Li Lu – Himalaya Capital

Li Lu – Himalaya Capital

Here’s the latest addition to my investment collection of useful resources. Li Lu manages Charlie Munger’s money and one of the candidate to manage part of the Berkshire Hathaway’s portfolio. He’s a very interesting investor to follow.

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Li Lu (Himalaya Capital)

Carlson Capital’s Double Black Diamond Adds 3.3% In August

Screenshot 2021 09 18 09.22.32Clint Carlson's Carlson Capital Double Black Diamond fund returned 3.34% in August net of fees. Following this performance, the fund is up 8.82% year-to-date net, according to a copy of the firm's August investor update, which ValueWalk has been able to review. On a gross basis, the Double Black Diamond fund added 4.55% in August Read More

  • Li Lu —Know What You Don’t Know (Graham & Doddsville)
  • Foreword to the Chinese Edition of Poor Charlie’s Almanack (PDF)
  • Li Lu – The Prospects for Value Investing in China (PDF)
  • Li Lu – From Tiananmen Square to Possible Buffett Successor(PDF)
  • Li Lu’s Talk at Columbia 2006 (PDF)
  • Li Lu’s 2010 Columbia Lecture (PDF)
  • Reflections On Reaching Fifty (ValueWalk)
  • Video: Li Lu’s 2006 Columbia Lecture (Youtube)
  • Video: Li Lu’s 2010 Lecture at Columbia (Youtube)
  • Video: Li Lu’s Presentation at the FAME Student Investment Conference (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
  • Book: Moving the Mountain
  • Book: Poor Charlie’s Almanack (Chinese Edition)

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