Viral Video Mistakes Boulder For Evidence Of A UFO

Viral Video Mistakes Boulder For Evidence Of A UFO
Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot

A video appeared online and shortly went viral, making everyone believe that it showed direct evidence of a UFO. The video revealed a site on a remote island in South Georgia, with a crashed UFO. However, when the site is explored more closely, it turns out that the object that was suspected to be a UFO is, in fact, just a rock that broke off from a mountain that is located nearby.

Secureteam10 is behind this viral video that was uploaded to YouTube, and in a short time it intrigued 1.58 million viewers since it was originally uploaded on March 3. The video shows evidence of an apparent UFO that crashed on the South Georgian remote island, located about 2,500 miles from the Antarctic Peninsula.

“Unknown Object Leaves Trail of Mystery in Antarctic,” the introductory text reads, giving the effect of a high-quality movie trailer that had been expected for a long time.

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