NEO vs Ethereum

NEO vs Ethereum
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Neo and Ethereum are leading platforms that allow developers to build smart contracts and decentralized applications. In this video Im covering some similarities and presenting 10 main differences between those two platforms. NEO and Ethereum are both blockchain technology platforms specifically designed to host smart contracts, ICOs, and decentralized application in open source network. But they do have many differences such as Consensus mechanism, NEO uses dBFT which is an improved form of proof-of-stake, while Ethereym uses original proof-of-stake mechanism…

Hi what these are guys Neo and Ethereum are truly the platforms that allow developers to build smart contracts and decentralized applications. In this video I will go over some similarities and give you 10 main differences between those two platforms. Now let you decide which one is better. Before going over the key differences between Neil and Ethereum it is important to understand what those two platforms have in common. Some of the key similarities. Number one NEO and Ethereum are both block chain technology platforms specifically designed to run smart contracts. I see OWS and decentralized applications in open source network Nobert so there is spectral block chains are both built fueled by the assets gas in NEO and here in Ethereum. Number 3 both platforms are open source computational universal and they have a large community backing with the grade development teams. I think those are the key similarities. Now let’s go over how new and medium different when you look around the crypto market you’ll find all coins but often you’ll find an ethereum competitor and alternative. I really do believe that Beel by competitor as an alternative to Ethereum difference number one consensus mechanism Neil uses delegated Byzantine Folse tolerant ensured the BFC consensus mechanism which is an improved form of proof of stake. Ethereum uses original proof Homestake mechanism de BFC is believed to be more energy efficient than a proof of work. As proof of war is very energy intensive and expensive. But I do not see this as a big advantage for NEO because of a conventual expected TDM to move to an efficient Proof of Stake mechanism difference.

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Number two hard fork meal is hard for proof. Thanks to the consensus mechanism with the Biffy has a good finality mimic the twoness confirmation the final the block cannot be split and the transaction will not be revoked or rolled back. Currently Theertham is broke so hard for us we witnessed in the past. There is number three fueling the block chain. Neo produces a special crypto asset called neo gas or gas which is used as a group the fuel for NEOs block chain in Ethereum small units of eater’s are used as a gas so fuel does not work. Differences. Now before divisibility the native keep the fuel of Neo’s block chain is not divisible. It only exists at natural numbers. You cannot divide one gas token. They need they keep the fuel OWFI Ethereum is the visible one. It can be divided up to 18 decimal places difference number 5 programming language kneelers Sparke contracts and decentralized applications can be read and complete in C++ and Java. The future developers will also be able to write smart contracts in python and go. This will drastically reduce the entry barrier for all developers around the world. Currently if you want to write smart contracts and decentralized applications on 3M then you have to learn a new programming language called solidity. But if you are a great programmer it should not be too hard for you to start up a new language difference number 6 bagpipe meal is backed by a Chinese government. This has also been the most important factor for Neo’s bipolarity in China making that China’s first open source public black China project.

Neil is also backed by Wink’s Alibaba and the various Microsoft like giant companies I like it Miriam. It’s not backed by any national government but it is supported by the press. Ethereum alliance or in short GA. This speaks volumes about its popularity and potential success on the world stage. Defense number seven direction. Neil is focused on making a smart economy by digitizing traditional real world assets via digital identity along with Iran smart contracts and decentralized applications it video is going in the direction of becoming a world super computer based on the block chain by running a number of use cases of digital identity computing. Decentralised exchanges and K.Y. sees difference. Number eight international audience there is not much information available about Neil. For English reading audience due to his Chinese roots Ethereum is already a global enterprise which is fully available so its international and English reading audience. Difference number nine speed at present Neil can handle around 10000 transactions per second it can handle only 15 transactions per second. This is currently news because advantage in my opinion but I think 3M will solve this very soon as they actively work on scalability problems DeFrantz number sahn quantum computer proof NEO is quantum computer proof quantum computers are believed to have the ability to break Insoo and Anechoic cryptographic algorithm on the beach block chains are based mail claims that they had already developed in the quantum cryptographic mechanism called the meal Q S Ethereum and every other triplet currency is not currently quantum computer proof. So who will win Neile or Ethereum. Well no one really knows what the future will hold. Neil has said that they are positioning themselves to the direct competition with etherial.

I still think there is a long way to go for them in terms of mainstream adoption. This is not speculative investment advice. It’s a fact that it is well positioned in the cryptocurrency market especially when it comes to the technology aspects. But again no one really knows what the future will hold. Both platforms are relatively new and they both need to deliver on their promises. When those things start to happen we will hear a better picture of which ones will come up on top. That’s all from my side in this video. All the similarities and differences between Neo and if field. So what do you guys think about NEO and TDM. Which one do you like better. Which one do you think has a brighter future that though your thoughts in the comments section below

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