10,000-pixel Camera To Search For Life On Exoplanets

10,000-pixel Camera To Search For Life On Exoplanets
ChadoNihi / Pixabay

Scientists are going to use a new 10,000-pixel camera to enhance the search for exoplanets that could potentially host life as we know it on Earth. The camera will observe and take pictures of potential super-Earth candidates that are orbiting stars relatively close to our sun.

The vast majority of devices aren’t successful at capturing potential life-supporting exoplanets, as the planets are too close to their parent stars. Additionally, given that those stars are quite bright, observatories can’t get a good picture of the planet.

That encouraged scientists to develop a futuristic 10,000-pixel camera called DARK-speckle Near-infrared Energy-resolved Superconducting Spectrophotometer, also known as DARKNESS, which will take pictures of exoplanets and overcome issues with the brightness of the star. The camera is capable of capturing a thousand frames per second without distortions.

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