iPhone X Gold Color Expected For Quarter 3 2018

iPhone X Gold Color Expected For Quarter 3 2018
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A recent report from the Japanese technology publication Mac Otakara suggests that we may see an iPhone X gold color later in 2018.

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The iPhone X gold color is set to launch in Q3 of 2018, and will bring a brand new color to the X line – perhaps boosting sales that have started to drop off after the hype of the holiday season made it the top-selling iPhone in history. The iPhone X gold color adds a third color to the two existing shades of Space Gray and Silver.

The report also suggests that we’ll see a new 9.7-inch iPad launching alongside the iPhone X gold color – perhaps at a lower price, since Apple is holding an event to reaffirm their commitment to education and is expected to announce a new iPad.

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This actually isn’t the first time we’ve heard of the iPhone X gold color, with a recent suggestion from Benjamin Geskin last week that said the same thing. The combination of these two reports alongside the fact that Apple has a track record of launching new colors in or around March make it a real possibility that we’ll see the iPhone X gold color launched sooner rather than later.

It’s possible that the launch of the iPhone X gold color is an effort to boost sales of a phone that is starting to lose steam. When the iPhone X was announced, it sold extremely fast – to the point where there wasn’t enough stock to get the phone into the hands of everyone who wanted it. However, with the sales starting to slow down and the launch of the Galaxy S9 taking some of the spotlight away from Apple, the introduction of the iPhone X gold color should give the company the bump in sales they need to tide them over until the release of the next generation of iPhones.

With the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple introduced a radical redesign of a formula that had become pretty iterative over the past couple of generations. While the iPhone 7 generation introduces some neat features like a new form of home button, we didn’t see anything drastically different from Apple from a feature standpoint for several years. That all changed with the iPhone X.

While the iPhone X gold color will introduce a new aesthetic, the design of the iPhone X was already vastly different than what we had seen before. With a signature “notch” that has since inspired a number of other Android phones, the Apple phone certainly looks different when compared to comparable flagships. The introduction of FaceID was also significant, giving rise to new technology that took the smartphone arena by storm – offering a convenient way to unlock the phone unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. With a simple glance, the iPhone X unlocks with ease – maintaining its convenience and security even with changes in appearance, such as with a new pair of glasses or the growth of facial hair. The iPhone X gold color isn’t nearly as major if an innovation as FaceID, but it’s certainly something new for a phone that has already brought so much more to the iPhone line.

Although the release of the iPhone X gold color is significant and will certainly help drive higher sales, a lot of people are looking forward to a potential revamp of the 9.7-inch iPad. With the Apple Education Event coming up sooner rather than later, it’s clear that the company is hoping to capture some of the education market that they’ve lost to competitors like Google who have grabbed a significant following with the introduction of their Chromebook lines. It’s unclear as to whether this most recent report is referring to the same iPad were expecting or a new one entirely, but we feel as if the chance of two 9.7-inch iPads releasing is pretty low – unless one of them is a Pro model, that is.

We likely have a little bit longer to wait before the iPhone X gold color is revealed, but the report seems pretty accurate and it’s very likely we could have a brand new shade for this season’s hottest flagship within the coming weeks.

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