Protect Your Account From Fortnite Cheats And Hacks [GUIDE]

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With any new game, there are always those who are looking to exploit the system to their own advantage. Through a variety of Fortnite cheats and hacks, a number of players are prioritizing their own wins over the experiences of the hundreds and thousands of players they interact with on a daily basis. These Fortnite cheats are looking to compromise your account through hacks – stealing your information and locking you out of your hard-won progress. Here’s a quick guide on how to avoid being exposed to Fortnite cheats and hacks and keep your account safe for years to come.

While Fortnite is the most recent online craze to take the world by storm, Fortnite cheats are far from a new type of occurrence. These stolen accounts are unfortunately a staple of any online game, and represent a certain subset of gamers looking to gain the upper hand in order to better progress in the game – or perhaps bring their reputation to new levels.

While some Fortnite cheats may be game-breaking in terms of affecting the actual course of gameplay, these account hacks are game-breaking in their own right – by ruining the fun and sense of progression of thousands of players.

While Epic Games can often take steps to help you restore your account after you’ve lost it to Fortnite cheats, the best way to prevent losing your account to hacks is to choose a very strong password. And there are a number of ways in which you can adjust your password choice in order to ensure that your account is safe from Fortnite cheats and your work towards leveling up your account – and perhaps even buying cosmetics via the in-game shop.

Unfortunately, while the majority of people are aware that having unique passwords is important, the majority of users have a few different passwords that they recycle over and over again in order to make the process of remembering your login information that much easier. Unless they’re using some sort of password manager that generates a long and very secure password and then stores it in your browser’s memory, the chances of someone creating a password that is both significantly long and significantly unique is unlikely. However, if you’d like to protect your account it’s quite important that you at least make sure that your password for Fortnite is unique – even if it isn’t long and difficult to remember. Use a combination of different cases and special characters to make your password harder to brute force and to minimize exposure to Fortnite cheats.

A long and complex password is a good start, but the best way to make sure you don’t lose access to your account is by enabling two-factor authentication on your Epic Games account. This means that whenever a correct password is entered into your account, you’ll get an email or text that will prompt you to accept the login. This adds an extra step to the process that may be seen as inconvenient by some, but it’s a small price to pay in order to protect your account from Fortnite cheats and hacks.

By choosing an excellent password and enabling two-factor authentication, you should be able to ensure your Fortnite account is safe for years to come as you battle your way to the top of the leaderboard.

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