Top Global Startups: New Data Shows Global Entrepreneurial Trends

Top Global Startups: New Data Shows Global Entrepreneurial Trends

Ready for the 30,000 ft view of global startups in 2018? We are in a golden age of startups as people around are taking their ideas and turning them into successful businesses.

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The team at Kempler Industries recently analyzed the top 200 startups around the world.  They did this by using live data from Startup Ranking (a site that’s used to discover, rank and prospect startups and companies around the globe). The goal of this exercise was to have a better understanding of what types of businesses are trending and which countries produce the most startups.

Startups were categorized based on the product or services they provide their end users. They were then segmented into nineteen different categories based on what they allow end users to accomplish.

The nineteen categories can be seen below:

  1. Analyze- Tools for business, and/or social analytics
  2. Business Infrastructure- Cloud storage, web hosting and office space
  3. Buy- A variety of online marketplaces
  4. Collaborate- Crowdsourced projects
  5. Communicate- Business and/or social messaging tools
  6. Create- Build digital assets by designing and/or coding
  7. Deliver- Have goods delivered to you
  8. Find- Find a variety of content, places to go, people to help
  9. Hire- Find people to work for you
  10. Learn- Learn things like languages and coding
  11. Meet- Find people with similar interests
  12. Organize- Optimize processes for business and /or social
  13. Publish- Share content beyond social channels
  14. Read- Variety of news and special interest sites
  15. Sell- E-commerce platforms
  16. Share content- Share audio, video, pics and online communities
  17. Teach- Online education platforms
  18. Transact- Transfer and exchange money
  19. Transport- Taxis and ride sharing

Some of the more interesting trends from their analysis:

  • 20% of startups in the top 15 are business communication tools
  • 33% of startups in the top 15 help users create or share content
  • India and Canada produce the most startups after the United States

Giant companies like Airbnb and Uber top the list of top global startups, however there are many startups on the list that might surprise you. Companies like Hootsuite, Medium and Buffer also found themselves in the top ten of these rankings. Startups that focused on helping users find content, places to travel, rooms to rent and job searching startups all performed extremely well on the list.

To see the full analysis from Kempler Industries, check out the infographic below.

Top Startups - Analysis of Global Entrepreneurial Trends

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