, slowing film down or any other stupid Hollywood tricks other than pure CGI will not produce trajectories equal to 1/6 gravity. Besides, there’s still the problem of the dust forming a cloud. Kick the dirt and a cloud of dust will form, in an atmosphere. In all the videos of the Moon landings there are never any clouds of dust, never. Yet their space suits are covered in the stuff. They had a heck of a time with it getting in the lander. It stuck to everything. So there was no shortage of Moon dust.

    Sorry if I indicated that the astronaut’s mass would cause them to accelerate differently. That is incorrect. All objects, regardless of their mass accelerate at the same rate in a gravitational field. The only thing affecting that would be atmospheric drag which on the Moon isn’t a factor.

  3. So you are saying that, because dust has less mass, gravity treats it differently than larger bodies? That goes against my basic understanding of Newton’s Laws.

  4. You, you weren’t alive back then. I said nothing about your parents. What do they have to do with this? You’re just pulling things out of your hat. So I’m losing my cool now, crying like a baby? And you have facts? I can see we’re done here. You’re the child here. You’re the one who needs an education. Let me give you some advice. Don’t go looking on YouTube for it.

  5. All, as in every object on the Moon, is acting in 1/6 gravity. You can’t simulate that by slowing film down, filming under water or any other means other than pure CGI. That’s because the trajectories of objects are dependent on gravity. The particles of dust, not having and atmosphere to carry them along in, will act like microscopic rocks in their own little trajectories in 1/6 gravity. They will not form a cloud when kicked up. Instead they will fall back to the ground just like a bunch of gravel would if it was kicked up. And that’s exactly how the Moon’s detritus reacts when it’s kicked up. The astronauts have more mass so their trajectories will be different.

  6. one of the big questions i have is why, after supposedly SIX manned landings, suddenly have there been none for 40+ years? if it was that fricking easy to do six back in those days with primive technology (compared to now) it should be ridiculously easy, and every country should have done it, there should be a base (or 20) up there, we should have done some serious prospecting for rare minerals by now (which could potentially pay off 1000000X).

    Heck, at the speed with with technology has improved since the 60s, this should by now be about as simple as flying…but what(?) did it get harder all of a sudden? I mean, not even China has bothered with it? Not even India? Not even Russia, France, England, Japan, Korea, Canada….something is very fishy about this whole scene…. I suspect that is it VERY VERY HARD and no one ever has done it, nor can they, for whatever reasons…. why the heck wouldn’t anyone want to if it was easy enough to do 6 times with ancient technology?

  7. that makes no sense. if the astronauts could make long strides and jumps like they were underwater, then clearly your “near vacuum: was not sucking them immediately back down. you are confused…that moon dust would act the very same way, it would react as any other object in 1/6th gravity, not somehow different.

  8. The first lunar mission was definitely faked. Despite the thick dust (as evidenced by the footprint images we’ve all seen) and despite the fact that the American flag was planted just a few feet away from the lander (again, in photos everyone has seen), the official narrative by the astronaut was: (paraphrased) “the last thing (I/we) saw on blasting off was the American flag”. Well, that is just stupid. If the dust was several inches thick, and a rocket was blasting off, the amount of dust and exhaust smoke generated would have been just incredible…how the hell could he have possibly seen that flag through all that. Besides that, wouldn’t the flag have, in fact, been burnt up by the rocket’s fire anyways? That is just one of the more obvious lies, out of many many many, regarding at least the first mission.

    And of course that first mission was the “BIG AMERICAN WIN OVER THE SOVIETS IN THE SPACE RACE” which …blah blah blah….great propaganda piece to the very gullible population….

    I’m only commenting on the first mission, I have no idea about later ones, nor do I really care, but, well, good luck refuting that bit.

  9. DAVID ALAN JONES RIDGE | Apr 19, 2018, 4:24 pm at 4:24 pm |

    Ah, so then you are a true toll, huh.

  10. Alice lives there. (Who gets it?)

  11. Christopher Wortman | Apr 18, 2018, 5:42 pm at 5:42 pm |

    I read your reply. You assume my parents weren’t alive back then. You assume a lot actually. I have original reels that I am privy to look at. You think that they can’t change how the people jumped with the wires? You quote 2001:space odyssey. A very good movie by the way, love all the old classics. You argue out of emotion rather than cold hard facts. I provided facts and all you did was lose your cool mate. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. We do not agree because you are too close minded to even look at facts. You misquote me, saying something about a coke bottle. Well I looked into it. I busted out the microfilm that I have in storage. It is clearly visable. Un-doctored microfilm that you could purchase in the shops back then. 5 cents a pop, my grand parents bought a lot. Do I think we sent a rover to Mars? Possibly, do I believe that we ever landed a man on the moon? Sure at some later point, possibly. Do I believe we landed the Apollo 3 on the moon? I want to wager that even if plausable with 90:1 odds of being factual, I will give you the 10%, if you go to any lengths to actually look into claims. The government lied to you. Deal with it. Stop crying like a baby though.

  12. Reply is waiting to be approved. It has a link in it and it has to be checked.

  13. I see you are scientifically challenged. Your notions about freezing and being boiled alive are based in ignorance. I lived through those days. You YouTubed it. There’s a big difference. A very big difference. The business about the Van Allen Belt has been debunked into oblivion. You have no idea what you are talking about. You’ve watched a bunch a YouTube videos and you think you have an education. What a joke. Proof is not thinking you see a Coke bottle in the background behind the Moon Lander. You think you can fake a Moon landing with wires and cinematography and halogen lighting? Well, look at what the absolute best of movie making could produce in 1968, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Take a good look at their Moon walk. It looks nothing like the Moon landings.

  14. disqus_cxLBWQd9Jo | Apr 18, 2018, 4:12 pm at 4:12 pm |

    The only way any country could recieve radio signals from the moon was to point a radio receiver dish directly at the moon. Similar to the satellite dishes that are pointed to the geostationery satellite relaying TV programs. The Russians were monitoring all the TV and communication signals during the Apollo landings as well as the UK (Goonhilly) Australia (Parkes) and Jodrell Bank. It was then and remains now impossible to fake the direction a radio signal comes from.

  15. Christopher Wortman | Apr 18, 2018, 3:56 pm at 3:56 pm |

    Prove that it was not faked, you can’t. You did not personally go to the moon. You watched it on TV, read about it in newspapers, heard it on the radio. YOU did not go to the moon. You have nothing but blurry images and doctored images. I have seen your so called “proof”. It’s just a bunch of BS. See what I did there? Same thing can be said for either side. We did not have the technology back then to go to the moon. But we did have cameras, and movie sets, and wires, and cinematography, and halogen lighting. I get that you are religiously sold out to the idea that America was so great, and we could do no wrong, but they lied to you. You can’t wake up and accept the truth. What about the van allen belt? What about all the photon radiation? What about being boiled alive in direct sunlight, or frozen in the shadows? 100c is boiling, during sunlight hours, and as cold as -173c in the shadows but more often -125c. Still instant ice. You are moronic if you think I would buy for a second we ever set foot on the moon. It is just not possible in the slightest. Don’t be so naive.

  16. More on the Moon dust. Notice that the dust doesn’t float around but drops like a rock to the ground as soon as it’s kicked up. That’s because it’s in a near vacuum. Try to simulate that.

  17. Slowing down the video is nothing new, but it doesn’t simulate 1/6 gravity. If they were going to fake it they would have them simply walking like normal people do but slowed down. That’s not how they walked on the Moon. It was much easier to do the loping skip in the 1/6 gravity. They didn’t know they were going to walk that way until they got on the Moon and discovered that was the best way to get around. Why, oh why would someone say, hey, walk this funny way? It’s not super simple. Look at how the Moon dust gets sloughed around when they walk. Please direct me to where that has ever been done precisely in movie or video, anywhere. And no, that can’t be simulated by slowing down the film because the trajectories of objects will still be in 1g and that can be proved easily by a little calculation.

  18. You don’t risk your life and break barriers to get to the moon and then not screw around up there for a while. They didn’t find aliens because the moon’s environment is not conductive to life. There’s not much interesting in going back because we understand that it’s pretty much a big, dead rock and there’s just not a whole lot to learn from it compared to what we can do with focusing our energy on other planets and solar systems.

  19. You’re saying we didn’t have the tech to fake a landing, but we had the tech to actually fly to the moon? Wrong. We did land on the moon, but we DID and DO have the tech to slow down video without anyone being the wiser. It’s actually super simple.

  20. Sell me some of whatever you’re smoking.

  21. DAVID ALAN JONES RIDGE | Apr 18, 2018, 2:23 pm at 2:23 pm |

    “We” did go to the Moon and landed there, but “something” was discovered that “they” do not want us to be aware of so “they” built a set with props and filmed a “fake” landing.

  22. Let me guess Christopher, you weren’t there, were you? I was.

  23. Prove how they faked it. It can’t have been faked. There was no technology then, nor is there now a technology that can simulate the Moon landings and blast off of the return rocket. You have nothing but blurry images and doctored images. I’ve seen your so called “proof”. It’s just a bunch of BS.

  24. Christopher Wortman | Apr 18, 2018, 2:12 pm at 2:12 pm |

    there were plenty of mistakes. im not some flat earther or some crazy conspiracy theorist but the more time goes on and the more information becomes available, I firmly believe that they lied about the moon landing.

  25. Gerbils have an instinctual understanding of gravity. Idiots who don’t believe in space also don’t believe in gravity, so gerbils have all over those imbeciles.

  26. What people don’t seem to realize is that we didn’t then and don’t now have the technology to realistically fake a Moon landing. You can’t simply slow the film down to simulate 1/6 gravity. It doesn’t work that way. There are many other problems too. A Hollywood director would have shown stars in the background. That would have been a mistake. Even now the CGI isn’t good enough to fool the eye. Not a professional eye.

  27. and maybe theother 58 moon missions were fake too or done to erase any proof that it had been a one way trup in the beginning

  28. now we have cell phones in every household,,times change and developments do too,,if you can dream it eventually you’ll get it done

  29. just a possibility ,but our technology wasn’t very good 65 years ago,,but you can dream and make claims.A while ago the only place you saw wireless communication was on star trek

  30. we won’t know unless somebody turns on a light up there,,we were in a race with the russians and government controls all the information anyway

  31. there is a possibility that there is construction on the moon but it also could be a case of for propaagan and the original people are still up there,dead

  32. or maybe we dumped a bunch of materials on the moon,sent up a bunch of people to build a base and then found that it wasn’t worth the effort and their people were dying from radiation poisoning.Governments don’t talk much about their failures

  33. Jeebus Jaguarundi | Apr 18, 2018, 12:57 pm at 12:57 pm |

    People who don’t believe in space travel are gerbils.

  34. I find it strange that Neil Armstrong and Buzz would be able to play golf out there. Not really, but they did take some swings. If you look at the quality of those spacesuits you would think that NASA would just want them out there for a few minutes to collect samples, yet they hang out there and have a good ole boy time. At the time, I don’t think mankind was capable of landing there and getting back safely. I think they made it, but all they did was orbit and filmed the video earlier so that we could beat the Russians and inspire Americans to fight a pointless war because “We can do anything”. As far as Alien life goes, I think they found it and this is why the Moon has been kept off limits for so long. I find it hard to believe that we wouldn’t even attempt to go back since the 70’s. What more perfect place to establish a base because no average Joe would ever have the technology to explore it themselves. It’s out of our reach! P.S Not a crazy nut job, just a theory, who knows it could be like that movie “Elisium” up there

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