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How Big Companies Can Help The Disadvantaged [Infographic]

Companies that have strong ties to the community are often thought of more highly than those that don’t. When a business goes into a community to see how much it can take from that community, people take notice. Likewise, when a business situates itself as a partner of the community, people are more likely to feel good will toward that company. Being a good corporate citizen is important, and many would even argue it is part of a company’s social and legal responsibility, as well.

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Helping Students Move Their Careers Forward

The cost of college has skyrocketed, and along with it has gone student debt. Kids are entering the workforce saddled with major financial burdens and many are having to choose between rent and student loan payments. Financially strapped employees aren’t good for business and they are even worse for the community, so many companies are stepping up to help. Starbucks offers free online college classes for certain employees. Cigna found that its tuition reimbursement program saved them money in the long run by cutting down on talent management costs. Offering programs like tuition assistance and loan repayment can go a long way toward creating a stronger community as well as a stronger workforce.

Creating Hiring Initiatives Can Help Companies Do Right By Their Communities

It’s illegal to discriminate against disabled people or veterans with PTSD, but there are a lot of people who aren’t even aware of that. In fact, 39% of employers said they thought hiring a veteran with PTSD was “unfavorable” even though those veterans are clearly protected by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. There are things you can do to make your workplace more friendly to these protected groups. A hiring initiative that seeks to fill roles with people with different abilities or veterans and their families can go a long way toward building a stronger community. USAA has a hiring goal of 30% for veterans and military spouses as well as veteran training programs for mortgage specialists and claims managers. And Microsoft has created a path toward employment for people who fall on the autism spectrum - some 3.5 million Americans - that includes mentorship and training as well as a nontraditional interview process.

Helping Build A Stronger Community Can Also Help Your Business

Creating a stronger community is a great way to strengthen your own business, as well. Learn more about how big corporations can help the less fortunate from this infographic!

Big Companies Can Help The Disadvantaged IG