Xbox One X Outplays PS4 Pro With Three New Features

Xbox One X Outplays PS4 Pro With Three New Features
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Microsoft has recently announced three new major features for the Xbox One X that may make it a stronger console overall when compared to the PS4 Pro.

For multiple console generations at this point, Sony and Microsoft have been in heated competition to secure the business of a large gaming audience. While Nintendo is also a major player, their games and systems are unique enough that they tend to have an audience all their own, leaving Sony and Microsoft to battle it out – in this case, with the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro.

Both consoles represent the best that the companies have to offer, serving as a step up from the base console of this generation while still maintaining the same robust library that each company has to offer. This generation is relatively unique in the release of a console that provides a small bump in power rather than the launch of a brand new system that rebuilds everything from scratch. While the next system from Sony and Microsoft is no doubt in development, the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X provide a step up in power for those who want to push the graphics and performance of their favorite console games to the limits.

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