Galaxy S9: What Carriers Don’t Want People To Know

Galaxy S9: What Carriers Don’t Want People To Know
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Buying a Galaxy S9? Here’s what carriers don’t want you to know

If you’re buying the new Samsung Galaxy S9, you might be tempted to trade in your old phone with your carrier. However, your wireless carrier probably doesn’t offer the best deal – in fact, you can get more money by selling your old phone to an online buyback company via

Online buyback companies pay more money

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Also Verizon has a deal on some of the models below for $100 off until 3/31 with coupon code VZWDEAL (affiliate link)

Galaxy S8

  • Flipsy: $320
  • Verizon: $255 (22.6% less)
  • AT&T: $210 (41.5% less)
  • Sprint: $200 (46% less)
  • T-Mobile: $184 (53.9% less)

Galaxy S8 Plus

  • Flipsy: $370
  • Verizon: $275 (29.4%) – also currently has a deal
  • AT&T: $230 (46.6%)
  • Sprint: $220 (50.8%)
  • T-Mobile: $212 (54.2%)

Galaxy S7

  • Flipsy: $167
  • Verizon: $107 (43.7%)
  • AT&T: $90 (59.9%)
  • Sprint: $40 (122.7%)
  • T-Mobile: $65 (87.9%)

Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Flipsy: $191
  • Verizon: $125 (41.7%)
  • AT&T: $115 (49.6%)
  • Sprint: $85 (76.8%)
  • T-Mobile: $91 (70.9%)

Online buyback companies pay in cash, not credit

Wireless carriers pay in store credit, not cash, so you must spend your trade-in value with your carrier. Online buyback companies, on the other hand, pay in cash, submitted via PayPal, check, or other cash payment options. When you sell to an online buyback store, you’re free to spend your money wherever and however you’d like.

Online buyback companies pay fast

You don’t need to wait for weeks to receive your payout when you sell your phone to an online buyback company. In fact, all of the buyers listed on are Trust Verified, which means they send payment within 1 to 3 business days of receiving your trade-in.

If you want to maximize your payout and still enjoy a convenient, quick, and easy selling process, it literally pays to compare online buyback before you decide to sell your phone. makes it easy – the free service instantly compares dozens of online buyback offers so you can see who is paying the most for your used phone.

You can see how Flipsy works here:

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