James Gorman: Life, Morgan Stanley and Leadership

James Gorman: Life, Morgan Stanley and Leadership
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A interview with the CEO of Morgan Stanley, James Gorman. In this interview, James discusses his personal journey to Morgan Stanley and where Morgan Stanley is heading. James also talks abouts how to handle hard decisions and retain talent.

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Video Segments:

0:00 Introduction

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3:59 Why did you leave Australia?

6:24 Did you plan to go from law to consulting to finance?

8:36 Kids are always in a rush?

9:36 How much risk do you take?

11:17 Work/Life balance?

14:18 Very sexy industry?

17:27 Thoughts on regulators?

22:05 How do you stay current on technology?

25:21 Who’s going to pay for all the infrastructure?

28:45 Are shadow banks a competitor?

33:19 What are you focusing on over the next 5 years?

35:52 How hard was it being an outsider?

38:04 Hard decisions?

40:04 How important is your board?

44:56 Start of Q&A

45:07 Following judgment vs informed advice?

47:17 Monetary policy?

51:05 Helping to stop epidemics?

54:52 How do you manage expectations of executives?

56:45 How did you realise who your mentors are?

59:15 How does Morgan Stanley retain talent?

Interview Date: 30th October, 2015

Event: NYU Stern

Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/JGormanPic1



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