NASA Accused Of Hiding Evidence Of Alien Life

NASA Accused Of Hiding Evidence Of Alien Life
By National Aeronautics and Space Administration [Public domain], <a href="">via Wikimedia Commons</a>

NASA’s Curiosity rover released images of the Red Planet’s surface earlier this year, and what caught the most attention were stick figure-like fossils that fired up social networks. Now, a scientist has accused the space agency that it’s been covering up the evidence of alien life on Mars, based on those same images. Moreover, according to a report in the DailyStar, he’s preparing a groundbreaking report that might change the way we perceive the Red Planet.

Dr. Barry DiGregorio is a scientist who is convinced that the images shared by NASA’s Curiosity provide the evidence of trace fossils which hint on alien life on Mars. Those trace fossils, according to DiGregorio who is a honorary research fellow at the University of Buckingham’s Centre for Astrobiology are trails of “soft bodied creatures” who he believes walked on the Red Planet a long time ago.

According to NASA, those figures could actually be crystals, although they put consideration into “multiple possibilities” based on Curiosity’s snaps. Nevertheless, Dr. DiGregorio doesn’t buy it and accused the space agency that it’s covering-up the real evidence of extraterrestrial life, mostly because the agency is planning to send humans to the Red Planet during the 2030s.

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“Put it this way, these images, these figures have not been seen on Mars to date,” Dr. DiGregorio told Daily Star Online. “One of the things that grabbed me immediately was the expediency that NASA left the area of such a mission.”

He said that based on his observations of the images, he realized that there were other things rather than just objects attached outside, but that if one observed the images more closely, it could be seen that those sticks merge into the larger rock that they are “attached to.” As such, this has the features that resemble trace fossils.

“NASA has turned its back on trying to get data on this. The order came down from NASA HQ that they should move the rover on to the next point,” Dr DiGregorio explained to Daily Star Online. “They didn’t feel it was important enough to look at, I thought that was very odd, despite the fact a gale crater was host to probably a series of lakes for billions and billions of years.”

According to Dr. DiGregorio those crystals “don’t add up.” Also, they don’t branch or twist: “We are talking about something that might have been equivalent to the Ordovician period on Earth.”

Dr. DiGregorio supports his theory and for that case he teamed up with two other experts in this field so that they can write a paper and examine those findings more closely. According to Daily Star Online, the report will argue for the findings which show the evidence of alien life on Mars, and that NASA thinks that they are only crystals. He said, “At this time I’m working with two other experts, and we’re going to prepare a paper, I’m not the only one looking at these things,” he said. “Well we’re going to look at it, and basically a good scientist presents a case.”

“If you have been in this as long as I have, to have seen all the things I have seen, with NASA, I would actually say that they are avoiding looking for life,” Dr. DiGregorio said about NASA covering the evidence of alien life.

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