Google Assistant Expands To Support Hindi Language

Google Assistant Expands To Support Hindi Language
Kaufdex / Pixabay

Virtual assistants have offered us a powerful artificial intelligence in the palm of our hands, allowing our smartphone to anticipate our whims, offer contextual suggestions, and help us organize our day. While the original player on the smartphone scene in terms of a virtual assistant was Siri, the market has since expanded – with options like Google Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby offering their own intelligence to Android users that mirror the effectiveness of Apple’s Siri. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to virtual AI, and Google Assistant is getting a bit of an upgrade with the addition of Hindi as a language with which it can understand and communicate.

Google Assistant

The announcement of the expansion of the Google Assistant language capabilities came at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year, with news that the functionality would be expanded with 30 new languages over the next couple of months. Just recently, Google India announced that the utility is now proficient in Hindi.

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