iOS 12 Music App Revamp Highlighted In Concept Video

iOS 12 Music App Revamp Highlighted In Concept Video
Image source: <a href="">YouTube Video Screenshot</a>

While the topic on everyone’s mind is the battery management features coming with the upcoming iOS update, Apple has their eyes set on the features coming with iOS 12 later this year. There are a number of features that are due for a revamp, and a new concept video gives us a sense of what it might look like if the Music app receives a facelift with the release of iOS 12.

The majority of the big changes to the iOS operating system are expected to be pushed into 2019, but 2018 may still have some big things to offer – particularly in the music app department with the release of iOS 12.

It’s important to keep in mind that the concept video isn’t necessarily a guarantee of any of the features that will make an appearance with the iOS 12 music app, but there are some exciting additions we might be able to expect that have fans of the app on the edge of their seats. However, this is an artist’s imagining of what the app might look like rather than an official confirmation of features from Apple.

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One such feature that was highlighted in the iOS 12 music app concept video was the return of Cover Flow – an aspect of the app that was removed back in iOS 8.4 in 2015, much to the chagrin of many of the fans of the feature. Cover Flow is another great way to move between tracks and albums, and it could receive a revamp to bring it back into 2018 and beyond with the release of iOS 12. It’s important to note, too, that the Cover Flow revamp of the music app in iOS 12 also blends in seamlessly with the iPhone Notch – a feature that has necessitated a redesign of applications from many different providers.

The Notch included in the iPhone X was a massive departure from the tried-and-true formula we’ve seen from the manufacturer for the past several generations, and it required quick thinking from the many app developers who had to scramble to support this new form of phone. However, now that the dust has settled there have been a number of developers that have managed to take advantage of the feature rather than simply trying to work around it – and what better company to do so than Apple themselves?

The concept video also features the idea of a dark mode for the iOS 12 music app – a feature that has gained a lot of popularity across all smartphones in recent years due to the lower energy consumption and the sleek aesthetic that is easy on the eyes. While Apple has generally preferred a white design for much of their ecosystem’s aesthetic, the addition of a dark mode in iOS 12 would no doubt be welcomed by many users who are looking to further customize the operating system to suit their individual needs.

There are a number of features that people are looking for with the release of iOS 12, and the music app is just one of many different possibilities for Apple to reinvent the system and improve upon existing features – while hopefully adding some more. While we don’t have any idea of what we can expect at this current point in time, we’ll soon know more after Apple reveals iOS 12 at WWDC in the coming months.

Until we get a real confirmation of what is coming with iOS 12, we have this cool concept video to tide us over. Here’s hoping we see these music app revamps and more with the upcoming redesign coming for Apple’s mobile operating system.

Take a look at this creative concept video embedded below to get a full sense of the potential of a music app redesign with iOS 12.

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